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Should have read the reviews before placing an order with this company- Will never use them again or

Ordered Filter Cartridge on 5/11/18- Order Acknowledged
8/11/18 - Email your order has progressed
23/11/18 - Polite email to Tru Water asking for an update
24/11/18- From Tru Water Delays in shipment due to demand
6/12/18 - I wrote seeking a refund as they couldn't supply
12/12/18 - Tru Water email advising that they would process a refund
19/12/18 - Tru Water email advising that order would be shipped soon
20/12/18 - Cartridge was delivered by Australia Post
I might add that after receiving advice that I would be receiving a refund I arranged to purchase the item from another supplier nearby and contrary to the Tru Water experience I received the identical item in 2 days (for a cheaper price)


Scam company

Selling products with no stock. Still no shipment after 3 month wait and continues to lie everytime I contact support. Refuse to offer refund. Stay away from this company.

RegionNew Zealand

Appalling Customer Service and Questionable Product Delivered

So like many others who have posted a review, my item had not arrived after two weeks. I emailed TruWater through the customer link on their website. Noting - no acknowledgement of my enquiry, no comms from to advise of delays, back orders, etc.

So after a couple of days I emailed them again to advise that I was going to inform VISA of a fraudulent transaction given I had paid for something that I did not receive - surprise surprise this generated an immediate response but one of threatening and daring me to go ahead - congrats TruWater on your customer being the most important person here!

So another week passed and then I received the product which I suspect was second hand or a returned item as when I took it out of the packaging there were water in the bubble wrap and inside the tap.

So be warned - this company is a sham.


Terrible Service and Communication

Found our water bottle was cracked so went online to order and found Tru Water with an NZ phone nr and an Auckland address so being in Auckland, I ordered. Apart from the automated order acceptance which arrived as soon as I ordered, I had no correspondence. I checked our c/card statement and although they state NO C/Card fees and my cost in NZ$ - they deducted another $5??? When I rang I discovered that they don't open till 10am, rang at 10am - no reply - rang every hr from 10am - no response. I sent an email cancelling the order immediately. Finally got hold of someone who was very short and again cancelled and asked for my refund. She said it would be refunded in 24hrs - 4 days later am still waiting! I have emailed every day with no response. I finally go hold of someone who again promised a refund, but still nothing. I wished I had looked at the reviews before dealing with this company, they are absolutely disgusting and so unprofessional and deceptive.

RegionNew Zealand

Laughable service

I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered! Order was placed on 1/12/18 money taken from credit card same day. I emailed twice in December got generic it’s coming reply rang first week in January said to cancel and refund me to which the phone person agreed they said it would take one week to process the refund. I did ask ask why and pointed out they take the money same day surely they can refund in the same time line.
So one week later I got an email saying the order is ready for shipment. I rang the customer service number and explained again I didn’t want the order because I got it elsewhere in 5 days. I was told not to worry it would be cancelled. Today my cancelled order was delivered.
I suppose I should be happy mine only took 7 weeks
Don’t deal with this mob!pl


Really bad company to deal with

This company is really bad to deal with, it took over 2 months to receive the water filters I ordered & paid for. I had to call them & email them on a number of occasions to get a response. They just don’t return calls or emails.


Worst company I have ever dealt with

Firstly I ordered thru Tru Water NZ (a NZ company with NZ web address) only to find order was coming from aust. Also I was charged in AUD when buying from a NZ website. Once I was aware I was charged in AUD and I wasn’t dealing with a NZ company I contacted Tru water and asked that my order was cancelled. They failed to respond.
Finally after delay the order turns Up and is missing items. After two attempts to contact this company by email they still haven’t responded. Tried calling and the phone system runs you around in circles and no one ever answers. So still don’t have all my order. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

RegionNew Zealand

Worst service ever

The products i ordered finally arrived after 42 days! The filters were cheap copies - Nothing Genuine! Avoid this supplier!


TERRIBLE service - AVOID at all costs - still waiting after 4 months

As per other reviews, lots of delays and excuses, have been waiting 4 months for them to supply an order or for a refund. They don't respond to emails requesting a refund. TERRIBLE COMPANY to deal with, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. There should be a zero star rating for companies like these.


Miserable Service

False promises - happy to take your coin and run!! Still haven't received product. No answer to emails or phone calls. Pick another supplier.

RegionNew Zealand

Cannot be trusted and they even ignored fair trading!

We ordered 5 Zip Filters, totally $625, but my credit card statement showed they double-charged. Having admitted they were at fault I've now tried for over 4 months to get the $625 refunded... but they just keep stalling. When shipment finally arrived they had sent only 4 filters. Again they said they'd ship the 5th one to us... but also never happened.

I threatened to go to Fair Trading... they didn't care. I lodged a complaint with Fair Trading and after they tried calling and emailing them... Tru Water simply also just ignored them too. Fair Trading said there's basically NOTHING else they can do!

Tru Water should be held accountable... they are scamming customers and simply getting away with it. We are now out of pocket $750... DO NOT USE TRU WATER and WARN OTHERS!!


Sold filters which don’t fit zip hydrotap and didn’t send for 3 months

I have actually never had a worse experience. Asked for money back twice and ignored. They finally sent 2 replacement CO2 cylinders but they are incompatible with the zip tap hydro system. The co2 cylinder won’t fit flush with the hydrotap so all that will happen is CO2 will spurt out burning your hand with freezing cold CO2. Lucky to be alive to be honest. Avoid like the plague. I am a lawyer and this is just the start of my process with this company.


