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Great Bank!

Up Bank is perfect for anyone who doesn't carry cash and pays everything by card. The app is very well built. Instant PayID payments seems to be better integrated than with other banks. Love the notifications and the message interaction with customer support.

The upcoming payments reminders is the best I have seen, and with the Afterpay integration you know exactly how much is coming out of your account on which day.

I use Up as my only bank and would highly recommend.

Things to be aware of before you jump:

- There is no branch and no cash deposit possible at the post office
- Loan applications with some providers require online banking logging to check your details, Up bank is not recognised yet by these service
- There is currently no online banking on desktop, it is planned but not yet available. You must use your phone.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Excellent digital bank

Really enjoying using Up - the app is fantastic and a perfect bank for anyone who wants a smart, digital-forward bank. Really enjoy the push notifications for all transactions, the no fees and the savings accounts feature.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

The Worst Bank in Australia

I was recently scammed using my UP account and if i had been with a bigger bank i would have had a lot more support to get the money back

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking

A bank created by software gurus, not bankers

I've used Up Bank for over 8 months now, and it just keeps getting better.

I've had next to no issues with reliability, easily able to transfer money in and out instantly using Payid. I've kept my Commbank account for getting my pay and sending out BPays and direct debits.

I use Up for everyday spending with their nifty debit card, usually through my Apple Watch/ iPhone. I also do all my transfers to friends from Up with their very nifty whatsapp-like pay anyone feature.

I really like the insights it gives you about the where/when/how much of what you spend. For example, it tells me I've made 100 transactions with Uber since December, averaging $12 each.

The round-ups and ability to make as many high interest saving accounts as you want is also a cool feature.

When I've had issues/bugs I've raised it in the app in the support chat feature and staff seemed responsive.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions and New Account

Up Bank is a joke

I decided to open an account with Up bank because I heard endorsements about how great this bank is and how hassle free their process is. So I decided to open one up. I was first asked to upload some form of Government ID. After 3 iterations where I uploaded my Drivers License, Passport and Medicare card details which are legitimate, perfectly acceptable forms of ID at every other place, the app returned an error stating it cannot identify me and so essentially to bugger off. I emailed their support email handle and that was another joke. The email re emphasised the same thing, without so much as a check back to see what these forms of ID were. I got a generic cannot help you response with no help whatsoever. Wasn't even asked to send ID to check what the reasons were. Their Customer service waiting times are ridiculous. I was told that if I get a generic response stating no account can be opened, that all they can really do which is nothing. The agent was cold, unresponsive and literally wanted me off the phone the minute he started talking to me.
Its great to have a cool app and a 3 step process that's not cumbersome, but if your processes cannot cater for outliers and there is no recourse, sorry, you are not a bank. You are this extremely unreliable startup that I would never trust my money with, if that's the attitude you are going to take in the name of "customer service". #upbank #definitelynotabank

Best of the best, and the best is yet to come.

Can’t rate this bank highly enough. Transparent, excellent communication about issues (rarely required). Regular releases of functionality. Sign up is a breeze (transacting in minutes).

Budget tracking is far ahead of the other banks (including comm bank), reoccurring expense tracking. Better merchant descriptions, better merchant descriptions. Instant transactions.

Can’t wait for joint accounts and BPay. Will be my main bank once these features come.

Security flaws amongst others

I have two accounts with Up, mine and my husbands. They are not linked, and we do not share any name. I was having issues with my account and accidentally removed the account from the app. I called their support line on my husbands phone but made sure to say my name and told them the issue. The person told me to reset the app and start the process again. She said she would need to delete the account entirely. All good. No questions asked.

Went to restart the app and the same issue came up... the person had not deleted my account. I realised then that the support person had cancelled my husbands account because of the phone number attached to it. This person did. Or ask any security questions at all! Just cancelled it and even when I said my name and the account has a different one. This was shocking and appalling. The person on the phone just giggled and said whoops. Doesn’t seem like the people running this app have any kind of idea about the security required or are at least training their staff properly.

Aside from this I have had issues with other things, their customer support is not 24/7, and they regularly close the app for maintenance and you can do anything.. will be changing mine and my husbands bank.

Up review

I been using Up bank since start of February it’s been great so far you can use Afterpay with it and Do bank Transfers as well it’s new way of online banking without the Hassle of my parents knowing I have been using it for a bit now and I can use up card to pay off zip pay debt and to use it on Tab site to I like it and it works with Apple Pay it’s great

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