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Total rip off


These are barely any different to regular pants. It's just an extra layer of cotton. I have a light flow and went through 3 pairs in one day (luckily I was at home) and they still leaked through. Customer service was useless. Don't bother getting these as you will need to back up with a pad anyway.

Value for Money

no problems so far


i was slightly surprised by all the comments on here about company being fake etc. I ordered and never received then contacted company to find out that id just missed a royal mail card. The order was quickly sent again. Started using this month, taking a little getting used to, using the pads provided just in case, they are lovely, soft and very comfortable. I've not mastered the valve yet, but sure I will. It is slightly awkward and messy if you do remove and are not directly beside a sink so i do need to master the valve so this works better!

Purchased in June 2019 at tulip online for $49.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Questionable business practices


I have only come here to warn others. Please see below link using the exact same image they have used but in a different colour.


I felt their products were overpriced and after reading other customers' experiences changed my mind about this. I asked for cancellation immediately but they advised I cannot cancel my order and provided no options for a return until after I went via the Paypal buyer protection scheme to get my refund.

Purchased in May 2019 for $74.00.

Value for Money

Very Uncomfortable!!


I love the Diva Cup and use it monthly. Thought it would be nice not to have to remove a cup in public. However, I couldn't wear the Tulip Cup for even 3 minutes. The stem is so long that it hurts. I am not sensitive and never had any issues with the Diva. I don't alter it or anything. The Tulip Cup is a scam and not worth a penny.

Purchased in April 2019 for $79.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Didn’t get on with it


Pretty and arrived in a little bag, delivery was very slow though, when ordered product I followed the info given ;
Small - Under 25 Years Old
Large - Over 25 Years Old
I am 47 and have had two children so assumed the over 25 large cup would be the correct one ! the size surprised me but I gave it a go -
I couldn’t wear it, could feel it was there and not in a good way by the end of the day was so uncomfortable I had to remove it, the discomfort from where the rim had been after removal continued for a few hours- was just too big and the rim around the top was just too hard -I’ve changed to the smallest mooncup, much more flexible and comfortable to wear!
The moon up is half the price too!

Purchased in March 2019 at Amazon for $34.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes


CegNorth-East, TAS

Dodgy/ shady- beware


Purchased in February 2019 for $60.00.

Great product, although delivery was slow.


Purchased in January 2019 for $45.00.

Causes Irritation No

Will never go back ! Wished I started years ago !!


This tulip cup is the best thing I have bought ! I will save so much money. Only have to change twice a day. Lasts for ten years and can’t even feel it ! I suffered with tampons and pads for years but now I have tried this I will never go back. It’s easy to clean and empty. Think every woman needs to try one of these !!! The duo pack and the microwave pot is all you need !

Mini Moocher

Mini MoocherReading UK

Very happy but nearly wasn't



Stay away from this company


Two weeks have passed and it hasn’t shipped. I really wish I had googled for more reviews and not gone with the ones on the site. The ones on the site are fake. I simply don’t want the product now and am just hoping PayPal will come to my rescue and get my money back. Update: tulip had no desire to cancel my order. As soon as I filed a complaint with PayPal they claimed it shipped but tracking info showed nothing. I escalated it with PayPal and eventually they ruled in my favor. From everything I’ve read outside their website it is a scam. If they ship your product it is cheap and worthless. Their fb page blocked me from adding comments because I wrote something negative.



  • Verified purchase

Cup doesn't work and no refund given


Still not recieved item, terrible customer service


Ordered my tulip cup November 5th as i am going travelling and thought this would be a much more handy than having to carry/buy tampons & pads. Taken so long to get here i don’t even want it anymore. Emailed 3 times only then have i got a reply to say it’ll be with the royal mail in the next few days. It’s been over 2 weeks already and it was supposed to take 3-7 working days. Would NOT recommend, don’t bother buying.



Bought tulip after reading reviews on site about how good it was. Delivery was slow, couple of weeks but not that bad.
However, no matter what I do, it leaks. Ok so i am saving on the number of pads that I usually use as the cup does collect some fluid but I still leak enough to need a pad. I find it messy and need to empty more often than they say - not necessarily because the cup is full but just for my own peace of mind as I leak so much. This is the first time I've used so will persist for this month but so far not happy with it at all

Took ages to arrive... don't trust product



  • Verified purchase

Never received full order


Ordered 6 items in the sale in mid-September, order seemed to take ages to arrive - and then when it finally did, only one of the items was in the parcel, just a clear box with the cup and a small instruction leaflet, and it looks terrible quality on top of everything! Tracking number they gave now states order has been delivered, nothing about the missing items. Have requested a refund via their email address on the site and through paypal, but wish I'd seen the reviews here before buying in the first place. Get a Mooncup instead, and remember - if something seems to good to be true then it probably is!

Do not buy this cup


I have tried three different menstrual cups moon, butterfly and this. Liked the idea of the valve but it doesn’t work, just taking a cup out is way less messy than half emptying it and then having to take it out as so slow to empty. Also have to pull it half out to get the valve to work. So good idea but doesn’t work and is more expensive than other Menstrual cups. Also the customer service is rubbish. No sign of it for ten days and then when I chased it I ended up with 4!!!

  • Verified purchase

Feeling weary about continuing using product


Awful customer service


Took 5 weeks to get to me because of shipping problems. Was just thrown in a box with no instructions. Product is poor quality. Doesn’t fit, leaks, basically doesn’t do job it’s supposed to do. No one replies to emails, complaints. Absolute disgrace. Have asked for my money back numerous times. To no avail.

  • Verified purchase

Product still not arrived


Ordered items early September, still not been delivered, I contacted the company who stated package would arrive within 48 hours that was four days ago, surprise surprise still no delivery.

Absolutely shockingly bad! Do not buy


Ordered my product months ago, for well over a month the tracking has said that the product was in the country. Tried contacting the company but they don’t bother to reply and when they do reply they are EXTREMELY rude, talking down to me and even calling me stupid.

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