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Unique Flooring

Unique Flooring

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Great Floor at Great Price

I recently had my retail shop floor done in an Aluminum metallic finish it has turned out just lovely. It took a day or two longer than planned due to some issues with our original flooring however Luke persevered wanting to give the best finish possible and i couldnt be happier. A little hard to get hold of at times i guess that is to be expected being the main person for flooring, quoting and knowledge but he or his wife always got back to me by the following day. I think you get out what you put in. Both parties where genuine and respectful to each other throughout the job and in turn it all ran smoothly. After reading some of the below negative reviews i wanted to give others a different perspective as there is always two sides to every story and more often than not out of 30 well ran jobs with happy customers and endings only the one unhappy customer is the only one to take the time to write a review. So cheers boys job well done and best wishes to your future business has its ups and downs but you will go on to do well and push past the negativity.

Beware, same operator now called Flow Res Floors

Still the same substandard work as reviewed here, abandoned the site and left us to fix after taking 50% deposit. [name removed] now operates as Flow Res Floors. We were too trusting, having now checked, no valid ABN, not registered for GST but still charged it, shoddy clumsy non-compliant work, won't return calls, went to lunch and never came back. Do not use them!

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Also calling themselves Flow-Res Floors using the hyphen, advertising on Gumtree to suck in prospective victims (now changed ad to "EPOXY FLOORING / POLISHED CONCRETE" saying they are located on Gold Coast Highway, as well as a number of ads across Mermaid Beach, Varsity Lakes, Broadbeach, and Mermaid Waters), using photos of professional work that was not at all what they delivered. Always ask for 3 references and copies of business licence and GST registration.These people will just take. your money and show no pride or responsibility for work.

AVOID at all costs

Terrible job in our sealed driveway patchy and different colors. Unique flooring have changed their name to "trend" never use them get someone who is registered with the QBCC or the NSW equivalent these guys are not registered.

Avoid Unique or Trend Floors - Fraudulent

Took 40% deposit, no show...no call back...no apology. Raised it with Hi-Pages, DFT and QCAT. They are thieves. Avoid them at all costs.

Avoid Avoid Avoid - Terrible job and got ripped off

I needed our outside concrete resurfaced and colour changed. Pressured me for 50% deposit. Pressured me for final payment before finishing. Give no tax invoices. Terrible lumpy, cracking and uneven workmanship. When quoting promise a 7 year warranty. Once they receive final payment you will never hear from them again. Warranty is useless as won't answer phone or emails (never got it anyway). They are onto the next victim. I wish I had read reviews before choosing them. They are great at words not action.

Advoid as they are not QBCC licensed they don't even deserve 1 star

I found unique flooring on hipages looking for someone to do polished concrete flooring throughout the interior house. when I asked if they could do this they said yes but would I be interested in doing epoxy flooring ? I'd never seen this so I said I would have a look and get back to you. I googled epoxy flooring and it wasn't what I was looking for I messaged back to Angela letting her know that I looked at it and said no I would like to stick with polished concrete. She said no problems send through some photos of what I would like and she would do up a quote for me so I did just that. Later on I received the quote for $4,950. I said yes and went along with the quote not knowing that they were NOT licensed with QBCC todo jobs over $3,300. A start date was booked in but do you think they showed on that date ? No. It was pushed back and when he finally did start he couldn't come back the next day either. This dragged on everyday being an excuse as to why they couldn't come back todo the job finally after 2 weeks they were back and I wish they never did, the poor workmanship was disgusting. The flooring had bubbles leaving craters in the flooring once they had popped there were black runs through the flooring everywhere in the house this was caused by pigment separation this happens when primer is not used,the floor waste in laundry was covered over, epoxy up the walls and doors and tape left down on the bedroom doors, no top sealer used . When I asked for them to comeback and fix bubbles in floor they did but They may as well of not bothered as it was even worse they just got a heap of epoxy and just put it over the hole like a patch it is the most noticeable thing. When I asked about it they just copy and pasted something they hade found on the internet and emailed it to us to says that this was a normal thing. I sent them pictures and told them that I was unhappy about the job that they had done and they didn't want to hear a word of it until I told them I would be reporting them to QBCC if they did not rectify the issue they told me that they would come out and look at the flooring to see what could be done but do you think they returned ?NO after this point we had, had enough and reported them how they are still in business is beyond me DO NOT USE THEM !!!! WORST JOB OTHER FLOORING COMPANYS HAVE SEEN!!!!

Fantastic job. My garage floor looks amazing!

Luke and his team did an excellent job on my garage floor. I was dubious at first due to some negative reviews but I was advised it was a disgruntled builder that left the comments and that they 100% guaranteed everything would go well and we would be pleased with the work. We decided to give them a go and we were not disappointed. They turned up promptly to grind and lay the first coat then returned the next day to finish up. All done with a minimum of fuss and disruption. My garage floor looks so clean and new I now have to paint the walls to match ha ha! I would highly recommend Luke and his business to anyone who is interested in having an amazing looking floor for a great price.

Avoid ! Ruined the floor

Asked for polished concrete and gave a 50% deposit returned to site to find the floor an absolute disgrace and chunks out of walls , the grind dust poured into the garden ,floor wastes covered over and filled with epoxy .wouldnt return calls or emails .

These guys did a great job on our floor we would highly recommend luke & the team

Luke & the team did a great job on our pizzeria floor , the design we choose was very out there! the guys did good to replicate it and incorporate our logo in the floor aswell. Good job guys
Sue & rob

Quality Floor for my new home!

I recently brought my first home and wanted a floor that was different to the normal tiles or floor boards a friend of mine put me onto Unique Flooring Australia to look into having a metallic epoxy floor throughout I'm so glad she did because these guys where great I love my new floor I asked for something that would be a stand out feature to my home and that is exactly what they provided me I went with an Aluminium base with swirls of Blue throughout it is so amazing, Luke is informative and passionate about what he does and it definitely shows in his work.
They are fairly priced and the floor comes with warranty.
Thank you so much Luke and team for giving me exactly what I was looking for I can't wait until the rest of my renovation is complete so I can show it off to my family and friends I highly reccommend this business to anyone in the market.

Unique Flooring Australia - Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

This company took my deposit then stuffed me around with start dates. Always had an excuse for why they couldn’t make the appointment. Once I told them I was cancelling my job and asked them to refund my deposit they went to ground. Never answered phone calls and ignored emails. You can’t believe anything they say.

They are an absolute disgrace and you should avoid them at all costs.

AVOID Unique Flooring Australia

Unique Flooring Australia quoted to grind and seal a new concrete slab and were given a project on our house in Brisbane. We were asked to pay 50% up front and 50% upon completion. We paid up front before they would arrive which they did (3 days later than they promised). After the grinding they requested the balance to seal. There was an issue with some grinding marks on the slab and they had sealed some boot marks between coats. Nevertheless [Name Removed] agreed to fix and asked for 85% of the balance with a return to site 2 days later. Even shook our hands . However 3 months later still no show.
I have documented 13 appointments from them to arrive but never showed once even though we remained on site for their access. It is also worth noting that Unique Flooring Australia has the BSA and Master Builders logos on their cards of which they are not registered with. Worst of all UFA charged for GST but not registered to do so with the ATO. So we have had to lodge complaints with all 3 entities to sort out this mess and we hope to start legal action against them to have the work fixed if the QBCC fail to help us. Unique Flooring Australia is not GST registered, not QBCC licenced or Master Builder Member. Their own Facebook page (now removed of comment due to complaints written up by earlier clients) shows jobs where QBCC licencing would be required.
STAY AWAY from Unique Flooring Australia.

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