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Uncle Tobys Le Snak Chedar Cheese

Uncle Tobys Le Snak Chedar Cheese

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Rotten cheese contaminated

Found something disgusting in. The cheese tonight from a brand new box bought 2 days ago thankfully i have not eaten any of it, will never be buying again.

Almost food poisoning

Found rotten cheese in one of the pack. Was just about to give it to my 3 year old. Don’t know what made me open it myself and smell it. Very unlikely of me to do so because baby usually wants to rip the pack himself, guess I can thanks my lucky stars.
I just got a freight, as I also unknowingly had licked the foil, I realised that the cheese was contaminated and that I had just licked the rotten foul smelling cheese.
I was so relieved that my baby was all safe ( also happens that daddy dear packs it usually in buns snack box for kindergarten) . Well Bub was safe and protected by his mum dear( thanks my maternal instincts), but just after a while I started to feel nauseous, and later about in about an hour, I threw up. Feeling so sick and disgusted for blindly trusting these big brands .

Le 'Snak'? more like 'Le Nibble'

Wassup Uncle Tobys?? I got some Le snaks because I had memories of them being awesome, i was met with extreme dissapointment as the serving size is tiny now. Why Uncle Tobys why!!!!!!! They are at least 30% smaller than they used to be. You can't fool me with your curved cheese section optical trickery, I know damn well you went stingy on the cheese, also, weren't there 4 biscuits?? where did that extra biscuit go!!!! You csn shove your Le dissapointments up yo Uncle Tobys.


My favourite snack ever. The perfect balance of flavours. Just the right amount of cheese. God, I could absolutely 110% live off of Le snaks


Crackers are plain but cheese... NOT PLAIN AT ALL! Well, they kind of got me into a stomach ache, and I had the right portion. Anything else is good or Ok

Mini size for full price

Crackers have shrunk... cheese dip is minimal... same price. Seems everything gets smaller yet price doesn't...
How can they get away with this all the time..

Gone Down Hill

Used to be good. had them with my lunch for 10 years. now crap, as above but because of there lack of sales in the supermarkets, the use-buy date is 2 weeks away & the crackers are stale. get your shit together or lose all your customers.

What have you done to the cheese!!!

The cheese is so hard, the crackers snap into pieces. My kids and I used to love le snaks but with the new cheese I won't be buying again!!! ANGRY!

TERRIBLE! Bring back the old cheese

The new cheddar cheese is soooo repulsive I have stopped buying LeSnack. Please bring back the old cheese they are so much better.

Why have they changed?

I have eaten Le Snaks for years. Over the past few months I have noticed the cheese is so hard that the now stale tasting crackers break in half when you try to scoop out the cheese.

Real Cheese... Really?

I started eating Le Snaks again about a year ago after getting some for our daughter to try in her school lunches.
They were exactly as I remembered them from my school days... up until recently.
Now they have 'real' cheese... I don't want the rock hard real cheese that breaks the crackers in half. I want gooey cheese spread goodness that I can lick out of the packet at the end (I know you all do it too).

What's happened???

The cheese is rock hard -
At first we thought it was a bad batch. But months later and buying different flavours the rock hard cheese is consistant: the crackers break. where has the creamy cheese gone? They are gross! Won't buy again.

The crackers are top notch but the cheese lacks alot of flavor

As being a person who likes eating cheese and crackers, seeing these made me think they would be good. When i opened the packaging, i saw 3 crackers and the thing of cheese, average for one of these. When i had the crackers they were amazing crackers to have but when i had the cheese with it, the cheese was a weird tasting cheese that wasn't very good. Can i get the crackers separate please?

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Can I buy the Cheddar Cheese spread separately?
2 answers
Not sure sorryNo. The cheese is crappy anyways.


Le Snak Chedar Cheese
Release dateJan 2011
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