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Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

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Love these Oates,

Uncle Toby’s Oates , Best thing to come on the breakfast market I used to stir my oats with a wooden spoon in a pot which took time but now easygoing they come in sachets breakfast has never been so quick and tasty with all the flavours,

So Disappointed

I have always loved the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon sachets and have been using it for as many years as it was first brought in. Alas, the last 2 packs I purchased have been a disappointment to say the least! I could have purchased a pack of plain rolled oats and had it with a half a teaspoon of white sugar and it would have tasted better! Not a skerrick of cinnamon and no brown sugar (I know these two tastes well)! What's going on? From now on I will only get the plain oats and do it myself. What a disappointment and a waste of money. I'm not asking for my money back. I don't usually keep dockets. Just an improvement.

Loving it

This cinnamon and brown sugar combination is fantastic. I started to eat oats everyday after tasting this oat meal.i can eat this not only as a breakfast but also as lunch and dinner.

I love this for breakfast everyday

I love Uncle Tobys Oats quick satchets - brown sugar & cinnamon. I find they are so convenient. I just add skim milk, zap in the microwave & breakfast is ready.

Oat hater

This surprised me l actually like it and I will definitely start eating the quick oats for breakfast. Tastes really good.

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