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Transportation of a pet in a carrier in a emergency

Mostly good however if transporting a pet in a carrier in an emergency, the driver drove off on me. The reason I’m catching an Uber is because I DONT HAVE A CAR! Unacceptable


Arrived at Sunshine Coast airport New Year’s Eve, Uber quote soared to $46, travelling to Buderim, normally $16, we caught a taxi who charged us $40. Whilst waiting for the taxi, Uber drivers were driving around empty waiting for fares, obviously other people had opted not to use them.
I am afraid Uber are blotting their copy books now, as once a very good service and used frequently, I now have gone back to taxis, stop the price surging, keep to quoted prices.

Uber charges wait Time but they are at wrong address. 3 times this week

Our car is being repaired and husband has to get to work so we download Uber and put n two addresses, home and work. First trip was perfect but the next 3 trips the Uber drivers went to address further up the road and charged us wait time. It is also noted that they do not take a direct route to destination but seem to drive north before going south..cost of journey is then twice what it was the previous day. Only positive is that you do get a driver withIn 8 minutes rather than waiting half an hour for a taxi. Husband has learned that you have to look for them because they have gone to wrong address. He had mentioned this to drivers.

Service is declining

Service is declining - navigation sends the drivers adrift & has dessilles them from simply making their own common sense route plans. Also noticing long waits & cancellations in the mornings due to uber policy on driver incentives. Not delivering on brand promise though the drivers are good.

Overcharged 5-25% in each of 5 trips in Brisbane

I used Uber five times when I was in Brisbane last month. Each time my account was overcharged by between 5% and 25% as compared to original price on the screen.
I never had that problem before in Australia.

Receipts I received included various items like booking cost and waiting time (even when I waited 12 minutes beyond specified time) but never original price was shown.

Is it a new system of operation in Australia?

First time user

I used Uber twice for the first time in Geelong on the weekend. Can’t complain much except to say that the second driver was not friendly, and charged double for the same distance ride as the first (return journey to hotel). There was little waiting time, the routes driven were direct, the cars wereboth clean and tidy and the first driver was friendly. Could work out dearer tgan a taxi. Also, i doubt I’d use it on my own.

It is quite convenient but just too expensive

When Uber first rolled out I really like that idea and started using it as soon as it is available in Australia, however, it is now getting more and more expensive and it just kinda lost the point of having it and it is just like a taxi booking app. Hope they make some adjustments and make it what it was again

Their business model will exclude me

Have been in an Uber with a friend who organised the service through her smartphone app, the service both to and from our location. The car was clean, drivers friendly and provided a good service.
I am one of those people who never downloads apps nor would ever trust a third party charging service to one of my accounts and especially credit card through a mobile phone interface and faceless third party server.

I just don't trust these new world mobile based payment systems , there is no control and no security and giving others permission to debit freely just does not cut it with me unless I initiate it via my own means. . I don't mind if I control that through my bank myself or by point of sale exchange.

So while I rate the experience good, I'm sticking to Taxi's because I can control the payment method more securely and at my preferred type of payment.
All other mobile apps such as betting and eats are also in the same category with me. ,

Account hacked

My Uber account was hacked and someone was able to some how have a shared account with me so I was paying for all their rides. I asked Uber how this was possible as they told me a guy called [name removed] was sharing my account. They never answered how this happened!!!


I had a five star rating and remained at that rating after using uber for weeks , then all of a sudden I dropped to 4.97 There was no logical explanation I am always polite thank them for picking me up and thank and compliment when we reach the destination. I always give the driver 5 but now I think I am wasting my time being so nice.

UberPool is a good idea but defeats the purpose

I used UberPool over the weekend as it is newly introduced in Melbourne and claims to be 70% cheaper than the usual version. It is quite a good product if you’re on a tight budget but the drivers don’t seem keen on it, the one time I used it I had to walk to the pick up location about 15mins and then wait a further 15mins for the car to arrive, and the driver refuses to cross the T junction of traffic lights to get to me (although he clearly knew it was me as I was the only one at the sidewalk waving at him).

Uber vehicle inspection

I am a Uber driver. We have to inspect our vehicle to make sure that our vehucle are in acceptable conditions for passenger safety. When I book for inspection I wasnt given any information on cost of inspection they had. But upon arrival at workshop I found out its 75.00. Well if you are charging for something I believe it is good to pre inform while making a booking rather than taking by surprise. If we are pre inform we can work out and plan ahead. I understand there are fees for the services but would have been more professional if you can pre inform the applicants.

