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Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat

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Absolute Garbage........Change it back!

Uncle Toby's has made an awful mistake and thought us consumers wouldn't notice that they substantially changed the product, reduced the contents from 280 grams to 270 grams (they haven't reduced the price) or were dumb enough to fall for the "now in convenient size" of two biscuits per wrapped package rather than 3. Also the biscuit wrappers are not environmentally responsible as they now have red printing all over them. This is totally unnecessary as the old plain brown wrappers had a much smaller environmental footprint to produce. The biscuits are now sourced from the UK instead of Canada, presumably to improve the profitability, but the texture and flavour is remarkably different. Maybe in the UK they have had the same bad recipe since 1983 but they are not offering the Australian consumer the same recipe that we have been buying for years. They no longer have a distinct crispness and taste like soggy cardboard.

As a result I will no longer buy any Uncle Toby's cereals as it won't be long before the same tactics are applied to the rest of their product line. What a way to treat your customer base. You have just lost my grocery dollars.

Cost cutting exercise? Customer cutting more likely!!

I’ve just bought a box of the “new” Shredded Wheat - the only cereal I’ve eaten for over 40 years.

That box was my last! Very, very, disappointed. Customer lost!


SW was my favourite cereal- healthy & delicious. The new packaging drew suspicion-10g lighter ! The new bags are ridiculous: way too tight & useless if you only want 1 SW for breakfast. Most importantly the taste & texture are completely inferior. Gone is the caramely chewy taste to be replaced by a brittle biscuit that tastes no better than a wet doormat. I'm sure Uncle Toby's will lose old customers & fail to pick up any new ones over this 'upgrade'. Perhaps the next change could involve Australian wheat, not Canadian & certainly not British!

I used to LOVE shredded wheat.

I used to love shredded weat as a treat. When i bought the latest box i noticed it was smaller. Then i saw the inside packaging was different. 2 per packet not 3. Then I ate them.... yuck! They tasted stale as though they had been opened. I did read on their webiste that they had moved from producing in Canada (please go back there) to England. I won't be buying another pack unless they go back to what they had before.

Shredded Wheat? Shredded Cardboard!

What has happened to shredded wheat? It is now tasteless rubbish and the revised packaging causes more disintegration of the biscuits when opening the tightly bound packs.


I knew something was up when I noticed the ‘new’ packaging but soldiered on. Then I took a bite and thought, “Was this packet open and I didn’t notice because this is stale!” To my dismay, I realised that it was no longer the cereal that I have lived for nearly 50 years.
Horrible. Change it back or you’ve lost another customer.

Shredded Wheat you’ve lost me!

Opened my new packet of Shredded Wheat this morning. First thoughts were these are smaller and to add to my surprise when opening the pack of 2 completely different. These have always been a treat, started eating in the UK as a child and continued to have them in Winter with warm milk. This will be the last box I buy! They are nothing like the original product, you’ve lost me!

What have you done Uncle Toby's/ Nestlé?

I too, have been a Shredded Wheat eater for years. I loved them with cold milk in summer & warm milk in winter. Sigh....the new product is tasteless. Everything about it has changed- the previous pack was made in Canada (this gob-smacked me- I assumed they were made in Australia where we grow plenty of high quality wheat- but then again, I believed Uncle Toby's was an Australian company, not a subsidiary of Nestlé.
The previous Shredded Wheat tasted a little 'caramely', chewy and had a baked wheat aroma .... Now they are about as tasty as a doormat, the colour insipid and the texture flat. And of course the pack size has reduced 10gm and the cardboard thinner, also to reduce the company's costs. I did in a moment of bitter/sweet triumph, find three packs of the Canadian Shredded Wheat at clearance price at local IGA store!
I won't be purchasing the inferior UK product.

This is horrible cannot eat it anymore.

For years I have eaten SW. I Think the brand name once was 'Welgars'. Maybe English. But the transition to Uncle Tobys was seamless. My wife went shopping a few months ago and came back with these horrible plastic looking loufres that tasted horrible. Has Uncle Toby's taken on a young nutritionist that thought it was time to change. Like they have done with everything else in life. There was no warning of this and I hope you reap what you sow. Not happy Jan!!

