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excellent excellent

we were stuck with no one to help out trying to get home to the kids thank you uber we made it home within 30 mins price was a tad excy but didn't matter as long as we got home cheers

Assad Khaali

I rate my uber driver 10/10 for honesty and helpfulness and efficiency. I left my phone in his car and the battery had died. He placed my SIM card in his phone so I could call and we made arrangements for me to collect . A big thankyou to Assad Khaali for being honest and helpful and a great driver.

Gold star & kangaroo stamp to special Uber driver

My granddaughter left her credit cards and other ID in an Uber car on Saturday evening. The driver tracked her down and brought the cards back on Tuesday. We have no record of this honest driver's details, so just wanted to award him a big hug and special thanks from a Grateful Grandma!

Uber’s actually show up unlike taxis

Last time I ordered a cab they didn’t show up and left me on hold for an hour before I just hung up and caught an Uber. The Uber was at my home within 2 minutes. Uber’s are so much more reliable and cheap than taxis

Excellent App, Great Service & Well Priced

Uber is very new in Australia, we’re only 5 or so years in of having Uber. The concept is so new and foreign to many of us, which results in all this negativity and hate for Uber. Listen Aussies. Considering how well we are paid here and all the goverment levies and them forever taking money off us, please understand your Uber is actually cheap. In reality you should be paying something like $30 for that $12 ride. Stop being cheap, understand that Uber is well priced. Say hello, goodbye and thankyou to your driver. Forget that he “just drives for a living” or may not be like you. Just suck it up people. Uber are a great company. If we stop being cheap and actually start being supportive of Uber (and atop using Didi and Ola) they will work harder with local councils and businesses to introduce Uber pick up zones, Uber lanes etc. Please be open minded people. Also your drivers often work long hours, have many costs such as fuel and car rental or car maintenence so please just chill out. It actually is a job and just be a good customer and support Uber. Thanks.

excellent experiences

Have used Uber many times in Australia , South Africa , USA
in all cases the cars were clean, near new and very well maintained
in all cases the drivers were helpful & courteous and , if you are wanting to talk , very interesting conversationalists
i find them cheaper than taxis , much better cars and more reliable
i cant fault this company

what a useful app

This is a great way to get around when on holiday! I was worried about it at first when I had to put in my card details but it is actually very safe. The drivers are lovely

great customer service

my uber experience was great, driver arrived on time, his vehicle was nice and clean and he took me to my destination without any problems.
we had a few conversations and he was friendly.

Best service

A Uber driver took me to Carindale shopping Centre yesterday.I left my mobile with all my cards in it.He went above & beyond to get that mobile back to me.I can’t thank him enough.Great service.
Shirley Easton

Great service. Never had bad service.

Uber are fantastic. I never use taxis anymore. They are much quicker and a lot cheaper. The cars are always clean and the drivers are very friendly. I feel safer in an uber as a female as opposed to a taxi. I live in Adelaide.

Thank goodness for Uber

I've never ever had any problems with Uber and find it to be a fast friendly reliable way to get from here to there. Most times if drivers go to the wrong address it's because you haven't moved the pin to the correct location. They don't know where to find you otherwise. I know it's an app based service and some people aren't savvy, but if you learn the way it works you shouldn't have more bad experiences.


Excellent company!! Drivers have always been polite and friendly and use the gps which means they cant bump up fares taking the long way. Until the surge gets to 1.8 your still paying less than a cab

The company is perfect

I feel like a lot of people on here should be reviewing the drivers and not Uber as a company because I've never had an issue with them that wasn't solved promptly and to my satisfaction. The drivers can really be a hit and miss but Uber has always been able to fix my issues if I had any.


Always quick. Very clean. So friendly. So much cheaper than a taxi and every car i have booked has been on time and efficient and the cars are up to standards .

Legend driver

Left a wallet in the car. Shahin drove back to my drop off place because he noticed the wallet on the seat even though he didn't know exactly the name, number or owner of said wallet. Thank you shahin for going above and beyond

Uber, taxi, driver, rider

There are good and bad drivers on uber and taxi. There are also good and bad riders. Think of the good sides. With uber, riders waiting time the most is a mere 20 minutes. Before uber, the waiting time for a taxi is often uncertain. At times the surcharge might be high, most of the time is affodable. As driver can cancel the job, so can the rider... i never remember paying taxi fare $7... i never remember being able to afford taxi after work to go home...

Fantastic service!

On the two occasions in the past I've needed a taxi, I've been told by the taxi company it would take 2.5 hours for the taxi to arrive at my house (the nearest taxi rank is in the next surburb, 10 minutes drive away). Over the weekend we used Uber twice! Fantastic service! Thank you.

Grat company

We used uber in Perth as we don't have it in tasmaina it's such a fantastic way to get around the drivers are so friendly we do recommend you try them

Great Service

I recently used Uber in Adelaide for the first time over the weekend. Used Uber 3 times. I did not have any problems with the drivers and the cars they used. Picked me up on time and the cars were new/near new and very clean. Had no problems at all.


Cheap and easy to use, the app on mobile devices makes it very easy to choose a pickup and drop off location, also like the payment through PayPal instead of cash.

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Questions & Answers

Can i get Uber from emerald springs roadhouse to darwin? How much i need pay?
1 answer
The distance is 200 km. I just tested it in the Uber app and it says ‘Uber is currently unavailable’. So simple answer is ... not using Uber. Even if it was available you would have to negotiate an additional cash fee for the driver’s return trip. Edit: Uber is available in the Darwin area only.

I'm a uber driver from more than 2 years and I can't go on line ...? messages said : Acccount need attention....and under "please contact support about your account " get up at 4,30 am this morning to drive coming from holidays and impossible to go on line......or contact support ...... please help me , I want to drive soon as possible and all my document are correct ??????????????/
1 answer
I don’t understand why you would ask the public as this is NOT the Uber site. ‘please contact support about your account’ clearly indicates what action you need to take. For drivers there has ALWAYS been support via the app as well as phone support. I have experienced problems with both because the call centre is ‘overseas’. I found that attending their office has been the quickest way to resolve issues. Please share Uber’s issue as well as the outcome.

Can I book an on my Uber app from Perth for my elderly father in Auckland, NZ?
1 answer
I just tested it without booking and it appears you can. But there could be typical problems with pickup. Wrong address, father not out front ready, will driver be able to contact you via an o/s number, time difference. You could try it with someone else who lives in NZ as a trial run. Also if father is infirm suggest using UberAssist.