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Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium

Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium

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I'm in agreement with one of the other reviews when they noted that the cereal goes to 'mush' once milk is added. This cereal has so much sugar in it, it would be healthier just to buy a packet of sugar. Disappointed this company could get it so wrong. I have thrown my full packet in the rubbish.

My go-to cereal, until it vanishes!

I really enjoy this cereal and prefer to add my own seasonal fresh fruit and some Oat Flakes. (I don't have any trouble opening the bag unlike another review of a related cereal because I keep a pair of scissors handy!)

My only objection is that my local Woolies store has stopped stocking this flavour so I'm obliged to go to Coles to hunt it down along with the Oat Flakes that Woolies have also rendered extinct in it's universe. Oh well, Woolies' loss is Coles' (and my) gain.
I hope that the Plus Calcium doesn't go the way of the Hazelnut and Strawberry Oat Crisps and vanish from the shelves, due presumably to the lower profit margin on some blends compared to others.

It's a staple!

Easily my favourite cereal and I love the extra calcium and vitamins which I am always looking for, as a vegetarian. This is one of the few cereals I could find without clusters or fruit (which come with heaps of sugar and leave a sticky feeling in my mouth) which I love! I could eat this every day and not get bored.

So delicious I eat it for dessert

A great tasting healthy cereal with no fruit love this cereal so much that i sometimes have it for dessert,

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Plus Calcium
Release dateJun 2010
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