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Uniden XDECT 8055
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the audio not good enough

the audio is not clear and I have all the time the caller to repeat, ....I didn't pick up the right one for me. I don't know what to do now. Need some advises. don't know what to say more to arrive at the quota demanded - my kind regards

Date PurchasedDec 2001

Best cordless phone I have ever had

I use it as my VOIP phone with the small base plugged into my modem. It has the facility to plug into it a Unden headphone set which is great when using a laptop at the same time for work. The battery has never had to be replaced as I recharge it in full and it last four days before it requires recharging again. It is by far superior to any other Uniden models that I have at present and in the past.
I would rate it as Excellent and highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Good Phone

This Phone operates well with good reception and has a good distance range, being a 5Ghz signal strength. Has 3 handsets in total and also incorporates a Digital Answering System. It has provided me with a good reliable service, without any issues, since purchase. The original batteries supplied are still in use and continue to provide a lengthy conversation time.

Date PurchasedJul 1997

Trusted Uniden brand but...

I purchased this model from Dick Smith as I trusted the Uniden brand. It worked fine for some time until I came home from being away and the whole thing had just died? I changed power supplies but nothing? I wrote to Uniden about this and did not receive a reply. Very poor customer service. They really should replace faulty handsets. Why manufacture such cheap crap?!

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Not as good as I have had before

I bought my Phone in May 2013 and with in a month one of the phone stop working. 7 months later another phone has now stop working. As a business this is very frustrating as I need my phone. Everything else about the phone was fine. Had good range when phone is in use.
When working easy to use.
This model is light and not as strong as previous phone's that I have had. So I believe it is not a good one or may be I got a lemon.

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Messages are left but cannot pick them up ??

Bad instruction manual, nocustomer service

Cant even program date and time according to instructions in manual. Harvey Norman say ring Uniden, Uniden not open - just a big joke. It is really is poor by both organisations. Very unhappy. Guy in HarveyNorman not really that interested. Will take back - INSTRUCTIONS easy to follow but telephone just doesnt work!

A terrific little cordless phone and answering machine

I purchased a Uniden Extended Digital Technology Long Range Cordless Phone System XDECT 80550
I used it in my bedroom and I would high recommend it because it has greater coverage so the signal never drops out so it is always clear where ever I go inside the house or in the backyard.
Fantastic Design, Great coverage and Easy to use

Bad audio

Phone arrived without any instruction manual, so downloaded 80+ pages from Uniden's websight.
Although quite easy to set-up, very disapointed with audio. Sound is tinny and echo's. Have tried all three handsets in various locations without any improvement. Have moved base station to other locartions but again without any improvement.
Have always been a Uniden fan, but this unit will make me look at other brands on the market as this one is a bin job! What a waste of money!
General style is fine
Sound, sound, sound quality is so poor

Oh no! I thought mine had a fault. I have this problem, and Dick smith were very unhelpful re return. looks like I'm stuck with a lemon? Wondered why it was a special!I purchased this phone set, 2nd hand. The audio is terrible and I'm sick of asking people to repeat things. Is there any way to fix the audio???????????I have had mine for over a while now and have moved house. I thought the line at other house made the audio very weak, but I was wrong. It is the phone itself. Wish I hadn't purchased this system.

Poor choice of phone

In my opinion this phone is a poor choice. I had a Telstra DECT360-9750 and it worked well in all respects. However one hand set became faulty and I returned it to the store and accepted the Uniden XDECT 8055 product instead of receiving a refund. That was a mistake.
The product came well packed. The hardware was easy to assemble and the repeater function gives good long distance coverage.
The written instructions would seem easy to follow - However for me the method to use this phones menu system was difficult to set up the features. Even after reading the manual several times and following the instructions I still can not get some features to work.
The audio quality is poor - very poor. During use it is difficult to understand the user at the other end - they too have reported poor audio in return . Not only is the audio quality poor but it has a tinny, harsh echo sound in the background on all handsets almost like broadband filter problems.

