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Cancellation Fee

Ordered an Uber from the airport. The driver came in small Kia with no bootspace for our luggage. I had to cancel the driver and incurred an $8 fee which the driver said Uber would refund if I contacted customer service. I went through the App to refund and still haven't been refunded. Looking on my CC they have charged another $5 for no reason. Tried to call Uber today only to realize I have to pay 99c per minute to speak to a person to get my money back. Absolutely ludricrous!!!!

Terrible telephone manners

Was looking to sign up to drive for them, there was an issue with part of my application so a phone call was organised, the woman rang the wrong number twice after I gave them the correct number three times she finally called the correct number, the question I had was answered I then tried to ask another but was continuously talked over, I could not get the question out, I then asked to speak to someone else because I could see this incompetent fool was simply not going to give me a chance to speak, I told her I thought she was rude and arrogant she the hung up on me, I then contacted them via live chat and was told if I wanted to complain I had to go into their office, which is a 2 hour drive for me.
I have been in transport for over 30 years and never have I come across someone that is as rude and arrogant as her, she should not have a job and definitely needs counselling.

Presured by UBER

Uber ONLY listens to riders than drivers !! We drivers are just are at their mercy !! They blocked us to drive as and when Uber feels like ,if they get a poor review by a drunk or racist not releasing it's our livelihood and the investment we have put in without listening to us. You may get 100 five stars and get 1 poor review by someone , you are screwed .....I totally regret driving for such a company with NO HEART !!!

Uber, worst company, nil customer service

UBER customer service is worst, they hire all people who can get there hands on, made more than 10 complaints, even the owner hide from talking to me, went there to talk to them, the person who email me is not even in the office, most of the emails are answered from Philippines. No phone number, nothing, they just don't care about partners. crook company, should be kick out of Melbourne and from Australia too. They are just hiding when I go there, doesn't even come out to talk, what a coward........

Beware the fare surge

Booked Uber ride to Airport from very well known Auckland Hotel. Quoted (estimated) $41.79 which was good but ended up paying $92+ on basis of "standard" fare $59+ (where did the $41 come from?) with 1.5 multiplier due to peak demand. Really? At 3.40 am in central downtown Auckland where map showed about 6 Uber cars circling? These guys are shonky in the extreme. Find a taxi and negotiate a set fare. Give Uber the big miss.


An Uber driver accepted my request to go from Centra Station in Sydney to the airport. Arriving in 6 minutes. After about 4 minutes the driver calls me and asks me to change to the opposite side of the road, which I agree to do, even though it’s a longer drive for him. A few more minutes later the driver calls me and says he’s in heavy traffic, he’s about two blocks away. Five more minutes pass and he calls again, tells me there’s no where to stop (I’m standing in a lay by pick up zone),then he tells me he’s gone past me and hangs up. On the map, he’s still not yet reached me so I call him...ah yeah, Uber...you can’t call the driver. A few more minutes pass and I’m dropped and another diver calls me.... seems these guys can drop you and another driver can pick you up.

So I end up hailing a normal cab, now 20 minutes sine the Uber driver picked up my request. Missed my flight by a few minutes after taking 18 minutes to get from Central through security. Lodged a complaint from Sydney airport after paying $277 for a new flight and by the time I land in Melbourne I get an email from Uber telling me it my fault, I should have cancelled the ride.....thanks, that’s a great help. Last time I did that I got charged a cancellation fee.

So there is nothing you can do when things go wrong with Uber. The application is set up so the user always loses no matter what and the time it takes to resolve anything simply see customers walk away from their loss due to the level of frustration built into the complaints process. No doubt Uber will end up loosing their license as has occurred in the UK due to things like this.

I will never take uber again

I scheduled a ride to the Melbourne airport from downtown Melbourne on Tuesday for 6:30am on Wednesday. Everything was accepted and I received notice the trip was setup. At 6:30am I received a text saying my trip was cancelled. I had to call a taxi who was prompt, professional and less expensive than Uber. I will stick with the taxis and never use Uber again. They are not dependable.

How to wait and wait and wait and pay for nothing!

