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Universal Electrical Services

Universal Electrical Services

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****** Beware Do Not Use This Company ******

I only joined website to write up this review, STAY CLEAR of this company, if I could give it a negative 10 I would have. Long story short, a friend of mine showed me what they paid for labour only ($372 ) Sydney metro residential property, replace x2 coach lights with an Oyster type, clear access, 2m height, the friend has supplied the lights as well, even at their so called $50 service/call out fee, how on earth do you get to $372 this is robbery, for about 30-60min work tops. I told my friend never to use this company again and I would be warning others about them.
If anybody also finds any other social media platform they are on please share so I can also warn others.

These people are scammers - do not go near them

I would not even give them 1 star but I can't give any less...they charged for a quote which was exorbitant anyway.

What a rip off

Worse company for the job. I don't know why they are still in business. They charged my parents almost $2k for changing a switch from wall to another. I hope the close up soon. There office in Narriabeen NSW 2101.

Be Careful

These guys charged an elderly lady $600 for a "Diagnostic Test" to tell her downlights need to be replaced. They then quoted $120 per downlight (20 of them). Called another electrician, no test needed, who supplied the same downlights for $40 each plus $250 labour!!!!! Stay away from these guys.


They said they charge $50 for quote if I don't accept. First mistake was to accept this. The quote was way too much but I was sucked in because I had committed to pay $50 if I didn't accept. Then when he presented the final account at completion he added GST to the figure that he quoted me. I wish I had refused to pay but I was a softy.


Extremely overpriced

They were nice enough, and did a good job, but really $1700 for 3 hours worth of work to replace a single cable with easy access, totally over priced.


My mum was stung for nearly $1000 by these rorters when her power cut out because the fuse tripped, despite the fact that she lives on the pension in a Department of Housing flat. I told her she should have called me first but being nearly 80 she panicked and called in the 'professionals'. I spoke to them and the Department of Housing and was given short shrift by both.

Don't Deal With Them

No Power for 12 hours. No known electrician.
Charged $195 call out, had to sign agreement before work started then charged $612 + GST for a less than $30 mains power switch. Argued the case. Rang owner. Refused to negotiate. NEVER AGAIN will I use tradesman that is not referred to me by someone else and looking at this site! Call me naive but I can't believe there are people out there like this. How do these people sleep at night....sad really (:


Charged a call out fee of $45.00. We told them the problem was 3 lights not working in connecting rooms, i.e. bathroom, landing and bedroom. Before doing anything, they said they had to carry out a standard diagnostic to find fault, which cost $490.00 plus GST. They quoted us 3 prices ranging from $1,600.00 to nearly $4,000.00 to carry out work which they said was essential. They are very persistent. After dismantling wiring to the lights, charged us $500.00 to replace small section of wiring and if we did not give them the go ahead to do this, they were going to leave wiring exposed and switch off the power to upstairs lights because of a "SAFETY ISSUE". All up we paid $1,040.00 for a job which should not have cost more than say $200.00 If you let them in and they say they want to run any kind of diagnostic, JUST SLAM THE DOOR IN THEIR FACE. DON'T LET THEM IN.

Exorbitant Charges

I recently also got caught out by this company. Overcharged by 300% for a simple job.

I had taken time off work etc to wait for them It was after the I had signed the quote sheet did they unveil the over the top quote - although it was unclear how much over the top it was.
Later I discovered 300%. Yes they prey on the vulnerable and those that are unaware.

If you have been caught out you should report them to Fair Trading - once there is the track record they will be seriously dealt with and can lose there trading license. But Fair Trading need formal complaints to act.

Reporting them here is good -- but if you really want to make a difference then Fair Trading is where you who should go.


Misquoted on a repair job, a simple job becomes a full house rewiring job costing $6000, another contractor quoted $600. [name removed] is a lying piece of crap.

This company needs to be stopped

Absolutely disgraceful company charged a pensioner $558 to change 2 Fluro tubes 2 transformers and 2 lamp holders what a joke you ought to be ashamed of yourselfs for taking advantage of a elderly man who couldn't do this job himself, it took your company 10 mins in total to carry out this work and you charge him this amount ... unbelievable


WARNING: DO NOT USE [Name Removed] and his boss are the absolutele worste electricians ever. [Name Removed] came into our house undid all the wiring and all the power plugs and left. Then he said that he would have to rewire the house for $8k.
Meanwhile we got another opinion and we got our issue fixed for $2k - no rewiring needed.
Him and his boss are both a joke - contact the ACCC if you have any issues with them, I have opened a case against them.


