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Uniden Guardian G3720

Uniden Guardian G3720

MPN: G3710
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Does exactly what it says

The system works well, App is good, reviewing recordings can be a bit cumbersome, Night vision is good and spotlights are effective. All worked as advertised out of the box. I have had the system a year now and am very happy with it. Ideally, I would like to see a software update that improves the process for viewing recordings. Don't expect it to transmit 150M through numerous walls its only a domestic system, but a good one for the money.

Not fit for purpose

Upon purchasing this unit last December (2017) I hooked it up as per the operating manual. But have since found that when the monitor is turned on the internet in the household dies... Badly. No one can connect to a search engine, cast netflicks, etc.
After numerous attempts to contact their support team, with no luck I finally made my dissatisfaction known on Facebook. That got things moving, unfortunately the only advice they could give me was to obtain a new router that has 2 channels.
Today I finally went to get a new dual channel router and to my surprise it would cost me nearly as much as buying the system.
That and seeing that a huge reason for me to purchase this system was the following "Secure, digital and INTERFERENCE FREE transmission. I believe that I have purchased a lemon of a camera system.
Let's not forget the monitor either. Clunky would be the word I'd use to describe it and as for the app that they tout on the packaging. I haven't even bothered. None of the apps that I have found have anything really positive to say about them. So why waste more time.

Look elsewhere folks.... I know I am.

Good Idea, 80s Feel and Poor Operation and Really Poor Support

The main control touch screen is unresponsive looks and behaves like touch screens from the 80s. There is several options for the cameras one being masking off the area where motion detection shouldn't take place but it is unreliable at best. Quite often passing vehicles will set off the alarm even though they are in the masked off area. I have an additional camera attached with a light that is motion activated and this is supposed to turn off after 1 minute but every night I have to manually turn it off even when nothing is moving outside. The alarm setup is very basic and it even sounds when activating it, this wakes everyone up at night and you can't leave it on because of the false alarms in the none detection areas through the day, it gets really irritating.

The biggest issues is that the unit will turn off and back on randomly, about 3 times per hour. The cameras will disappear and reappear randomly many times per hour even though they are only 3 meters from the unit. The additional camera will often just disappear and will only come back after recycling the power on the camera itself.

I contacted Uniden and they told me to send the unit back to them even though it was only 6 weeks old and threatened me with charges if they couldn't find a fault even though I had sent them videos of the unit misbehaving. I said that given that sending it back would render my security useless and I suggested they lend me a unit whilst mine was being checked out. They flatly refused and then when I kept on at them they backed down and said they would only send a unit if I gave them my credit card details. I informed them that not only do I not have a credit card they would have my unit and I don't have their credit card details. They refused to help after this point saying that I need to send my unit to them which I again refused. After all a partly working unit is better than no security.

So, to sum up the unit behaves like it is from a cheap 80s electronic shop, it doesn't function as it should, it constantly resets and loses communication with all 3 cameras and the Uniden support services are second to all others. A poor system that doesn't work like it should and Uniden don't care, they have your money, take my word for it and buy a different system.

2 cameras dead, 3rd not sending any signal Uniden G3720 wifi Security Cameras

System worked fine first two months until 1 camera died completely. Repaired under warranty, followed by second camera to die in Feb 18. Still awaiting repair thru Uniden. Just noticed IR lights working on another camera however no signal to receiver despite fault finding. Couldn't be bothered to return yet since I'm still waiting for previous camera to be repaired. All units undercover and installed as per instructions.

Going to invest in a fixed camera setup instead I think given constantly failing cameras. Not worth the $500.00 purchase price plus with extra cameras at $180 ea.

Good luck if you decide to buy wireless uniden system.

UPDATE: 4 Cameras replaced so far, however no feedback received on cause of failures apart from one replacement with a loose camera lens. No problems getting them replaced thru local store who were more than helpful. May have bought a faulty batch. Not game to put cables back in roof yet. So far no failures in last month. When working they are a great camera.

is ok but should be better

For the most part it is ok, but I expected a little more from this camera security system. The camera system is user-friendly and it was an easy DIY to installation. The concept of the security system is good but it has not been well executed for market. The monitor is a good feature but connectivity is somewhat lacking. This may have something to do with wifi but that should have been thought through for DIY customers.. Viewing live footage from the app is good however viewing previous motion alerts is very cumbersome. More often than not it doesn't work and I have to wait until I get home to scroll through the recordings on the monitor. I also purchased the accessory which is a light sensor with a camera and it is positioned in my driveway above the garage. It is a hit & miss whether the camera & light sensor activate when my car approaches the garage. If I change the sensitivity to 'low' it picks up shadow movement from trees which I don't want, so it's set to 'off' so that it picks up actual movement, but unless you are waving your hands around and darting around the driveway the light sensor does not switch on which is annoying as it is supposed to be an added security measure.