Cheers !!

Over charged

I caught uber from Bald Hills to Aspley on the night of the 24th of June. Uber couldn't give me an exact quote. I asked the driver, he didn't know but estimated around the $20 mark. The next day I checked. I was charged $36. I was slugged a $15 surcharge. Im sticking with taxis. They're cheaper.

I'm an Uber driver.....

All Uber drivers are "TRACEABLE"....For your info, Uber should and can get hold any driver at any time (or they can lock them out if they have issues with them)!! To read some of the issues raised in this forum seems a little far-fetched or Uber is not being "Fair"... My opinion is to get these "dodgy" drivers identified and boot them out of Uber...gives us a bad name...


Redcliffe drivers gossip about every trip they do . I've heard from many passengers about every journey they have done.Unless it's a police matter and you don't take it to the police Ithey should shut up or not do the drive ? Best pay out of towners who are happy to cruise in and out . Next time could lead ya big mouths to a law suit ?

Uber has gotten worse

I have not been in a cab for over two years because I could not praise Uber enough...well boy has that changed, cars are dirty, they have reduced the drivers commission I believe hence no more water and mints (loved this personal touch ), and now they charge up to triple the normal fare and why ? Because it’s a busy period ....so what let people wait a bit longer , it just means the drivers are making more money and being extra busy ! I’ll try the new Ola from now on !

Mostly good

I have had pretty good service from Uber until last Tuesday. I booked an Uber to pick me up. I watched the driver do circles trying to find my location. I then tried to ring the driver to give further directions (other than the address I supplied in the order). I could not get through as his phone went straight to voicemail. He then cancelled my order and I got charged $10 cancellation fee (because he had to wait more than five minutes). NOT HAPPY UBER! I want my money back!!!!

Too expensive

The cost of an Uber ride was outrageous. For a distance of 4.8 km cost $26. Your competition is hot on your heels! Reassess your surcharges so that you remain competitive.

Booking for specific times.

I got charged a cancellation fee when I had thought I'd requested a driver at a certain time. It was my first time using the service, I selected the time window then the pickup drop off locations. But then I got a message telling me where 3 drivers were, not thinking anything of it went about getting ready until the driver called. So needed to cancel. When I tried to book by destinations first choose the car and then the booking window got an error message. So in the end I booked it Just in time. There was any story...

Great - if they rock up

I booked one for transport to Melb airport. Tracker described the car that was on its way. Then the info changed to another car supposedly because it was closer - tho the tracker said it was further away. This meant pick-up time would be on the far edge of requested pick-up time. A few minutes later the tracker said that car had also canceled and they were trying to find another driver. TRYING TO FIND ANOTHER DRIVER!?! YOU HAVE ONE JOB!! Fortunately, another car came and was only a few minutes late and made great time and I had allowed lots of extra time so it ended up ok (the driver I had was great;.as was previous one even tho he got lost due to traffic works) but it may not have. If you're pressed for time, use a taxi.

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Questions & Answers

Can i get Uber from emerald springs roadhouse to darwin? How much i need pay?
1 answer
The distance is 200 km. I just tested it in the Uber app and it says ‘Uber is currently unavailable’. So simple answer is ... not using Uber. Even if it was available you would have to negotiate an additional cash fee for the driver’s return trip. Edit: Uber is available in the Darwin area only.

I'm a uber driver from more than 2 years and I can't go on line ...? messages said : Acccount need attention....and under "please contact support about your account " get up at 4,30 am this morning to drive coming from holidays and impossible to go on line......or contact support ...... please help me , I want to drive soon as possible and all my document are correct ??????????????/
1 answer
I don’t understand why you would ask the public as this is NOT the Uber site. ‘please contact support about your account’ clearly indicates what action you need to take. For drivers there has ALWAYS been support via the app as well as phone support. I have experienced problems with both because the call centre is ‘overseas’. I found that attending their office has been the quickest way to resolve issues. Please share Uber’s issue as well as the outcome.

Can I book an on my Uber app from Perth for my elderly father in Auckland, NZ?
1 answer
I just tested it without booking and it appears you can. But there could be typical problems with pickup. Wrong address, father not out front ready, will driver be able to contact you via an o/s number, time difference. You could try it with someone else who lives in NZ as a trial run. Also if father is infirm suggest using UberAssist.