This electrical company wanted to charge nearly $800 to replace a light fitting and fix the switch. They also charge high call out fees and 1/2 hourly fees. Very expensive company. I do not recommend at all.


Safety Switch replaced yesterday . 638.00 AU$. Got 3 quotes today. Same job same switch all between 180 and 250 AU$. Going to Fair Trading . Maybe media can help stop this SHONKS .

I regret too!

Just unbelievable! Very bad, money grabber, you don't know how much to pay at end! No professional work at all!!!!

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I have been charged nearly $1500 by this service for replacing fuse to restore the light for my house:

So, sorry we got this company

Based on other postings these guys have a track record of ripping off unsuspecting people.
Requested for electrical services to be provided by Universal Electrical Services of the repair of a power point, replacement of a hard wired smoke alarm and replacement of a light sensor. Shortly after arriving the electrician advised my wife that in addition to these jobs the power board would need to be to have work done on the circuit breakers as they were not legal. This significantly concerned my wife. The quote provided contained limited details on the cost of labour and cost of parts for the work quoted. She says that she did not fully understand the details of the quote but agreed as she did not want the house to be non-compliant. For example they charged $230 to replace a double power point and $760 to replace 2 circuit breakers. The total bill was $3454 (incl GST) for 5 jobs and 3.5 hours work. I have lodged a complaint with the company by both email and phone. I was advise by the owner, [name removed], that he had seen my email and would not be replying as what we were charged was reasonable. When I raised concern that my wife did not understand the quote he accused me of trying to con him just because I left someone at the house who was ignorant to the possible costs. He was very rude to me and in a very threatening tone of voice offered to come around to explain the charges. He advised me that he would not be replying to my email, even though I formally requested a reply. When I advised him I would contact Fair Trading NSW he said ok and even offered me someone, to contact who would educate me on why they were right and I was wrong.
I have lodged a complaint with NSW Fair Trading


Called them to get a quote for 2 power points and 2 lights (one of which I already have) to be installed in my garage and agreed to meet their electrician at 7:30 am the following working day. Before going to the garage to assess the job, he asked me to sign a form which indicated a $75 call out fee and a $55 per half hour fee.

Bleary at that time of the day, I signed the form unthinkingly. My error.

What followed was astonishing: the man spent 5 minutes working out a quote, then told me my switchboard would have to be upgraded for around $2000 and then to do the job I had requested, a further $1700 was quoted.

I objected to the absurdity of this quote and was immediately told I had to pay $143 for the quote, which I did under protest.

But here's the crunch, they actually did not even give me a written quote.

On calling their office to complain, my wife was treated with disrespect, arrogance and hung up on twice.

Had to give them a star to get this post up. They certainly don't deserve it.


Got them out to do a SMALL job, replacement of a ceiling fan (which I provided.) Quote was $75 service fee & $55 per 1/2 hr, was advised it would take about 1 hour, I estimated it would probably cost me $185. After signing the invoice to commence work he then took out a folder & started to talk about "Diagnostics" which I didn't understand & was told he "might" have to get into the roof if the earth was not done properly (which he didn't have to do). I was then told it would cost around $430. I told him NO this was not what was quoted & I didn't want the job done to which he replied "you will still have to pay the $75 + $55" anyway. I felt intimidated & thought if I had to pay them for nothing & then get someone else out it would probably cost about the same so stupidly said to go ahead, I did however ask how long it would take & he said about an hour. After him being here for nearly 2 hrs he then handed me the invoice for $392 (more than double the original quote.) In hindsight I should have just told him to get out, wish I had. These people are deceiving, misleading & prey on elderly people. Fair Trading have advised me to go to the Tribunal which I will do.

Ripping off pensioners ....

My 80 year old mother rang them because she needed 3 light fittings installed. She provided the light fittings so thought it would be an easy and inexpensive job. They arrived and told her that it would be around $400 to fit three light fittings and also she should think about upgrading her safety switchboard because it was 'unsafe'. Of course when you hear the word 'unsafe' you immediately think the matter should be rectified immediately. She was then before her very eyes talked into agreeing to a full switchboard upgrade to the tune of $5092!!! The electrician then called in his sidekick and hung around all day fiddling with the switchboard and installing our lights. At the end of their day here they told her that they couldn't find a fault somewhere in the wiring and that they could either spend hours trying to find it or just do some re-wiring. Aaaahhhhh! Of course that means more money. I cancelled their next visit because by this stage I could see exactly what was happening. We have had two electricians come in to review their work and told us that we were being severely ripped off and the job should have cost about $1200. We now have another electrician finishing the job .... properly. I will be taking them to Fairtrading also, I wish I could do more to stop them from their dodgy business behaviour.

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