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Antioxidants, Calcium, Fibre, Iron, Muesli Flakes and 2 more
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Healthy and Delicious!

I like this one so much, it is tasty and healthy at the same time.
If you buy it when it is on sale in Woolworths or Coles,then it is cheap too.
Made from natural ingredients , less sugar , dried fruits and flakes.

Amazing Cereal! :D

The texture of the cereal is perfect! Silky and smooth when it gets into your mouth as you chew it. The puff tastes amazing and the cashew is okay, but not enough.

I can barely taste the vanilla, but the honey is much stronger (as it says it on the ingredient list). So I think that Uncle Toby's should put I as 'Honey flavour, with a small hint of vanilla'.

All and all, I love this cereal and yeah! It's amazing! :)

Awful, Soggy as soon as milk is added

Without a doubt the worst cereal I've ever eaten in my life. Filled out with some cheap crap that goes really soggy the moment milk is added. Flavour is average.


Had 4 sultanas and 2 peach bits in the whole packet tasteless rubbish thought they must of been at the bottom but no Carmans is a much better cereal heaps of fruit in them.

So far so GOOD

I bought The Antioxidant Plus and Omega Plus, I have it with Jalna Greek Yogurt and am absolutely loving it with a small cup of coffee in the morning. Keeps me full and satisfied

Tastes terrible

This cereal is not the nicest tasting, "vanilla flavour" should be read by consumers as "close flavour to vanilla but still not vanilla.

Iron component is good. Cashews good, clusters good, flakes good, vanilla flavour puffs are way too sweet and don't taste like vanilla, also unsure what they actually are.

Used to be good

Loved it when I first started buying it, but like so many others the tasty bits have become less and less and it's just like any other el cheapo cereal. Might as well but cornflakes and add your own fruit unless they bring some quality back.

Excellent Light Tasty Breakfast Cereal

I have been enjoying Uncle Tobys Plus Fibre cereal for a long time now, It is a nice light cereal that's not too heavy or overly filling.

This cereal also provides a decent percentage of your daily fibre requirements and it is also has a low Sodium and Sugar content, Unlike many other breakfast cereals which can be quite high in Sodium and Sugar

The only drawback is the price at AU$7.75C for a 775gm packet,
I normally wait until my local Coles Supermarket has it On Special for 50% off and stock up with as much as I can afford.

Not really tropical

It's pretty much just weeties with a few sultanas and an apricot piece here and there. The coconut is non existant in the box I have. It doesn't look like what's advertised on the box.
It needs more fruit to taste tropical. I thought it was going to be like the old protein cereal but that's now clusters I've realised. Just not very impressed sorry.


I love it! The blend of the fruit, wheat and cornflakes are delicious! The yummy berries are perfect with the yummy cornflakes and wheat. I would eat this everyday!

Addictive and Nutritious

It's the peach

Why so smelly?

Uncle Tobys what have you done. I recently bought a box of this cereal and it stinks. Its that terrible smell you get in American cereals. Don't know if you've switched an ingredient or its the artificial vanilla flavoring but it sure doesn't smell natural. I had to biff the entire box because it stank the room out.


A delicious cereal that packed with flavour. Filled with Delicious fruit and nutrients your taste buds will love you for it . It's like a party in your mouth . Definently a great start to the day .


Great flavoured cereal and a perfect balance of crunchy flakes and clusters...just a truly terrific product!! well done uncle Toby's

Yummy Cereal With LOTS of Fruit!

While sometimes it can get a bit soggy, Plus Antioxidants is a very refreshing choice of cereal as it has a nice texture with tasty wheat flakes, bran sticks with the pleasant addition of blueberry & cranberry pieces! I HIGHLY recommend you add some Ocean Spray® Craisins for even more fruity GOODNESS!!

Berry Unsatisfied

As a teens, I try to give me fruit for breakfast. I thought there would be more berries in this cereal, and I doubt that they are even real fruit.

Love it!

This cereal is awesome! I had to change my diet and was hesitant at first, but after the first mouthful I was sold! When I have 1/2 a cup in the morning with skim milk and 1/2 a banana I find it fills me right up until lunchtime and even then I am only having something very light to eat.


The range of Uncle Toby's PLUS cereals are nice, but when Plus Iron came on the market...Wowzers!!!! That's all I buy. By far the best cereal on the market. Crunchy deliciousness.

My go-to cereal, until it vanishes!

I really enjoy this cereal and prefer to add my own seasonal fresh fruit and some Oat Flakes. (I don't have any trouble opening the bag unlike another review of a related cereal because I keep a pair of scissors handy!)

My only objection is that my local Woolies store has stopped stocking this flavour so I'm obliged to go to Coles to hunt it down along with the Oat Flakes that Woolies have also rendered extinct in it's universe. Oh well, Woolies' loss is Coles' (and my) gain.
I hope that the Plus Calcium doesn't go the way of the Hazelnut and Strawberry Oat Crisps and vanish from the shelves, due presumably to the lower profit margin on some blends compared to others.

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Questions & Answers

Having trouble finding the Omega 3 version in my local Woolies and Coles. Something going on we should know about?? Grateful for your response, please. Paul
2 answers
Hi Paul I have checked with my local Woolworths, and the Omega 3 variety is readily available, as are all the varieties. Maybe it is a popular variety in your area and sells out quickly, as does the fibre variety here. I would suggest asking staff at the stores why they have a shortage, which may be due to high sales, especially when the item is on special. Alternatively, maybe they are not ordering enough to supply customer demand, and you could have a word to them about this. Kind regards:)Thanks for your reply, Max. Still having trouble, but I will check with the staff about what is going on. Ended up shopping on line and got Omega 3 at half price!


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