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  • 7 reviews

Micro Urban - Wonderful


I recently purchased the Micro Urban. We are a family of 6 and i now steam my vegies in the microwave without the horrible mircowave taste in minutes. Its so simple yet delicous. Easy to cook pasta and rice in just minutes also. I nornally suck at cooking rice but now my rice is perfect everytime!! I absolutely love it!! 5 stars


shaz1Hoppers crossing

  • 11 reviews

Mega freezer set


Purchased via phone order. Quick purchase however delivery was at display office not my place of work. Had to pick it up. Happy with service and product. Have used product for years. Good quality.

Customer Service Unsatisfactory


All my lids for the freezer containers have perished. The agent said she would follow it up and I was to come back 2 weeks later with the containers. This I did but she said Head Office was too busy to respond to her query. The lids have also changed shape since me purchasing mine in the 90s in another country so there was no guarantee that they would be replaced. Would have been helpful if she had let me know to save myself the wasted journey. Judging from the reviews, I will not bother to pursue this any further as it is was very clear what the outcome would be and where this was heading. What is clear though, is that I will never buy tupperware again as I have had other issues with other items and the lifetime guarantee is not accurate.



  • 5 reviews

Kmart do a great copy of Tupperware Modular Mates



DonnaMelbourne, Victoria

  • 2 reviews

Snails Pace Replacement



NU16Western Australia

  • 9 reviews

So disappointed


I purchased the water bottle and container set at a friend's online party. After growing up with Tupperware I knew it was a good product, that lasts, so I was excited to get my order. However the containers don't close properly, the lids have changed shape despite only hand washing and 2 of the 4 bottles leak. I won a prize at the online party which I also never received. Am so dissapointed with the purchase and wish I had kept my money.



I am disappointed. I bought Tupperwares I had seen my mother's last for many years and new the replacement warranty to be brilliant. I find that they no longer stand by their products and the products are not as durable as they used to be.



  • 3 reviews



I was surprised to learn that Tupperware don't provide replacement for all products. I had 2 items that were damaged after a few years use - just through use and they aren't being replaced. I only have a couple of Tupperware items but disappointed that they don't have longer warranty periods



  • 2 reviews

Rudest customer service person I've ever heard of.



Never buying tupperware again


Never, never buying Tupperware again. I believe that was a life time warranty.... it is not true. Many times I bought overprice products believing the quality of TUPPERWARE. I bought 2 sets of the purple heat and eat , and one come with defect so 4 tops are not fitting the bottom anymore. They declined my claim without explanation.....now I have 4 containers without lids. No, I not going to buy lids, I will never expend money with Tupperware again. Lifetime warranty is a joke!!!

Lifetime product warranty a farce



SharonNorthern Region, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Wow wow wow


The Tupperware Micro Pressure Cooker is fantastic. It's made of steel and encased in Tupperware and yes it goes in your microwave. 10 minutes for a cake, 20 minutes for Risotto and 30 minutes for lamb shanks, Forget about the slow cooker and old fashioned pressure cookers that weigh a tonne! Dinner is now so quick and easy, as well as a sneaker little cake for morning tea :) Life time warranty also.....laughing!!!



Claimed online for myself and Mum. Postage was prompt and hassle free. The lifetime guarantee was given so far. Very happy with the service AAA+++

  • Verified customer

Refund that is due to the mistake made on Tupperware package/shipping


Had a party in January 2017 and have been dealing with trying to get a refund of $11.30 over the $4.50 on one of the orders. The extra postage was paid so the order would go to they're home. Tupperware sent her order along with the rest of the orders to my house. So where did the extra $11.30 go?? The Director [name removed] would not return my calls, text and when going to Tupperware on line - was told "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" I was never trying to return - only what is really due back. Sad a large company like this has a low customer service.



  • 44 reviews

Tupperware...should have used a coke bottle


OK...my wife loves Tupperware...I think it over priced. But if it is so expensive you would expect sensational service? A month or so ago she purchased a number of exercise drink bottles. A week later I opened the fridge door and one fell out and shattered!!! I have had coke bottles fall out and never break. Returned it for warranty and they say it will be 4 to 6 weeks before I know if it is to be replaced. This is about a small plastic bottle!! Hate to think how long or if it was more substantial.

Returns Warranty Almost Worthless



joelene.johnstonQueensland, Australia

  • 3 reviews

Tupperware Your Returns Systems SUX


While I have been purchasing Tupperware for over 29 years I absolutely loved the product. It has always been dearer than the average plastic house hold item, but the fact that is had the "life time warranty" has always been a selling point to me. Our family tends to wear things out, so $170 on an oven dish to me is was value if I never had to buy another one again.
The current return system has seen me shy away from a Tupperware. To have to now pay for my returns is ridiculous. My returns were returned back at the end of November 2016, it is now the end on January and I am still waiting. Your system is time consuming and inconvenient. I now waste my money on replacements instead of new purchases.

6502 Ultra Pro Large Rect Cover Cosmos Charcoal




  • 9 reviews

Free warranty postage overcharge


I have had a similar experience to all other posters. When applying online for free replacements I have been quoted something like $17 in postage for approx 8 lids. A 500 gram package which this parcel is well under, only costs $8.60 Australia Wide through Australia Post!. Their office is just around the corner from me and they won't let me pickup. On the strength of their poor customer service I will continue to buy my Tupperware online through Ebay which I now recommend to everyone. Forget about the lifetime guarantee. You are better off buying your items cheaply online and if they crack buy a new one online. You are still saving heaps of money.

great customer service


Having had my tupperware for at least 15 years, 10 of my lids were cracked. I spent quite a while submitting my online claim and was told I had to send all the lids in. Living in Queensland, I was a bit perturbed that I would be without lids for 4-6 weeks, so I called Tupperware who kindly waived the need to send in the lids. Excellent customer service.

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Questions & Answers

Julie R.

Julie R.asked

I have a Tupperware container that was given to me and on the lid it has a round dial with numbers it is the size of a vent I am trying to figure out its purpose?

2 answers

Hi Julie
Press down on that round area with finger or thumb of one hand, while opening the lid with other hand. I'm right handed so I use left hand finger/thumb to press down, while lifting lid with my right hand. Left handed people can do the opposite. It makes opening very easy. None of my lids (I have some 25yrs old and some 6 weeks) have a number in the circle, so sorry I cant help with what a number on your lids mean. You could contact a Tupperware consultant if you need specific clarification. Hope this helps. Cheers Eugenie

Skye C.
Skye C.

The number dial is for the month you put the food in the container so if you are freezing or storing you know how long ago you put it there.



Is there anything you can do to reshape a lid so it fits on again? I have a couple that have curled and won't stay on.They have been stored and not used

No answers



My water bottle just cracked what can i do please assist?

1 answer

Phone Tupperware (1800 805 396 (Australia) Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm AEST) or go to the Tupperware website (https://www.tupperware.com.au/our-products/warranty) and follow their directions for replacement. If it's a Gen II Eco Bottle it should be covered under warranty. These days Tupperware now charges a postage fee to replace it and you might not get the colour you want, plus the process can take up to 6 weeks. Alternatively, if you want to just buy a new bottle, it may pay to check out Tupperware on eBay - I've had great success buying genuine Tupperware from (for example) Malaysia at far less cost than what is charged in Oz. This option is useful if the item is no longer available in the Oz in the style and colour you want.

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