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Do Not Use Uber Taxis! Fare Abuse

My son got ripped off last night by Uber Taxi. Paid $93 from the CBD to CAULFIELD South. Rate was almost double the company's estimate! They don't have a phone number, super-dodgy! You are promised access to a broader help section IF YOU REGISTER with them & sign in, which entails providing a bunch of personal information. Can't even PHONE them!

Excellent service,drivers and clean cars!!

Iv used uber multiple times now and I am continually impressed with the quality of the drivers and how clean the cars are. Uber is usually cheaper than your traditional cab service, however during peak periods such as some mornings and late nights there is 2.5% surcharge to get more drivers on the road, the service does tell you when this is ending as well, but normally your cab ride on average may be around 10-20 dollars cheaper than a normal cab service. But overall the service is a winner, keep up the superior work uber!!

Do not risk your life for a cheaper fare.

They promote "safe reliable rides" but that not what we received early on Saturday morning.

At 01:39 am, a driver picked up my 3 friends and myself from Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, We were all leaving a formal University event and wanted to get home safe together.

At 01:43 am, my friend round the window down. we had traveled only just over a Kilometer out of the 15km ride we were supposed to receive. We were immediately told to get out without any explanation, and became quite confused about how using the window could result in us being left stranded on a deserted side street in ball gowns and suits with no way to get home.

The driver refused to give his surname or his license plate number. My friend who was in the front seat got out and stood in front of the parked car to obtain the license plate number to forward to the company. As soon as everyone was out of the car, He immediately drove off, narrowly missing my friend who was standing in front of his car recording the license plate number that he refused to give. I was still charged for this ordeal.

so If you want to be chucked out onto the street and have the driver try to kill your friends. Take an Uber.

If not, take a Taxi they understand their duty of care towards passengers under The Civil Liability Act 2002 (Qld) which applies to all citizens. I am a young girl, If I had been alone and dumped on a random street at 2am I might not be here today. Uber is not safe for a group of people, I fear for those that take it alone.

not cheap and bad cars

1. Fare is not that cheap. it works for me about 70-150% of taxi fares, many times they have the fare surge crap
2. Cars and drivers are mostly bad, small cars and they pack stuff in the back seat forcing me to sit at the front , also many dirty cars, many drivers are smelly and sweaty, no privacy . some drivers trying to be nice and have conversation with u but they should understand some passengers are tired and just want to have quiet ride.
3.Their GPS is crap and they don't take the shortest way for you. Instead it take long ride and u will eventually pay more

Can't wait for a competitor or for taxis to lower their fares

Uber, worst company, nil customer service

UBER customer service is worst, they hire all people who can get there hands on, made more than 10 complaints, even the owner hide from talking to me, went there to talk to them, the person who email me is not even in the office, most of the emails are answered from Philippines. No phone number, nothing, they just don't care about partners. crook company, should be kick out of Melbourne and from Australia too. They are just hiding when I go there, doesn't even come out to talk, what a coward........

Excellent door to door service

Uber is the only way I will travel when public transport is not available home from the city. It's fast, efficient and the cars and drivers are clean! I'm not surprised that the word is getting around how good they are and I certainly don't believe the bad reviews I've just read below!

Why Wouldn't You!!

Recently, again I've been kept waiting for a 'taxis combined' in Sydney, after calling, waiting 15 minutes, then no taxi in 15 minutes, then 20 minutes on the phone to check it's coming! Then to be told, no one has picked up your ride yet so will let you know. GREAT! Thanks! Finally I got a taxi driving past, nearly missed my flight. I also got a text an hour and half later to say the taxi is approaching. LOL.
Next, I then caught a taxi at Gold Coast Airport and was taken in a direction that was the longest and most expensive. I know, you've heard it all before! He purposely went through road works so the $75 fare was a joke! Uber is the way to go, for so many reasons even if it is more $ per trip at times at least I know what I'm paying and get treated with service and respect. The Taxi Industry in Australia has had it too good for too long, they treat us like crap! If they aren't happy about it, join Uber!!