Terrible change

I have loved and eaten Shredded Wheat for more than 50 years but the product is not the same anymore, It’s smaller and doesn’t taste the same. Please go back to the original. The only good thing about this new version is the packaging giving us a single serve per pack. I won’t be buying the new one again.
The size, weight and packaging are smaller but the price didn't come down.

Disgusting taste

After eating shredded wheat for years as a treat on the weekend, I opened the box to discover they looked different. Looked different - they taste disgusting - as other reviewers have said, like I imagine cardboard to taste. They are bland and have no taste. As they cost $5 I will eat the rest but NEVER AGAIN. So sad.

What a con

I was in the UK in 2016 and had Shredded Wheat for breakfast having eaten it for the past 50 odd years. What a let down, nothing like the taste I have been used to in Australia.
Imagine my disappointment last week when I opened a box at home and saw not just the same packaging (a waste of extra paper by wrapping 2 shreddies instead of 3) but the same awful taste. To rub salt into the wound the front of the box contains the statement that the recipe has remained the same since the 19th century! Such blatant lies. And the total weight has decreased but not the price!
Uncle Toby has lost this customer.

Bring back the original Shredded Wheat

I have loved and eaten Shredded Wheat for years but the product is not the same anymore , it’s too crumbly and doesn’t taste the same .Please go back to the original. The only good thing about this new version is the packaging giving us a single serve per pack .I’ll be looking for some old stock to buy because I won’t be buying the new one again

RIP Shredded Wheat

I have been enjoying Shredded Wheat for 30 years until I recently opened a packet. I noticed the packaging had changed, but who cares. Then I placed them in a bowl and noticed they were more crumbly than normal. At the first bight I realized something was different, but thought the batch may have been over cooked or something, so I opened another box only to find the same terrible experience. Now I find that the product is sourced from the UK instead of Canada. I am originally from the UK, so I don't have an issue with that, but the texture and taste is absolutely horrible. I will not even finish the boxes I bought, and am now looking for an alternative as these things are inedible.

Shredded Wheat is not the same

I've been eating shredded wheat for about 50 years, It has changed. It is not good anymore. It has a strange taste to it. Please go back to Canada where it was previously made.
It looks like I'll have to find something else for breakfast.

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After trying other cereals with ‘no added’ sugar and other ‘healthy’ ones, I’ve gone back to Shredded Wheat. I didn’t think I would but I’m used to the taste now. I was told it’s because the wheat from UK is different to Canada and everything else is the same (except the size). It’s still not as good but better than nothing or other cereals. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

Theft by stealth?

Ever since I was a youngster I have eaten shredded wheat, (now in my 70's)
Now I notice the latest couple of boxes are 270g instead of 280gm, packaged in smaller portion sizes and a different colour.
I feel Uncle Tobys have been very crafty as the cost is still the same and no mention of less weight.
Also I have never seen them on special in all my years. Answer please Uncle Toby


I have also eaten this breakfast cereal for years and loved it. I have bought it in recent years in Uk while visiting and boasted to everyone that the Aussie version was far superior. How disappointed was I to open the new pack this morning to find the Uk cardboard equivalent in the box!! I love the single serve wrapping but could live without it. Please, please can we dispense with the new style and revert back to the old. People tend to vote with their feet!! Noone’s going to buy this rubbish

Awful and unnecessary

I have been eating Shredded Wheat for years - loved it. Last week I bought some in new packaging. First of all I was disappointed that the contents were now separated into single serve packages which has added an unnecessarily to what will go into landfill. secondly,I was very disappointed with the texture and taste. It appears they are now being manufactured in the UK rather than Canada. If they continue to use the UK manufacturer I think I'll be looking for a new cereal.

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why has shredded wheat changed. for years we've been eating the original biscuit but the last box I bought is darker and smaller & doesn't taste as nice.
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Because even though the new box says 'recipe since 1893' they are now a product imported from the UK. They were formerly imported from Canada. I agree, the current biscuits are inedible.Ditto.Absolute rubbish.Go back to the original.I'm 75 years old & have been eating Shredded Wheat since i was a child growing up in the U.K & in later years when we moved to Australia. Once we've finished the last box I bought I don't think we will be buying it again. It's just not the same.


Shredded Wheat
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