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Uniden UWG 700

Uniden UWG 700

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Iniden UWG9000

Not having issues stated
I live in a three story house have intercom camera at front middle level and camera at back middle level.
Monitor is upstairs at back of house over 20 meters away. All monitors are hardwired by DC cable from intercom and monitor to AC power adaptors provided the recommended installation method have no issues at al yet?

Does mostly what was suppose to

I have no problems with batteries as I have read from others their problems. Still on original set in camera for more than 12 months. It connects to the receiver well from outside front door (brick house) to receiver in kitchen 10-15 meters however will not connect when receiver in backyard 20-30 meters away- disappointing. I can not get the monitor function to work which is again disappointing.

Pile of Junk!!!!!

The door bell push button gets stuck, so if you're not home, the device keeps ringing incessantly until the three AA batteries die out.

Then after 18 months of use, the device won't pair with the internal unit.

Waste of money.

This system is not working as it should

I have positioned the bell unit outside my garage, next to the entrance. The receiving unit is mounted on the wall 12 meters away. At the beginning, I had no communication at all. I sent UNIDEN an email explaining the problem and asked for a solution to solve the problem. NO answer.
I am a telecommunication engineer used to work with wireless systems. In this case I decided to solve the problem my selves. I opened the outdoor unit, removed what is supposed to be the antenna (a low gain one) and replaced it with an 15 dBm High gain antenna with a 3 meter coaxial cable in order to put the antenna inside the wall. It works perfect.
For the price of this unit, it should have an internal antenna connection plug near the battery compartment and a choice of extra antennas so that it could be possible for anyone to get a better reception.
The next problem I got, was that if someone pressed the doorbell to hard, the button got stuck and was impossible to pull out. This resulted in the doorbell continued to ring until I shut the power off.
This happened three times in one month. Every time, I had to dismount the unit and reset the button.
I believe that this unit should have been tested much better before it came on the market. The wireless range is very bad (less than 6 meters indoor) and the doorbell button is a flop.

Not Good

Well after buying thsi product after my sparkie said it was good. Well only one word rubbish returned it and after too much communication got my money back, it will not work as it states the pic has problems, any other items in you home will cause it to drop it out.

The distnace that it will work is not correct.
Do not purchase this product go hard wired like i did cost more but well worth it in the end

Great entertainment not reliable

I have had this system for about 9 months. The wireless side of things is a far stretch to look outside when someone hasn't rung it needs power connection and so does the recording easy to unplug.

We were fortunate to have a PowerPoint close to where it is installed but looks untidy. The night vision has progressively got grainy and not as clear as when first purchased. I have the same problem as the other reviews the signal is hard to obtain through just one wall and someone standing in front of the monitor cuts vision signal right off. Might be ok if you have a solid door and can place on opposing side so signal is close.

Last couple of weeks it has taken it upon itself to ring at 10pm to 10.30pm on Friday nights. The first couple of times we thought perhaps the result of a prank or someone testing to see if we were home but have watched in the dark to have the signal go off without anyone pushing the button. Must be someone with something that resets itself on Friday nights that has better signal than our monitor to the doorbell.

On the plus side it works well during the day so nice to see who is at the door without having to go to the actual door. Also the chime is super loud makes it easy to hear.
Works a treat if you can get good reception it allows me to see who's at the door without making my presence known.
The view at any time and recording only works when attached to the power. Night vision has deteriated and random ringing. Poor signal.

The real truth

I have a 3 storey house with no doorways except the front dooor between the front door and the second floor where i installed the monitor. The camera is installed under an entrance porch beside the front door . Both camera and monitor are mains powered. Walking distance from monitor to camera is 30 metres. Adequate wireless reception is achieved only when the front door is open! Massive failure
Low cost and convenience of installation in a house where wired connection is problematic.
Intermittent reception of video

Works but major flaws

Looks good as a concept but the wireless connection from the camera to the monitor only works over a short distance. 15 meters with door and a wall on the way and I get 'no signal'.
Another major design flaw, not made obvious in the description, is that the monitor unit needs to always be connected to a power source. Basically it's not portable at all. How hard would it be to add a rechargeable battery, these days everything has one.
Lastly, call me spoiled but it works like a walkie talkie, meaning you can only talk one side at a time and you need to hold a button to talk.
I am regretting the purchase.
Wireless, cheap
Wireless Is weak, monitor needs constant power, works like a walkie talkie

Questions & Answers

I have the set of 4 Uniden handsets around the house - suddenly it cannot receive incoming calls - it gives a single 'ring' denoting someone is calling but that's it - I can ring out - I am dependant on it for my" Vitalcall " button that I wear - Any suggestions please ?
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Bob this is something you need to be directing to Uniden ASAP perhaps even Vitalcall will be able to assist you in this. I only left feedback on the Uniden Doorbell so perhaps you have accidentally submitted the question to the wrong post. Best of luck hope you get the answer you need.

I have had this product for 12 months and going mental with the battery power. I don't have a power line hence why i got it because it's "wireless" i have replaced 8 AA battery like every two months. Is there any other way to go about this? Thank you
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I have not had the same problem my first battery change was a year and three months after we got it the only thing I can suggest is a solar power point which will probably work out more than your batteries or perhaps rechargeable batteries but agree that would be a huge pain

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