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Uniden BW 2101

Uniden BW 2101

3.1 from 28 reviews

Best thing we ever bought

I love my baby monitor. In fact we have more than one despite being able to split the screen to have two or more cameras on the same monitor. Purchased in 2011 from Dick Smith and 2014 on line...can't remember site. I think doing this would make it too small to see baby and I like being able to see baby breathing. The video quality is great. We black out baby's bedroom so it's always on night vision and it is brilliant. We can adjust the brightness, turn up the volume, play music if we want. It has the ability to record if you insert an SD card...which is great when baby is doing something cute.
The only downside I can think of is that the small lights on the camera base are a little bright but we stuck a piece of black tape across it to block it out. And the camera base didn't really work for where we wanted it set up so modified that too. It is designed to sit on a shelf but we wanted it looking down on baby so we can see both sides of the face. So we got a lamp post and stuck it to that...with more tape...and stood the lamp at one end of the cot. It looks a little tacky but does the trick. Battery lasts for about 3 hours when new. About 3 to 4 years later the battery only lasts about an hour before needing to be plugged in. It still works plugged in.

OK, but by no means great

The battery lost its power after about 6 months, and now has to be plugged in when in use. Also the features on the control for night light and music are in the worst place on the handheld monitor, and we constantly knock the buttons and the light or music are switched on waking the baby. Why anyone would have these features on the side of the monitor where you place your fingers, is beyond me....not to mention you don't even need such ridiculous features.

On the plus side the cameras are great with a decent picture. But they don't have great range.

Terrible product

The thermometer is completely off and says its 5 degrees hotter then it is. The battery is terrible and will not work unless charging. Customer service will charge $80 to fix a product near new. So disappointed in this product I really am. I will have no choice but to buy a new monitor one that actually WORKS for my second baby. Terrible!


Great video monitor, everything works as expected.Reliable,the battery lasts around 4hrs without charging. The temperature warning is one of my favorite features.I had an oricom before but unfortunately was not reliable.It wouldn't switch on at all, sent to the manufacture 3x but it just died after a while.I recommend uniden its good value for money.

Broke after 1 year

I DID love this monitor, up until it broke after a year... Button on the side broke and screen is black and won't turn on or pair.

No Linger Charging

Had this monitor now for 3 months. Whilst it has been great for twins the monitor will no longer hold a charge. Have it plugged in all night and lasts 2 minutes once it's off the charger. Makes it useless as it's no longer portable. Not happy that it's only lasted 3 months.

Dissapointing not compatible will all MacBooks, only older versions of OSX

i had bought this monitor as it was advertised as being compatible with MAC Systems. After installing, and trouble shooting for HOURS trying to connect with Skype and MAC so we could use remotely (which is the reason we bought the monitor to begin with) i could not get it to communicate.

Called Uniden and they informed me it was not compatible with my Mac system (Which is 2 years old!!!)

Uniden need to advise this info on the packaging/marketing/user manual of the product!!!! $250 and its not even compatible with a 2 year old lap top.
Tech support's solution to me was, that i need to invest in a different laptop.

Was so excited to use this product and all looks good until you try and use the cameras remotely through Skype. was not impressed with the mediocre knowledge and skills of the technical support or customer service i experienced with Uniden.

No issues and recommend.

Got it through fly buys, and really happy with it.
Been using it 18 months now and about to purchase a second camera for the new baby due any day.
I had to buy a new charger as the toddler broke the original.
The clip/stand on the back is broken, but again we thank the toddler for this. It's somewhat robust and has been dropped a number of times on the kitchen tiles and still working just fine.
I find I have the camera always plugged in and power on as the battery life isn't great and goes dead at the most inconvient times so it's easier to always leave power on to it. The monitor I generally leave plugged into charger over night and generally get the next days naps out of it without being plugged in.
The volume is perfect, night vision is great..
Overall a great unit.

Good product for us

Good value product - will say that our first one started breaking down after about a year (lines across the screen at the top) and that our first one had no actual power saving mode (it would just freeze when u use that mode) from the start; but it's such good value we bought another one from Bing Lee and this one has no problems so far (been close to 11 months since purchasing the second).

Will be using the two cameras when second bub comes!
The issue (which I assume will be present for other monitors as well?) is that when u turn the camera on to see what bub is up to, the camera in their room will make a rather loud sound and for our light sleeping bub this can sometimes wake them up -- probably not an issue for most but just noting it.