Beware - Uber (Sydney) defaults to Uber Taxi

My partner & I were frequent users of Uber, spending close to $500 since September. Last night I wondered why the charge was so high. It was because the Uber application defaulted to Uber Taxi and I ordered a taxi, which charges basic cab fares.

My partner had the same experience this morning. In once instance, he couldn't even switch to Uber X.

Why would you want to use Uber to request a cab?

We want to use Uber for the clean, well-maintained vehicles & courteous drivers. This latest practice is deceitful.

Price Serge - Taxis Combined A Better Option

Uber used to be cheap but now I nearly always have to take a price surge of 2.1 x the normal rate due to its popularity. I walk to the local junction, hale a cab and pay less than half the cost of an Uber. I feel sorry for the cab drivers who compete with Uber. I wouldn't recommend Uber cost wise.

Uber Virtually Uncontactable

Left my phone in the centre console after the driver tried to get app working unsuccessfully. I was riding with a friend that eventually got his working but after we got out I remembered my phone and whistled the driver but he failed to hear. NO phone numbers for UBER and the drivers number was a disconnected. The E-mail help line told me to contact the driver but his phone was cut off, after 24 hours of a number of e-mails Uber said they would contact the driver and have it returned. That was 3 days ago and no one even answers e-mails let alone advises what happened to phone but remember that you cant talk to anyone, just keep sending unanswered e-mails. They have had the hide to send an e-mail to ask if the help desk was good. My last UBER and obviously now the cost of a new phone.

Cheap, reliable and great people

Uber is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Nuff said!! Would highly recommend Uber to anyone!!! They are clean, punctual, great to talk to and more reliable than a taxi. Just don't ask to roll down the window.


I am a regular user of UBER around $200 per week. Originally I supported UBER's campaign to become accepted and licensed as a creditable provider of transportation, however in saying this I am very annoyed that UBER does not look after loyal customers, for example sometimes you order a car and it shows on your APP that there are many cars available, your car arrives you hop in then you get random messages on random days telling you that the fare per km will increase 20% and the wait time fee will increase and you have no choice as you have already ordered the car and are sitting in the car waiting to go. I also know as I use regular cars that the UBER drives find this upsetting to their customers and the customers often blame the driver which is unfair. UBER need to get better customer service, if you contact their help service no matter what you write you get the same cut and paste response stating how good UBER are and that you need to help them blah blah. UBER you advertise a cheaper, cleaner, safer more reliable service that is 40% cheaper than Taxi's. You need to keep that in mind and stop being greedy and asking customers to pay up to 30% more to fund you outrageously expensive advertising campaigns. I love UBER the drivers and the service are great, the administrative side of UBER is poor and they need to smarten there act up or OZZIES will just go back to using cabs. Dont ruin a good thing with greed !

Presured by UBER

Uber ONLY listens to riders than drivers !! We drivers are just are at their mercy !! They blocked us to drive as and when Uber feels like ,if they get a poor review by a drunk or racist not releasing it's our livelihood and the investment we have put in without listening to us. You may get 100 five stars and get 1 poor review by someone , you are screwed .....I totally regret driving for such a company with NO HEART !!!

Sick of drivers. It being. Able to rad a gps or our instructions

This is the second time we have been late to an event despite Mcallister g e
Uber ages before. Neither had gps. We even called drivers to,direct them and they drove past. How can they not find us but taxi drivers can

Rip off, bad service, no accountability & no tax

I used to be a big supporter of Uber but now I'll never use their service again. The last 3 drivers deliberately and unnecessarily parked a significant distance from where I ordered pick up & just called me & told me to walk! Sure with my 6 shopping bags. Drivers seem to be taking our initial support for granted and I can notice a massive decline since a huge amount of cab drivers suddenly became uber drivers.

When I refused to walk around the corner on the weekend when the driver refused to pick me up in my street with a driveway he can easily pull into, he refused to pick me up, made me cancel the trip and then I got scammed a $10 cancellation fee. Then stupid Uber sent the exact same driver to my next request!!! What did Uber do, nothing, apparently they don't provide customer service & and anything they do is "private". What company refuses to communicate a resolution to you???

