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Chedar Cheese, French Onion and Tasty Cheese
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TERRIBLE! Bring back the old cheese

The new cheddar cheese is soooo repulsive I have stopped buying LeSnack. Please bring back the old cheese they are so much better.

Why have they changed?

I have eaten Le Snaks for years. Over the past few months I have noticed the cheese is so hard that the now stale tasting crackers break in half when you try to scoop out the cheese.

Real Cheese... Really?

I started eating Le Snaks again about a year ago after getting some for our daughter to try in her school lunches.
They were exactly as I remembered them from my school days... up until recently.
Now they have 'real' cheese... I don't want the rock hard real cheese that breaks the crackers in half. I want gooey cheese spread goodness that I can lick out of the packet at the end (I know you all do it too).


I use to eat Le Snaks all the time back in school now I am eating one after five years and it's disgusting. The texture of the cheese is not smooth and the crackers taste stale.

What's happened???

The cheese is rock hard -
At first we thought it was a bad batch. But months later and buying different flavours the rock hard cheese is consistant: the crackers break. where has the creamy cheese gone? They are gross! Won't buy again.

The crackers are top notch but the cheese lacks alot of flavor

As being a person who likes eating cheese and crackers, seeing these made me think they would be good. When i opened the packaging, i saw 3 crackers and the thing of cheese, average for one of these. When i had the crackers they were amazing crackers to have but when i had the cheese with it, the cheese was a weird tasting cheese that wasn't very good. Can i get the crackers separate please?

for the crackers, 5 stars but the" tasty cheese dip"is very disappointing

for the crackers, 5 stars but the" tasty cheese dip"is very disappointing. Can I get the cracker somewhere?It's just way too good

Foil Packaging

Whole container was fully sealed shut so couldn't even open. So useless. Also cheese tasted like rubbish. Get your head together le snak.

Aussie BBQ flavour

This is my favourite flavour and I never would have bought it if it weren't for a product tasting in store. I've tried a few flavours back this new one is the best. You can't always get it in store so I hope it's going to stay in their product range. I only wish they gave the same amount of the cheese dip they used to back in the 1980's.

Yummy and Convenient

The crackers are tasty and very convenient to bring around. I normally place two packs into my daughter's lunch box. She loves it a lot. The cheese tastes nice and the packing makes it convenient to dip, hence no mess involved when consuming them. They come in two varieties (I think) and both of them are good.
Nice and tasty crackers.
I wish there are 5 crackers in one pack as I don't manage to finish the cheese with only three. Sorry to see the remaining go wasted, but normally I will consume another pack of crackers with the remaining cheese.


Fantastic flavoured snack. Features three light savoury crackers and a portion of cheese to dip the crackers into, all contained in one easy package. A great source of calcium. Suitable for school lunch boxes or for when you're on the go. A great snack for any time of the day for any ages. Available in tasty cheese, french onion and cheddar cheese. Or for another option other than cheese and crackers there is one with corn crackers with a mild salsa. Each box contains 6 individually sealed snacks. Available from all good supermarkets and convenience stores. Fairly priced. Often on special at the supermarkets.
Great tasting cracker and cheese package which can be eaten on the go. Suitable for all ages. Great source of calcium. Available in a variety of flavours.
Foil seal can be difficult for some ages to open


They are a very convenient snack option for people on the go. They fill you up for a little while and the crackers taste good. The cheese is easy to dip since there is no stick to spread the cheese. They are tasty and pretty light to eat too. I have bought them on sale but somehow am too lazy to carry them around and dip the cheese nowadays. A good cheese and cracker to try for a quick and tasty snack.
I have bought these multi packs and taken to work to have as a mid morning snack. They are convenient and the cheese and crackers are pretty tasty.
I stopped buying them because I got bored with them.

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Can I buy the Cheddar Cheese spread separately?
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Not sure sorryNo. The cheese is crappy anyways.

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