Uniden baby monitor bw3102

Bought on EBay because none the shops had it. The music buttons on the side of the monitor fell out, we didn't even get to try it. Only had it for ten days. Sent it back and the technician says we've dropped it, which is total rubbish. Just by looking at the construction of the monitor it's poorly built and buttons were bound to fall out with normal use let alone only having it for less than two weeks. The technology and digital image is initially quite impressive. But It's such a shame the product is poorly executed by the manufacturing and the unsatisfactory response from Uniden.
Digital image was good and multiple cameras means I can watch both children
Bad warranty, monitor had faulty buttons, monitor is not durable


I got this monitor through my fly buys ("for free") so I tried not to get too upset when problems started. It all sounds like a great product with great features.The size of a screen is great and I thought it would work well for me since I have twins and could cover almost both cots.
However, two months after using it, switch on the camera broke . Since it was through fly buys I could not return it. My dad managed to fix it somehow that it was in recording position all the time so I could still use it, but I could not put the music on.
After that, the screen started playing up and switching off , lost sound, picture got frozen. I plugged out both batteries to reset the whole thing and that seamed to work .
All this took quite a bit if my time that I don't have. I thought it was good brand, lots of good features, it can't go wrong- now I'm regretting not getting something else for my points.
I actually got as a present second camera from Kmart that was cheap brand but it worked great. Unfortunately, my daughter stepped on it so I'm stuck with half broken uniden.
By the way, to those who are annoyed by the bright light of the camera during the night - cover the blue dot(light) with remote or tube of cream- doesn't affect the picture on the screen but kills the bright light.
Would recommend try different brand.

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Even if you got this through fly buys its still covered under Uniden Warranty.

Amazing monitor :)

After my mother in law read reviees on many video moitors she got us this one. Weve been using it since we brought our babe home. Its wonderful, very loud when its turned up and the quality of the screen is very good. I have had zero issues with it. I love the features on it especially the walkie talkie feature. I love that i can control the music with mine as well.Even on night vision mode is great quality. I hear people complaining about a broken switch or etc. That would most likely be a manufacturing error and simply could exchange for a new one and have no problems. Ive dealt with a lot of those types of issues when i worked retail. Over all i highly recommend tbis monitor to everyone!!! I also read alot of creepy stories on video monitors having people interfering or hacking into the software and able to watch ur baby and talk as well. Not this one though! Happy searching
walkie talkie feature, music control, great volume, good video quality
maybe a longer battery life when not plugged in

Simply, It does the job. Look no further.

After returning my digitech monitor because the feedback was terrible, I contemplated if indeed I could get a video monitor that works through our large place for under $200, I saw this one and thought I would give it ago, at $169 it's simply fantastic value. Of course there is better out there but those are seriously around $500. And cheekily, we got ours as a repair on clearance for $80 (would def havec paid full price though). Get one!!!!
no feed back noise, decent picture

I have read a review that the sound is not very loud, can you confirm this or do you hear the baby fine? Does the camera have motion sensors so if the baby moves the monitor comes on?I just bought one and we are having the same issue with sound. It seems like it takes a lot to trigger the voice activation.


I am, by no means, a person thay writes complaints; however, this baby monitor has caused me nothing but grief. My daughter is now 8 weeks old so we have been using the monitor for about a few hours worth of use in total since she sleeps with us. We just use the monitor for naps. However it is broken, the switch on the body of the camera no longer functions. This is very disappointing and not to mention it had left me without a monitor, so therefore unsafe. The camera does not even turn on and it will not even charge. For the amount of money spent on this item, you would expect more. Additionally, when it was working, the sound was so soft that we could barely hear our child crying. I would, unfortunately, never recommend this system to anyone. I will be looking at other brands for a monitor.

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Have you since returned the product? Maybe it was faulty.. I am looking at buying this camera

Returning it

Have had this monitor for 2 weeks now. I'm very disappointed with it & will be returning it asap. The sound doesn't pick up my 2 year old yelling and I had the sensitivity set on the highest setting. Also every time I switch the monitor on is the power save function, it makes a terrible static noise and even wakes my husband up (he's a heavy sleeper)
Picture and size of the monitor are ok, but I am more interested in how the sound picks up while I am asleep in my room, not anywhere near my daughters.
Easy set up,
Makes terrible noises when switching from power save mode to active monitor, poor sound pick up

Quality of software is poor

Have used this monitor for about three months, and with a second camera for a few weeks. I have picked up on a number of issues, which I have emailed Uniden about, only to be told they are software issues and cannot be resolved.
The two cameras when both displayed on the one screen of the parent unit flicker a blue light sporadically into my childrens beds. This light is quite bright and I have had to turn on a night light to stop it annoying them.
The cameras in the bedrooms make a clicking noise when displayed on the parent unit. This is annoying when switching between cameras on the parent unit as it disturbs my baby.
When viewing both rooms on the screen on the parent unit if you try and turn the volume up it clears the screen and you have to go back through the menu and setup the screen display again.
The quality of the sound pickup/Vox setting is poor, sometimes it picks up quiet noises other times my daughter can be crying and nothing is coming out of the speaker ( I can hear her through the walls better than the monitor).
When the unit is in power saver mode to save the battery, you have to press the on/off button to check the screen, this is a tiny button on the side of the unit and its annoying to have to press it just to check if you heard a noise.