Well Uber you've lost my support & I'll never use you again. This is exactly what's wrong with your product:
1. No phone number and useless customer service
2. Too many cabbies driving now offering the rubbish service we walked away from
3. The reluctance of people to leave bad reviews with drivers having your home address and the very real risk of retaliation against you if you do
4. The drivers don't pay tax like the rest of us! Why should I go to work everyday and pay my fair share and you try to hold the government to ransom & demand to pay what you want.

Get real Uber, your loyal customers are fading fast. I hope the government keeps you banned & keeps fining your drivers & the taxi directorate finally cleans up its act.

Uber comes through again

Got my kidd from home to work for $7.60, clean car, respectful driver. Taxi cabs are dead. Delivered a spare set of keys driven by a delightful Nigerian student to my elderly parents when they were locked out of their apartments. Don't believe the crap. Brisbane Uber rocks.

Forget cabs forever.

Anyone who doesn't have an Uber App on their phone and using the ride sharing service is a foolish one. Better service, better people, better cars and lower fares For years I've put up with cabs not turning up or drivers who think you are doing them a favour - no more. Cabs are on their way out. However if the company ever starts to screw driver rates they will lose me.

Uber Melbourne Fraud

Uber Fraud
Check your bank statements urgently people - someone is fraudulently taking money out of your credit card you have provided to Uber. I have had well over 100 unauthorised credit card payments in excess of $2000.00 and still counting with amount around $25.00 to $80.00 and some transactions are showing in San Fran and up to 5 payments are being debited from my account on the same day . I thought Uber was a safe site with providing your personal information and seeing that is the only way you can pay this is a massive concern that there is fraud happening and what other information has been given to unauthorised parties
There is no phone number to call either to report this so you have to email them. I have had to cancel the credit card which has caused great inconvenience to myself not to mention the stress
For those that have not joined up with Uber think twice before you do or you may be in for a shock like myself and will cause you great stress
If you see any fraudulent activity from Uber on your bank statement ring your bank straight away and report it to the police

Uber is ok Uber taxi is a mine field

North Curl Curl to Domestic airport, Sydney. No UberX available so went the Uber Taxi. Taxi arrived quickly and i requested an approximate fare $65. Driver advised traffic could alter this. On arrival meter read $75. When Uber billed me the driver has stated meter read $91. It is good to see the taxi industry working with Uber and following this incident i will guardedly use Uber and prefer to walk than ever pay a taxi again.

Surge Charge is Ridiculous!

Been hit with 2.9x surge charge for getting the drive just around the corner! Ridiculous way to rip people off! Who knows if there were plenty of drivers around, consumers have no way of finding out!

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Questions & Answers

Can i get Uber from emerald springs roadhouse to darwin? How much i need pay?
1 answer
The distance is 200 km. I just tested it in the Uber app and it says ‘Uber is currently unavailable’. So simple answer is ... not using Uber. Even if it was available you would have to negotiate an additional cash fee for the driver’s return trip. Edit: Uber is available in the Darwin area only.

I'm a uber driver from more than 2 years and I can't go on line ...? messages said : Acccount need attention....and under "please contact support about your account " get up at 4,30 am this morning to drive coming from holidays and impossible to go on line......or contact support ...... please help me , I want to drive soon as possible and all my document are correct ??????????????/
1 answer
I don’t understand why you would ask the public as this is NOT the Uber site. ‘please contact support about your account’ clearly indicates what action you need to take. For drivers there has ALWAYS been support via the app as well as phone support. I have experienced problems with both because the call centre is ‘overseas’. I found that attending their office has been the quickest way to resolve issues. Please share Uber’s issue as well as the outcome.

Can I book an on my Uber app from Perth for my elderly father in Auckland, NZ?
1 answer
I just tested it without booking and it appears you can. But there could be typical problems with pickup. Wrong address, father not out front ready, will driver be able to contact you via an o/s number, time difference. You could try it with someone else who lives in NZ as a trial run. Also if father is infirm suggest using UberAssist.