"Caveat Emptor" (Let the Buyer beware)

Why isn't there a ZERO star option.
Ordered filters 26/09/18. Advised by email (tracking) soon after indicated items attempted pick up but not ready. After quite a few weeks of non delivery excuses, no responses at all to emails and then failed web chats and telephone conversations - both of which would require patience in 'waiting' for up to 45 minutes (yes 45mins) with still no delivery in sight or even indicated, I contacted NSW Dept of Fair Trading. They confirmed Tru Water was on their Complaints Register. This company has failed miserably in all aspects of professionalism and customer service. After threats of further action received 2 filters - The wrong one! After more waiting on Web Chat had to send photos etc etc before they confirmed yep ...wrong ones. Then told they can't get the filters I actually ordered. Here it is 13/12/18 and not only will they not communicate with me at all - I am still waiting for a refund. NSW Fair Trading have been updated all along. I have copies of all my Web Chats if anyone is interested. Disgraceful and shameful conduct.


Horrible customer service

Falsely advertising products as sunbeam when in fact they are not. Highly deceiving which when I raised with sunbeam directly to notify them they were in agreement. In trying to ascertain a refund, there is no one to speak to, difficult to get a response via email and the responses itself have been aggressive. They are refusing to consider my request and therefore I would never be purchasing from this company again.


Goods have not been received

I wish i had read this review page before i ordered from Tru Water. They are impossible to contact and each time i do via email they come back with an excuse as the why my goods have not been delivered. they took my money 6 weeks ago !!! and have failed to deliver any products i ordered.

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Finally !! i received my products

Appalling. Do not use!

They say they will ship within 3-10 days. What they don't tell you is that once you place your order it can be 4 weeks before your order is "filled". What that ends up meaning is that it takes them that long to source and order the item from the US and get it into their Australian warehouse. After that it can take them weeks to still ship it. They charge your credit card as soon as you order. Customer service is basically non-existent and the often don't answer. Stay clear of this company


5 Weeks and Still No Delivery

This has to be some kind of scam. I ordered a product on 27 Oct 2018 and was prepared to wait the supposedly 10 days. Today is 4 Dec 2018 and the item is still not delivered. I made contact through their customer service email on the 14th November and the 29th November. Both times I was promised delivery by the end of the week. I contacted them on 3 December to request a refund and now they won't respond or won't answer the phone. The shouldn't be selling products that they do not have in stock. They should be offering refunds if they cannot fulfill the order in a reasonable timeframe. This has been the worst online shopping experience I have ever had and now I have to go through NSW Fair Trading to get my funds back, that is if the company doesn't go under before then. Based on my experience I would strongly advise that you don't use make a purchase through this company.


Do not deal with this company!

I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be fooled by the great prices or the long weekend discounts, spend a bit more and go with a company who will at least deliver your order in a timely manner. I was expecting a 7-10 days delivery but not a 7-10 week delivery. In actual fact, I feel lucky to have received my order at all.

I placed an order with Tru Water Australia on October 1, 2018 and finally received the balance of my order today (29/11), just over 8 weeks after my initial order was placed. I have spent what feels like an eternity on their on-line chat (no less than 8 chats) because even if the phone is answered, customer service is not available by phone, only by on-line chat. The good thing about on-line chat is that the transcript is emailed to you and you will have proof of your correspondence with Tru Water (Aust) for your NSW Fair Trading complaint.

I spoke to NSW Fair Trading who suggested that I send Tru Water (Aust) a letter demanding that they complete my order by a reasonable date. I did this and my order was completed, albeit a week and a half after the requested completion date, but at least I have had my order completed.


Avoid at all costs!

Do not have anything to do with this company as it's totally a scam. Will tell you they will send (not deliver) in 7-10 working days, just enough time to get your money. Email them and they will say "due to unprecedented demand they won't be able to deliver for at least another 7-10 days etc etc" thereby hoping to delay you even further. Have cancelled my credit card (silly me didn't go through Paypal for the first time ever) and will inform the bank of the scam along with consumer affairs etc. Don't hold out any hope of getting a refund as it's a most elaborate scam with home address website professionally presented.....and despite it being promoted as being local, I don't think it is. Pretty sure all the positive reviews are posted by employees of this "business".
If I could give no stars I would.

Update. Tru water have emailed me to inform that they have sent the filters and are in the post (the cheque's in the mail?). Only 6 weeks after they were ordered. We will see if this is actually fact (I doubt it very much) and it doesn't change my opinion of their business model in the unlikely event it proves true.Further to the above. Having received nothing by 4/1/19 I contacted Australia Post who confirmed that they had a Manifested order, which apparently means someone has raised an order number, but no delivery has been received by them. ABSOLUTELY A SCAM.Further update. 18/01/2019 the filters arrived!!!! Only two months after ordering and with virtually no feedback from Tru water in between. Could have saved everyone a lot of grief (and a really bad review) if there was a bit of communication. The review is still valid as this company needs to VASTLY improve customer relations and communication.

Terrible Company to deal with.

Filters ordered online and promised within 10 days. 3 months later it still hadn't arrived and each time I emailed they took a week to respond. I rang 3 times before someone answered my call and I could only leave a message. They avoided responding and refused to refund my money. Filters finally arrived and are only copies NOT original. I suggest you avoid purchasing from this Company. I am not happy.


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My question is: Why do you think its ok to scam people out of their hard earned money by pretending to sell products online and never ship their orders?
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