I am a big fan of video monitors and they help me sleep better at night, but the quality of this product is poor. The buttons are clunky and poorly made. The software seems primitive and I am not happy with this product.
I have contacted Uniden for a refund.
That it is a video monitor
Poor quality software, issues that can be resolved

Very very happy with this monitor

Have had this monitor for about a month now and life is soooo much better. Night vision is great, range is more than adequate (can be out the yard and no probs checking how bub is sleeping). Best thing i have found is being able to watch when she is stirring and be able to see if she is self settling or if needing picking up. With my first child we had to peak into the room and invariably end up disturbing the baby and then sleep is over.

Other reviewers have said audible level is too low but we hear when our bub turns her head on the cot sheet .... sure you need to be in relatively quiet space to hear it. If there is background noise like the TV you need to rely on camera image, but what do you expect?? Other reviewers have said lullabies is a pain - it is possible to mute the lullibies completely. The instruction book is poor, but i worked it out (and i am hopeless at setting digital watch functions etc).
Versatility of both camera and monitor being portable. Battery charging seems quick and we have no prob with battery life.

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Update on my review above: We are still happily using this monitor 2 years later and it's never skipped a beat. I leave it plugged in all night next to my bed, with sound muted and the monitor covered. I can check then their noises if they wake me (eg nightmares/dreams/falling out of bed) and only go into their room if they aren't going to self settle. I do find to recharge I need to turn off and then plug it back in again but it then charges fine. Still holds charge for 2-3 hours which we use as portable monitor in the evening before we go to bed ourselves. Of all the baby stuff we've purchased over the last few years it has certainly been one of the most used and lets you have a slightly longer leash of "freedom" when you do have sleeping angels.

Cant go without it!

Very happy with this product! Absolutley love it! Cant go wrong! Its so clear, the night vision is great. Its very easy to use. The battery life is reasonable. Both charges work on either the cam or screen so if you ever misplace the charger like my self you can use the other one. Great value! Definitely recommend it to parents!
Large screen
The volume not that high and if you have a large house the frequency might be a problem if you need to be at the end of the house. Doesn't show room temperature

Best Price & Quality!

We've had our monitor for around 4 months now. We couldn't be happier. The sound is clear (I can hear our little one chatting when she wakes up even on level 2 volume), the picture is clear- even when on night vision, you can record onto a memory stick- we've caught some gold moments to keep, it plays lullaby music controlled by you remotely that plays for around 10 minutes. Not to mention that Uniden is a highly regarded company when it comes to telecommunication & surveillance. Would highly recommend it to any parent!
Reliable, value for money, quality product.

Best baby monitor around

Love this monitor. Does everything you could possibly want in a monitor. Very clear image of bub on screen in daylight and at night. Great sound. Really good musical tunes to help bub settle. Can record bub on monitor too! Totally portable. Would highly recommend for new parents. Affordable price $130-150.
Clear image and reliable. Big screen.
Would be great if it had a clip so you could clip it on to side of bassinet

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Questions & Answers

Having trouble getting a replacement battery for bw2101 camera part of the baby monitor.Any suggestion Thanks Debby
No answers

I have finally managed to figure out his to view 2 cameras on the parent monitor but now I can't hear either bedroom. I don't want to spend the whole night watching the screen, the whole idea is to be able to hear my toddler and newborn if they wake up. Have I done something wrong or is sound not possible when in quad mode?
1 answer
Hi, I have been told by a rep in baby kingdom that sound is not available when you have the monitor in dual + mode. Sucks doesn't it?

I have the digital baby monitor and all of a sudden it wont pic up a picture and it says no signal. can anyone help me?
2 answers
Ours does this if one (either camera or screen device) is in need of charging and is dead. Also ours does this in certain areas such as the garage because of the build and structure of our house it gets a weak signal in the garage. Other than those two things im not sure what to tell you. Good luckUr antenna may also be damaged


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