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What is the number for the white part in the Turbo Chef with the gears on it?
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What is the Tupperware number for the pull cord mechanism on the Extra Chef
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I am Interested in the extra chef. Can someone tell me if it comes with the beater blades plus the mixing paddle, or are the beater blades extra?
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Blades broken on 2 piece need replcement how can i order ...plz need help
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Hello. You will need to contact Tupperware.I did call them they said to contact ur local dealer but dunno where is local agent .... i live in western sydney...

How do I replace the pull cord?
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Hello, I have no idea how to replace the pull cord. I don't work for Tupperware I just bought one and wrote my review. Sorry I can't help. Regards, Janine.Give them a call 1800 805 396 (Australia) Mon-Fri 9-5. you should be able to buy the replacement part it if it isn't covered by warranty. please let me know how you go. :)

One of the blades broke on my turbo chef. Can I get a replacement blade without buying a whole new product?
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I'm not sure as I'm not a Tupperware sales person. You need to contact Tupperware to ask them.Thank you

What is the Mold number for this product?
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Not sure if this is the right number - 6761A-1 is on the red base of the unit.Thank you very much.

I have had this for about 2 months, and am finding that there are always large pieces of onion left uncut, so I am then ending up with onion purée and big chunks. Am actually thinking about trying to return it as I am not happy and won't continue to use it. What can I do?
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I know you have probably had this answered already but it is because your are overfilling it.

The string attached to this product does not seems to be working now. It came out. Can it be fixed? Is the product eligible for replacement. It is over 1 year old.
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Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee for most things. You can get in touch with your local domonstrator/representative to arrange a replacement.

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