Other phones have been trialed and they don't have the same issue. The speaker function doesn't work on intercom and the volume level on speaker phone even at full volume is inadequate or better stated the audio quality becomes unsatisfactory. From my limited experience with this unit I would not recommend it to anyone and have returned it to the store.

Poor audio quality

We brought this make and we have not had a good thing about this.People ring and it cuts them off, We have tried thinking maybe it is me and it still cuts off,We have people we ring back and say why did you hang up on me, Last waiting to get a phone and to do Business with a Betta Electric Raymond Terrace, They told us to Ring Uniden with our Problem where is after hour service I was reading this comment after I buying this phone. I have no audio problem or other issues. I am happy with the set. I had sound problem before but it was from broadband filter.I just purchased this phone not really happy on loud speaker its like i get feed back everytime i talk and the speaker is not very clear dissapointed $160.00 down the drain

Much reduced sound quality on previous model

Have just replaced an earlier Uniden system - with 8055 & 2 and the sound quality is dreadful. Constant faint hiss in the background and people calling sound like they are the bottom of a deep hole. Is is possible to take this back. So disappointed - horrible light feel to the hand set, nasty feel to key pad.

Unacceptable sound quality in head set.

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I wish someone could suggest a better quality product. Very happy to ditch this horror set I have.

Love this thing

I bought this earlier in the year through JB Hifi's website and it was an internet promotion that sold this phone system along with 1x 8005 WP.

Once I received this device and installed it into the residential premises, the Yellow Waterproof phone is used a great deal of the time more than the 8055. It is pretty good for what it is and there are ample amounts of features and capabilities.

The sound quality is great and we have yet to experience any problems with it what so ever.
Everything about it.

Great features! Terrible audio!

I owned one of these for a week and took it back for a refund. I couldn't get decent sound out of it, particularly on 'speakerphone'. Reception was good but sound was intermittent and garbled, like a radio station that's not quite tuned properly.

The problem was intermittent and its character changed with different calls. Sometimes the caller had it good; sometimes I had reasonable sound, but when I did, I got a lot off feedback of my own speech, not as speech per se, but as ‘noise’.

The phone has some great features, e.g. functions like 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Block Call'. It also has a 'T-Coil' setting for use by people with T-Coil hearing aids. In fact, the only way I could use this phone with half-reasonable sound was with the T-Coil function switched on, even though I don't wear a hearing aid. The T-Coil function reduced the static, feedback and breakup, but also softened my voice: callers told me that I sounded as if I was talking from miles away.

I tried moving the base phone around the house, but it didn't make any difference. The line filter didn't solve the problem either. I tried turning off our Internet WiFi and just about everything else in the house and that didn't help. Just the same, it could have been an environmental issue and others might not experience what I did.

So I returned it, sadly actually, as it has great features, which I would have put to good use.
style, ease of use, some innovative and useful functions
very poor quality sound, lack of useful support from Uniden when requested

Having now purchased and used the 8055+2 i can now appreciate a quality phone,the handset audio is clear and can be adjusted to very loud if needed,reports from conversations is loud and clear in every case,menu set up is easy to follow,the range of this phone is beyond comparison,with all the other features and the quality build i believe Uniden should be proud.bad sound quality, piercing static sound from answer machine made it totally unusable, returned phone to retailer

Good home phone system

We have been reasonably happy with this phone system.
Have had no issues with phone reception regardless of where we are standing in the house.
It is a bit of a light weight phone to hold.
I am able to attach my headset which is great and means I can talk on the phone and get some work done at the asme time.
Good reception, batteries last a long time.
Is a bit plastic feeling.

Fantastic and visually appealing unit

I purchased this with very clear criteria in mind.
Wanted to be able to answer and make a call from the base unit via speaker phone and not have to hold or pick up the cordless phone i.e. completely hands free.
Stylish and compact.
Excellent clarity in receiving and making a call and on answering machine. Ability to answer phone via the speaker button on the base. Easy to use phonebook and use of speaker button to make and end a call. Easy to read manual. Takes up minimal space on desk. Fabulous looking unit!
Probably had to pay a bit more than I was hoping but since using the phone certainly cannot complain and pleased I didn't go passed it.

