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Valco Pax Plus

Valco Pax Plus

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Good in so many ways but let down by non reversible top

This has been fin for our 6 week old and I prefer it over our other change table as it has the little baskets on the side. It is quite sleek and stylish and folds up well.
My one issue (unfortunately a big issue) with this is that the top cover is that it is not possible to switch the end that is blocked off. (Or I was unable to figure out how).
One end has a bit of fabric blocking it the other end does not. This is great if you change your baby end on and are right handed OR you change your baby side on and are left handed. If you are not one of those two it is a pain in the neck as your child slides towards the non blocked end.
That said our 6 week old does a lot less sliding about than our 1 and a bit yo who was approaching the weight limit at the time we brought it.
Would consider excellent rating if the blocked end switchable, I was left handed or if I did nappy changes end on!

Purchased in April 2018 at Baby Online Direct for $87.00.

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