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Can not receive messages. It used to work but not working now. Person calling goes to a message bank but not the one on the uniden. Don't know where messages are going. Please help!
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Sounds like you have Telstra (or similar) voice messaging and it got turned on. If you do, you phone should periodically beep to let you know. If you don't know about the feature or if you have it, ring your phone provider.Really sorry, but don't know why you don't get messages. I do have Telstra and have no problem. Could I suggest you take your phone handset to the retailer and/or just call Telstra. wishing you resolved your problem very soon. Cheers, Denys

Hi there, I cannot get the line from either of our two cordless phones! On the phone display I read: Handset #1 New CID: 9 If I press the Talk button there is no line. I cannot make or receive calls. It is not a battery problem just to clarify. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance, Maddalena
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See my review - not impressed with the 3135. That being stated, make sure your phone line cable to properly seated in the Uniden base unit jack. If that does not resolve the problem it is probable your handsets are not recognised by the base unit. Refer to your owners manual for "Resetting Handsets" and give that a go. If that does not work return it to the store for refund or exchange as it could be faulty.hello Maddalena, I don't have the cordless phone so I don't have this problem you are encountering. I don't have any problem at al with my landline phone set. I am so sorry that I can't give you specific help. My suggestion is to take it to the shop/retailer and ask for their help. perhaps, even your phone is still under warranty? ind regards, Denys

After a power outage 2 days ago, our phone will not work. It rings but cannot answer callers. The display shows 'Out of range' alternating with 'Check base power'. The phone is only 2 months old. :(
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You might try unplugging the base and concurrently taking the battery out of the handset for an hour, replacing it and letting it charge for a while to see if it will clear it up. Otherwise, suggest you ring Uniden customer support. Their number is in your owners manual.Hello, Very sorry to hear that you have a problem with your phone. Always frustrating when that happens! Have you tried the suggestions from "beebeegee" ? These suggestions might work. If they don't work, I strongly suggest that, given your phone is only 2 months old, that you take it back to the seller and get a new one under the warrantee. Cheers, Denys

Answering function is switched on but when a message is left it does not record, instead the message goes to 2102?
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Oh! I am so sorry to hear that it is happening to you. I never had that problem. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do to solve your problem. Your best option would be to take it to the shop where you bought it and either get a new one , if still under warranty or they tell you what to do to fix it. Again, my apologies for not being able to help you on this occasion. Kind regards, Denys

How do you enter numbers after a call has been answered: eg security codes, menu choices etc? I have entered my bank id number several times, plus hash key, while the recorded message seeking that code plays on and on in the background and the numbers I have entered obviously do not register. Is there something in the menu that can fix this?
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As I wrote in my review, the 3135 was the worst excuse for a phone ever and I took it back. That being written, most phones have settings for the touch tone duration (usually called DTMF duration). If the tone is not sent long enough the automated system will not recognise it. Look for that in your owner manual or the setup menus. Yours will be too short. Some phones have short medium or long, and others in actual time.. If you cannot find that ring Uniden or wherever you bought it. If the phone has no provision to set it, I suggest you return the phone as unfit for purpose. Cheers,It should work as it is part of the normal operation of your phone. There is nothing in the menu about this. I think your phone may be faulty. If it is still under warranty , just take it back to the seller. Hope this helps you. Kind regards, Denys

The phone does not show the callers name only the number is shown All numbers and names have been entered in phone book What must I do to fix it to show name of caller? With a previous unidentifiable phone I had do problem showing caller names If this cannot be fixed, can I receive a refund?
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I cannot answer about the display. Suggest you read the Australian Consumer Law web page to understand your rights. It is not hard reading and explains the procedure to follow if a pleasant visit to the shop does not provide gratification.I would recommend you return the product back to where you purchased it based on the fact that it does not work as described (tell them that the Caller ID function does not work properly). Tony.

Have caller id on my phone but on this phone when a person rings in only the number shows not the name why?
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Hi Jenny, Have you saved the name of the person with their number in your cordless phone? Check this first. If you have and the name does not appear when they are calling then you might want to delete the person's number from the cordless phone, and then enter and save it again. If this does not work then I recommend contacting Uniden by phone as my emails to them have gone unanswered for months.Yep done all that. I have deleted re entered as the number is coming up with 07 infront of the number even though I don't have to dial that as I live in the same town. just waiting for the phone to ring to that number to see if it works

How do I get my volume higher? I have a Uniden Premium Dect.
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For the handset volume while talking on the phone all you need to do is press the green talk button to initiate a call then press your up arrow, if you are after turning your ring tone up just press your up arrow. After using my mums phone again today I found it quite difficult to understand my Aunty, not a good thing when you are trying to relay information about your ill motherSpeaking volume (helps the receiver of your call) 1. Press the “Talk” button. The screen will flash the word “connecting”. 2. A Bar Graph will appear with the word “Talk” above it, a – sign on the left and a + sign on the right 3. While the Bar Graph is displayed press the middle button up arrow until the Bar Graph is all the way to the right. 4. That adjusts the talk volume Listening volume (helps you ) 1. Press the “Speaker” Button (above the talk Button) . The screen will flash the word “connecting”. 2. A Bar Graph will appear with with the word “Talk” above it, and a symbol for a speaker on the right of it, a – sign on the left and a + sign on the right 3. While the Bar Graph is displayed press the middle button up arrow until the Bar Graph is all the way to the right. 4. That adjusts the speaker volume When using the phone normally, it is a good idea to press the “Speaker” Button to turn on the speaker phone. Best wishes.

Does the DECT 3135+1 have a memory where frequently used phone numbers can be stored and retrieved easily. If so, how many can be stored? Thank you.
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I searched the whole internet for the same but could not find any answers looked into all specs about this phone with no mention of memory

How do I stop the red light from flashing ?
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To reset the flashing light on the indicators after retrieving messages using *96 (for Optus) - would be different for Telstra I guess & lights staying on even after messages are retrieved, when the phone is in standby mode press and hold “Find Handset” on the base until the paging sound stops (about 5 seconds) - This works well for us on our Uniden WDECT 2315.

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