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The WP Handset is totally foriegn to the other handsets. It has a different set of ring tones, has a unique cradle, and will NOT do what the other handsets will do. Overall signal is weak bearly making 10 meters even in line of sight. Phone number data appears stored in the base allowing access from only one handset at a time (even for dialing out), but such features as ring tones have to set up on each handset individually. A dissapointing product.

Bad Audio especially on Spekerphone

Have just purchased tthe 8055+2 and am very disappointed with the sound quality. Have tried all handsets and they all have a constant echo and tinny sound regardless of whether the speakerphone is on or off. Previous sound system was a Panasonic with a good sound quality. I also have a Uniden 3315 which also has very good sound quality. I will be returning this phone if there are no easy fixes.
Good features on the base station and the handsets. Entering numbers in the Phone Book feature auto copies to other handsets..
Sound quality very poor.

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Very disappointed with sound quality - echo's, tinny and for someone with reduced hearing just not suitable.

A really great phone.

At last a phone with clear loud hand set audio,and asking different
people i have been talking to,the answer is always the same,excellent,the illumination of key pad during use is very practical especially in low light areas,loading phone numbers in memory is very straight forward,as is inserting time and date,the key pad has a very logical layout and menu
is easy to follow,outside communication,due to extended range,should never be a problem,i believe Uniden should be more than proud of this phone.
Excellent clear loud hand set receive audio,easy set up procedure.
Can be expensive,shop around.

Questions & Answers

Our phone seems to be stuck on intercom mode and I can't release it, therefore it is operating like the line is engaged. I have tried taking out the power cable, phone line and headset batteries, and resetting the headesets, but same result.
1 answer
Hi Margot, Can you try resetting the phone and see if this rectifies the problem. Also with resetting the phone, you will lose phonebook contacts and voicemail messages and greetings on the phone. Please find the reset procedure below. On the base Disconnect adaptor from the main base Press and hold 1 and Menu, at the same time connect adaptor to the base Keep holding these two keys until a beep sound and “NV Factory All OK” display on the screen Disconnect adaptor from the main base Connect adaptor back to base again On the handset Press and hold the Red end key and # down together for 10 sec System reset will appear on the screen Scroll down to base unavailable Press select Scroll up to YES Press select Place handset on the main base to register

Hi, I own this phone to use with an NBN modem in my previous house. I have moved since and only available service is VDL2 and thus I have changed the modem as well. I am wondering if this phone work with the VDSL2 modem?
1 answer
Hi Ray, You will only need to connect the telephone line from the back of the Uniden phone main base directly into the back of the modem. There should be a phone port at the back with a RJ11 port.

I have this model and there are 2 divert call options in the menu under handset. One is turned on the other off and I can't find how to turn the second one off. One regular caller on this phone swears he phoned the landline and it is diverted to my cell phone. I have not set that. Help please. There is no 'call divert' in the manual.
2 answers
I said the model was 8115 not 8055Hi Caryl, When you press Menu and go into Handset Setup Menu, the following options are provided; T'Coil, Ringer Tones, Personal Ring, Auto Talk, Any Key Answer, Banner, Key Touch Tone, LCD Contrast and HD Audio. Can you please confirm which option shows the Call Divert options you are referring to? Call Forwarding/ Call Divert is a feature that is set up and provided to you by your service provider. (Telstra, Optus, etc). This is why there is no reference in the manual. For Telstra assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/home-phone/features-settings/how-to-set-up-call-forwarding-on-home-phone For Optus assistance, you can see the following link for reference; https://www.optus.com.au/shop/support/answer/manage-call-diversions-fixed-phone?requestType=NormalRequest&id=1428&typeId=5 For other service providers, you will need to contact them directly on how to activate Call Forwarding / Call Divert.


XDECT 8055 + 3WPXDECT 8055 + 1WPXDECT 8055 + 1XDECT 8055 + 2XDECT 8055 + 3
Handset TypeCordlessCordlessCordlessCordlessCordless
Price (RRP)$269.95$159.95$159.95$199.95
Release dateNov 2011

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