Waited ten minutes at the listed UBER pick up point outside Southern Cross Station. Uber driver called me saying I don't know where you are! He was then cancelled by Uber ten minutes later and the next clown called up saying "where are you? Please walk to me". He was at a location we couldn't see and we don't know Melbourne well at all. Uber then charged me $10 for cancelling more than five minutes after my pickup had been confirmed. Hopped straight in a cab. Fast trip to Alfred Hospital and only cost $5 more than cheapest Uber price. Impossible to find feedback form or phone number on Uber website...VERY DISAPPOINTING!
Third time with Uber might be my last.


Be very careful. If you use uber from Melbourne airport, you will be forced to take Uber Black and pay 25% more than a regular limousine service. Double a regular taxi.

My uber didn't turn up!

I ordered my uber for Christmas break up cruise tonight. I watched it arrive on my phone until it was about 3 min away and then it dropped off the screen. When I looked into it, it said cancelled. We have missed our function. This was our first experience with ubet. Never again.

excess of confidence.

today i came home in an uber from my bf house, the driver questioned my life the whole way to my home. sayings things as "why you are with him?" you should give me your number" .
my boyfriend pay for someone to take me to home safe not to someone to flirt with his own girlfriend. this shouldn't be happening at all. im so shocked and scared about using uber again so no more of this taxi app.

First And Last Time I Will Use Uber - Ruthless Unethical Company

Myself & 2 others used UBER for the first time last night. We got slugged $184 for a taxi trip which would have cost approximately $80..Never never ever ever again...UBER are terrible...DON'T USE UBER...get a taxi, they are much cheaper and are reputable....

Not worth it

I tried driving for uber for a week to see if it was worth it. I drove totalling about 25 hrs. After taking out all expense i ended with around $17 an hour net in my pocket. Not worth it considering the toll on your car.
Ubers 25% cut is too much.

Selling your "worth self" real cheap

Driving for UBER is the worst decision you've made.
You are "expendable" without any prior notice.
Your loyalty equals to crap.
You subject yourself, health and vehicle to extra danger, for being on the road for all that many hours. You do not get paid any superannuation /holiday pay or any benefits whatsoever.
You must and have to put up with all the client's "demands"
if they want to have full blast music, you must comply. Even if this is against the OSH/WHS. If this over rides your senses to hear a pedestrian who is crossing where they shouldn't be while glued to theirs mobiles it is always your fault. If they want to eat or booze you must let them and the next client will complain that your car was filthy 1 star. You must stop at a "NO STOPPING" and double park, make illegal you turns for their convenience. If they don't get it their way you get 1 star rating, bad attitude plus dangerous driving complaints or worst. UBER pushes you to drive up a 20 minutes journey just to pick up. You can be in the city and you get a job from crows nest and if you refuse you get suspended. If you take a fare across the harbour you pay the return toll not the client. If the client cancels under 5 minutes. Your pick up journey is a total waste. Which happens a lot. UBER always give you a job which you have gone pass or are traveling the opposite direction what a great technology and you have to go around the world to get back at the pick up point only to get rated 1 star for being late.
You do not and never get paid for driving to pick up. Which is often longer than the trip itself. So you are working two jobs for every trip and get paid only for one. Finally some good news congratulations you have reach the 5,000 milestone you have earned a bonus. Oops your star ratings need to be 4.7 to claim this better luck next time and above all if a client complaints on you for not having their way.. EVEN WHEN NOT YOUR "FAULT" and you chose to do the right thing over the client's demand. You are suspended "on the spot" without any warning. It could take up to weeks to rectify the issue and you never get any compensation. You will be in a "BAD SPACE" during this period and no one will care. You will be in a dark hole all alone and don't expect any support from UBER support group. Then you are made to pay a $70 dollar fee for training to become an obedient dog to the clients, or else you loose your UBER platform.
There is no thank you, appreciation. Whatsoever from anybody for you here.
all you get is constant threats from UBER.
Please don't fall that low. Respect yourself. Live and work with dignity.
Don't let UBER exploit your desperate situation and don't expect a dollar in tips from your clients.
It will always be UBER first, clients second YOU and your SERVICES don't exist.
You will always be a nobody.
All the best, be your own friend.