In hindsight, I wish I had paid a little more for a reliable camera system which meets the concept

Awesome for a first system

I had purchased this for my dad for Christmas.

He has a bad back but was still able to instal the cameras with ease. It has a slight delay sometimes but that is mostly due to the how far away it is from the modem. The screen is awesome and talking through it comes out quite clear and quite loud. Excellent for scaring away troublemakers and family members who haven’t noticed the camera.

Biggest down fall is the app that connects it to your phone. It’s ok, you can see everything and take photos. Wish you could capture video off it.

just ok

Easy to install BUT range can be very restricted: a brick wall and internal plaster board walls significantly reduce the stated line of site spec from 150 metres to around 20 - 30 metres, restricting where you can place the camera relative to the monitor. The App won't work on android TV's, so if you are trying to stream to a larger monitor you would need something like chromecast (not tested yet) or Apple TV definitely works. Works well on Apple phones 5s and 6 and Apple iPads IOS 10.3.2.

Guardian system

This system is simple to install and easy to view, but the system has its problems in that it stops recording at times and it makes it difficult to see what has happen when you are not there. It is the old saying you get what you pay for, if you are looking for a quick simple to install system at a cheap price this is the one.

This product is so user friendly

With WiFi connection, logical owners manual and 7inch touch screen digital monitor all easy to install, comes home security at its best at an affordable price. This product makes it easy to silently, visually vet visitors with out the need for wires to be strung - and there is an inter com if needed.

Serves it's purpose, but needs refining.

I purchased the basic G3720 kit plus an add-on camera light combo as we've had some reported break ins around us lately. It was very easy to install straight out the box and fairly user friendly to navigate around the provided tablet. Setting up the app on my iPhone was also easy and the instructions walk you through exactly what to do. The whole system was up and running within the hour.

Now that it's in use it certainly serves it's purpose and I can view cameras live or the logged files from the tablet or my iPhone but video quality is poor when streamed to your phone. Even the provided tablet does not display great video quality and I doubt it is 1080p resolution like the cameras. If you want to see faces or number plates you need to take the SD card out and view the files on your PC where the image is much clearer.

Recording is done automatically when the cameras detect movement but I can not get the sensitivity set high enough, as I can walk across my yard without the camera registering that it needs to record. You can schedule continuous recording during certain times of the day but this is done in 5min segments and fills up the supplied 8Gb card quickly. By my calculation you can get about 9hrs on 1 camera on the 8Gb card. I upgraded to the 64Gb card which should give about 3 days I think.

Image quality is okay during the day in full light but is quite poor at night. It is grainy and looks like poor resolution. Facial recognition would be hard unless someone looked directly into the camera.

There are a few annoyances in that Push notifications can't be scheduled for night time only, in that your phone pings throughout the day when kids are playing outside in view of the cameras as it keeps telling you motion is detected, yet this is something I want at night to let me know if someone is in the yard. The microphone volumes between the monitor and the iPhone app are very different and the phone app is barely audible. Also it is connected to the internet by Ethernet cable only so the tablet monitor needs to be located next to your router. I purchased an Ethernet/wifi bridge to overcome this which seems to work ok as we wanted the monitor in the kitchen, away from the router. Also the security LED light sensor doesn't have a very far range at all and you almost need to walk up to it for the light to turn on.

If you're looking for a quick easy security camera setup this will do the job but don't expect to be blown away. The ease of setup and functionality straight out the box made this an attractive option for me but there are large areas for improvement which I hope Uniden take onboard.

Questions & Answers

I recently bought the Uniden Guardian G3720 wireless security cameras. The instructions say the charge should last 1.5 hours but it simply does not work at all without being hooked up to electricity. Can you tell me if this product is meant to come with a battery installed?
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If you are talking about the tablet / screens, I remember that the battery was shipped seperately in the box, you need to install it, charge it and then the tablet will work indepently for an hour or so. I nearly thew the battery out with the packaging ! Also the phone app will not work unless te screens are connected to the internet.Thanks so much Simon! The battery seems wrapped up in plastic and with cords hanging out and a white thing on the end. Does the plastic stay on or should it be removed? And does the white bit connect to something?The tablet runs cordless but not the camera, the display unit looks like 80s technology so I would image that the battery is the same.

I saw a review elsewhere that said cameras had to have access to power. Does anyone know if this is correct? There is no power where I want to put one camera at gate about 40m from house. Thanks
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Hi Devil, You are correct this model of cameras does need access to power and the cable from the small transformer is probably only 5 m long.That is correct and I had mine on my balcony and the power was further away than the door so I had to wrap the plug in plastic and weather seal it to get it to work.

Can I use the two-way talk feature with the phone app?
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My version that I reported on would only work with the screen that came with it.According to the options on the App you can, I have only listened via the app so far, sound quality is good.


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