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Valco 4 and 6 Sides Panel Play Yard

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6 Panel and 4 Panel
4.5 from 32 reviews

Great buy!

We bought this a few days ago since our little one is learning how to crawl. We have had people tell us that buying this wouldn't be worth it as they wont stay inside. We also had a debate about this and the much cheaper wooden one which came with no play mat. Undoubtedly its definitely this one.
When hes trying to sit he falls over many times. And though our floor is carpeted the extra padding helps alot - that and he seems to like it as well.
He has a habit of moving his body backward and forward and if there were wooden bars his head would have hit it - with this it doesn't hurt him at all.
Cleaning the play mat has been easy - just wiping off the spilt milk and food.
Me and my wife can both comfortably sit inside there with him.
And to top it off he also likes being in there - he has been in there for 2 hours straight with no complaints!
large space, playmat was easy to clean and well padded, Easy to assemble,


I couldn't fault this product and was very happy to buy this one instead of the wooden/metal playards. My son never injured himself in this although I have seen him knock himself quite badly on wooden playpens. My son is also a woodchuck and has chewed his wooden cot right into the woodfuzz but he is unable to penetrate the covered rails of the valco vee bee.
It is the perfect size with 6 sides, not too huge and definitely not too small. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth.
I would recommend this to people as an easy early alternative to babyproofing your house :)
Bought the 6 sided one and it was the perfect size. Our family room (filled with dvds books electronics and a giant flatscreen) we instead invested in this playpen. Big size made it very comfy for an adult or 2 to be inside with bubs.
It is easy to assemble/disassemble and it is very lightweight and the 3 sections pack flat for easy storage or transport in the boot of a 4wd. It has been perfect for when we go on a driving holiday and it keeps bubs from wrecking any alternate accommodation that we stay at.
The padded mat also helps makes the whole playpen a 'clean' place for my eczema bub when using it outdoors or indoors where there is suspicious looking carpet.

I also attribute the playpen to our son walking very early as he was always pulling himself up and would then walk from one side to the other.

My son at 16months no longer uses the playpen as we want to give him freedom to run but we now use it squashed into a long wedge to block off the corner of the room with the flatscreen. It currently also doubles as a massive toybox for all his toys and helps put all the clutter in one spot!
Expensive but in the end, it was definitely worth the purchase. Shop around online for a good price. Considered ebay but was wary of a second hand pen as I'd read reviews about the stitching coming undone. Happy I was able to pricematch from a one of my regular online baby stores and was happy to pay the extra for peace of mind. Our brand new playpen did have some dubious looking stitching on it but in the hard yards that it has done so far, the stitching has not come undone. I can understand how easy it might be to get one that will come apart at the mesh stitching.

So far so good...

We bought the 6 sided playpen after reading reviews on this Site and I must say so far so good...! It is on the expensive side but we managed to find ours on sale (I was looking...). It has been worth the money! My bubs isn't yet crawling but he is mobile (rolls & turns around) & I love knowing that once he is in the playpen he is pretty safe & contained. Also all his toys are in one place, so much easier when trying to keep a house semi-clean. The mesh sides enable him to still see me when I'm in the kitchen. It's pretty easy to clean, just a quick vacuum & wipe is all you need to do.
Large, easy to assemble, easy to clean
It is expensive, takes about a large amount of space

Expensive but absolutely worth it!

The 6 sided playpen is roomy enough to comfortably fit 2 adults and a child, which makes it feel less like a cage than other playpens. The padded playmat keeps the shape of the playpen and prevents the bub from pushing it over or moving it!

It's really quick and easy to assesmble / disassemble and folds flat for storage.

It's brightly coloured to add interest and is perfect place to store all our baby's toys.
The mesh sides keep all the toys inside and the playmat is padded to keep bub comfy.
The care instructions for the playmat say it's handwash only. (I took a gamble and used the delicate cycle on my machine and it came out fine!)