Not worth it

For the money you earn for the time you driver it's not worth your while. 25% commission to uber plus petrol, maintenance cleaning wear and tear on your car higher rego and insurance plus tax and gst for all drivers no matter how much or how little you work. And uber expects you to get every trip a 5 star but it's very subjective rating from the riders and very easy to get less than 5 stars which means deactivation of your acount

Good for bargain hunters bad for drivers

Of course good for free riders bad for drivers i stop driving Uber tonight definitely not worth it at all its a government proved scam how come Australia can let them make millions of dollars while Uber using desperate people like us
i check my pay out table today i drove 9 hours i make only $220 hardly specially fussy customers tale you end of the world thiny narrow places with your brand new car they don't care you end up with their dirty $13 noway i better stay at home no more slave for cheap bargain hunters mate let them walk sorry taxi drivers they really worth what they charge now i understand.

Less than minimum wage on Gold Coast

I decided to drive for Uber as I am in between jobs. Uber pays 20% less on the Gold Coast than anywhere else in Australia. Just finished working 4 hrs averaging $17/hr less petrol/vehicle maintenance. It is not worth the effort. Uber doesn't care about their drivers, they ignore my emails.

Do not drive uber

My rate was 4.30 and without any notice they deactivate me. And they ask me for training $75 bucks. This rating system is crap. Now uber cut 25% do nothing if you have accident or big issue who gonna look after you. If you calculate everything you will get less then $15 per hour.

Never be a uber driver

I applied uber driver on April and then went overseas for holiday. When I came back the application still in progress. I went to Uber Sydney office and they told me I have to apply driver authority card first. I applied it through Uber but took me 2 months for approval. The reason is they forgot to upload one document. I only drove less than one month. Yesterday they deactivated my account saying my rates is below 4.5. I calculated my rates and found one guy gave me one star . I suppos it is the guy who asked me to park on a no stopping area on a main road in Sydney but I refused to do so. Some passengers gave the driver rating with no reason . It only depends on their thought. This is unfair: when the driver have one star to passengers, they know it is you gave. But drivers never know who gave them low rating unless they only service one customer one day. The imcome is also low. Maybe around $15 or less per hour after pay the GST,petrol. Less than delivery driver at a pizza shop. Uber asked me to attend a ride share rating course which may cost about $70. But with no guarantee to reactive the account. I don't want to waste money . Never see you again Uber.

Uber Virtually Uncontactable

Left my phone in the centre console after the driver tried to get app working unsuccessfully. I was riding with a friend that eventually got his working but after we got out I remembered my phone and whistled the driver but he failed to hear. NO phone numbers for UBER and the drivers number was a disconnected. The E-mail help line told me to contact the driver but his phone was cut off, after 24 hours of a number of e-mails Uber said they would contact the driver and have it returned. That was 3 days ago and no one even answers e-mails let alone advises what happened to phone but remember that you cant talk to anyone, just keep sending unanswered e-mails. They have had the hide to send an e-mail to ask if the help desk was good. My last UBER and obviously now the cost of a new phone.

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Questions & Answers

Can i get Uber from emerald springs roadhouse to darwin? How much i need pay?
1 answer
The distance is 200 km. I just tested it in the Uber app and it says ‘Uber is currently unavailable’. So simple answer is ... not using Uber. Even if it was available you would have to negotiate an additional cash fee for the driver’s return trip. Edit: Uber is available in the Darwin area only.

I'm a uber driver from more than 2 years and I can't go on line ...? messages said : Acccount need attention....and under "please contact support about your account " get up at 4,30 am this morning to drive coming from holidays and impossible to go on line......or contact support ...... please help me , I want to drive soon as possible and all my document are correct ??????????????/
1 answer
I don’t understand why you would ask the public as this is NOT the Uber site. ‘please contact support about your account’ clearly indicates what action you need to take. For drivers there has ALWAYS been support via the app as well as phone support. I have experienced problems with both because the call centre is ‘overseas’. I found that attending their office has been the quickest way to resolve issues. Please share Uber’s issue as well as the outcome.

Can I book an on my Uber app from Perth for my elderly father in Auckland, NZ?
1 answer
I just tested it without booking and it appears you can. But there could be typical problems with pickup. Wrong address, father not out front ready, will driver be able to contact you via an o/s number, time difference. You could try it with someone else who lives in NZ as a trial run. Also if father is infirm suggest using UberAssist.