I bought this playpen as I thought the usual four sided playpens were just too small. I love the fact that I can have it set up as either the four or six sided playpen as when I first set it up in our lounge room it pretty much took up the space of the whole room so thankfully I can make it smaller for this room. Its great for use either indoors or outside. Worth the buy if you have more than one child or lots of space.
You can use this playpen as the large sized six sided pen or the usual 4 sided pen. The large size is great for more than one child plus you can fit lots of toys in it for your child to play with. The playpen comes with a cushioned mat which is washable.


We never had a play pen with our first child and it was something I deffinantly wanted with our second. I really did not like the wooden bar play pens for various reasons which is why I chose this one. I love that its padded, the the mesh sides are breathable and that it came with the floor mat. It is also easy clean. It was definantly good value for money. We sold ours once we had finished using it and we still got 2/3rds of the price for a new one.
soft mesh sides, the frame is padded, play/ floor mat, easy to clean, good size ( six sided), peace of mind while bubba was in there
It is quite expensive for a play pen but it is certainly worth the money.


Love love love this play pen. We received a voucher from friends when pregnant with bub no.1 and I knew straight away what I wanted to buy.
I am not a fan of small play pens and always knew I wanted something BIG, so that when used bub didn't feel like they were confined in a teeny tiny space. The 6 sided play pen ensures there is plenty of room to move always.
We have the 6 side play yard
Terrific Size
Looks great
Excellent quality
Breathable mesh
Easy to assemble/disassemble
Sometimes the clip that attaches the mat to the walls comes undone, but this is easily rectified. Just all depends on how 'active' bub is being inside the play pen.


Aside from the accident in the playpen, the price was quite expensive too, but you do get what you pay for, it's good quality. This playpen is still the best in the market in my opinion. I would buy this one again as the accident could have happened anywhere really.
It is one of the most padded and largest playpens I have seen around.
When my baby started to stand up by herself at 7 months old, I let her do it at first. She would slide down the mesh, as there are no bars for her to hold onto. This lead to her dislocating her elbow and I had to take her to the emergency room at the hospital to get her fixed up by a doctor after they took a few X rays. Seeing her in so much pain broke my heart. Nevertheless most babies may not end up at the ER as mine started standing at 7 months old and physically she may not have been strong enough yet. Had the playpen had wooden bars, she might have been injured even worst, as she would have gotten to a greater height.


I am really disappointed with this product it was going to be a more sophisticated design - I have the 2009 new model. Compared to wooded ones that can be folded or put to the side in an instant this requires a major effort to put away. Consequently, our entire lounge is toy pit now. I guess if you had a dedicated play area this would not be a big problem.
Look,mesh sides and soft play mat.
Expensive. Just got this and am totally unimpressed the bottom attaches with a flimsy Velcro tab which keeps detaching. The bars are also covered with Velcro flaps - baby thinks trying to open this is more fun than her toys.


Just love it. Looked at heaps of playpens before deciding on this one and so glad we did. The padded playing mat is great and its waterproof to help keep clean and wipe up spills relatively easy.
This is what I think the best playpen on the market and probably the most expensive but its worth it.Has mesh sides - so no baby smacking their head on timber or metal frame and includes a play mat that is attached to the frame. I've got the six sided pla
Maybe the cost would put this item out of the market for a lot of people.


GREAT! Would definitely recommend. Far more attractive than its' wooden competitors. The flexibility of adding and subtracting panels is fantastic and the weight of it is easy on your back.
The breathable mesh sides, it's light-weight, easy to put together, fun colours, flexible around space (add or subtract sides). Vinyl means you can use it outside and it's easy to clean. The 6-sided version would be perfect for more than 1 child e.g. twins.
The velcro tabs often come undone but it doesn't really effect the overall performance. The 6-sided version is big for inside but it's easy just to subtract panels. Pricey.


Totally love it...wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Told my friends about it and they all went out to get one too!
The mesh was an important factor as we didnt want out daughter to climb over and hurt herself if she fell. Also the size was great as it allowed adults and kids to play together without feeling cramped.
Price was probably the main thing

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Valco Baby Play Yard 6 PanelValco Baby Play Yard 4 Panel
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