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Valco Rebel Q

Valco Rebel Q

3.8 from 71 reviews

Very happy with our pram choice

The main consideration for our pram purchase was to have one that could be forward and both backward facing, lie flat and also have a large canopy which you could pull right down over the pram while baby sleeping for darkness, privacy and sun protection and this one ticked all those boxes for us.
It took a bit of getting used to assembling and disassembling the pram at first but we got the hang of it in no time. My only regret is that I wish I bought the black colour not the cream one we got.

Pretty good... small issue!

I really like this pram... its easy to maneuver on different terrains and it's served me well so far.

My issue with it is that its hard to collapse at times. Im not the stronges person and sometimes I have to apply so much force to collapse it it hurts my back. I'm unsure if its an age thing as it is second hand... would like to know if there's anyway to fix this.

Aside from this I love it. I have a capsule, bassinet and normal pram seat that attaches to frame and love the versatility of it. Also not too heavy!!

Excellent pram

This is an excellent pram, it’s easy to fold, not to heavy when lifting and easy to push. It’s has an adjustable handle, so if you’re tall or short, you can adjust the handle to your height for ease of use. Overall it’s a very good pram. It’s highly recommended.

It was okay

I bought the Q ex second hand(wasn’t very old) for my newborn, she hated the bassinet feature on this pram. So I swapped it over and she was happier in the other seat, when I found that the bassinet has made the steering much wider than the regular seat. I found it folded down not too large in the boot mind you I have a big 4wd. I didn’t like that you had to take the seat off to do this and the break was really hard to press and would wake my baby most of the time or it hurt my feet if I had anything other than joggers on.. so I am now aware why they sold the pram lol and I have found myself a new one also..

Quality build

Valco pram is well built - solid and confidence inspiring. Wheel bearings and design are quality. Downside is that it’s a little heavy and takes up practically all of the boot. I like that the baby can face forward or backwards. Great pram, but since we bought the baby bjorn, the pram doesn’t get much use.

Built well, sturdy and useful

A very good construction and so useful. You can face it towards you or outwards. Some might find it a bit heavy to put together but it's fine for me. It has a great space for carrying groceries underneath and holds a lot of weight. The cover goes all the way over if needs be and it came with the separate cover for over the feet, which is wonderful. I use it all the time, walk really far and it's still looking as new (doesn't appear to be wearing out) the wheels are still fine although I carry heavy loads. When walking my usual stride, my feet don't hit any part of it, so it's especially good if you're tall. It does take up a lot of boot space so probably won't fit in certain cars. Overall, happy!

great pram

I bought this pram 2nd hand for my 4th baby, for my previous children I had a strider. I found it was a great pram to use, very comfortable and the hood was so great how far it covered baby. only thing it is a big pram to try and take in a car. When my daughter was 18 months I sold it and got a Steelcraft fast fold which also has a pretty good hood but easy to fold and take places.

Love and hate with this pram

We bought this pram from the Perth Parents Baby and Children's Expo - first mistake because as soon as we started having problems with it we didn't have a store to take it back to. When we had the bassinet attachment it was great and worked brilliantly for our little one. She slept in it, the big cover was great for taking her out in all kinds of weather, and the huge space underneath held heaps of stuff.

When we switched to the seat we started having issues. Firstly the front wheels would never face the right way and would get stuck in a sideways position. We tried pumping them up, we tried switching them over, and eventually Valco sent us a replacement set of wheels but the problem still persists. It is also really difficult to get the pram to lie in a flat position especially if bubs is already asleep as you have to push the seat forward first before you can move it to the down position.

Overall the pram is ok. We still have massive issues with the wheels so once this baby grows out of it we won't be holding on to the pram for the next kid.

There is so much to like - it is easy to fold, the moveable handle is good for my 6ft 6in husband, being able to switch from rear to front facing, the interchangeable seats...
There is also so much to hate - the stupid wheels getting constantly stuck, the recline, it is really bulky when folded up and takes up all the boot space of my i30....

Urgh....I really want to love this pram but I honestly wish I had bought a different one.

Worse pram ever!

I bought this pram i just loved the look, and that tot could b rear/front facing.. but besides that hate it! The reclining positin is really hard to adjust the lever gets stuck n when ur baby falls asleep u have to really jiggle n pull it which can b frustrating also the decline positions don't seem safe for my son he keeps leaning foward he just never seems comfortable

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Hi Camila, sorry that this has been your experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Seriously in love with this pram!

This pram has been a life saver! I can not fault it at all. I love that you can take the seat off and switch it to rear or forward facing. It's so easy to move around and is incredibly light weight! Plus you can get attachments fro it ! Capsules, bassinets and a second toddler seat can all attach to this pram! I've had it for over a year now and it's still in amazing condition! No faults!

Has really done the distance!

Easy to fold. Easy to unfold. Lightweight. My son is 4 and has been using since he was born. We never needed to buy a stroller, as this pram has so many options re seating. It still looks next to new, even though it's been thrown around and spent half its life on my front porch. Highly recommend.

Awesome pram

I bought the Rebel Q Air because of the pneumatic tyres firstly - keep the tyres pumped and your pushing of the pram is soooo easy, plus having tyres means its quiet on the footpath unlike plastic wheels. The second thing I loved about this pram is the full-recline position for my son to sleep or to change his nappy. The hood can be unzipped in the centre and pulled fully open so it completely covered my son during his sleep time, the sun was off him, even the rain. It has a little peep window in the hood to check on bub. The compartment underneath the pram holds quite alot of things, like grocery shopping while you are on your daily walk. If I needed more space I would have a bag to throw over the handle bar. The handle bar is extendable to suit the height of the person pushing which is great for taller people like myself and is also shaped well to have a cup holder attached to it. The material is easy to clean up after any grubby spills also. The pram can have an extra seat attached or a capsule attached. I liked how there was adjustable footing for my son as he grew and several reclining positions. It was easy to clip him in and out with the safety belt. Also very easy to drop the pram down to a fully-closed position by pressing and holding a button and pushing the handle down and slightly forward which made the whole pram fold up for the car boot. The wheels can also be removed if your car boot is a bit small. This was a super handy feature when the wheels got muddy, I could unclick them all and give them a wash under the tap without risking the pram getting wet. The front wheels can be set to pivot or locked not to rotate like a shopping trolley. Another feature I liked is that you can separate the seat from the base and rotate it around so bub is facing you rather than away from you. Just really LOVE this pram, its sturdy and very easy features to use. I wished I could've had a second child to put in it.

service dept is just great

i needed a spare part for a 4 year old valco q and they have not even charged for the part what wonderful service thanks VALCO and Leanne in the service department . The actual fault was not with the pram but it was my mistake , the pram is just great

I got a dud straight off the bat

I purchased this pram for my daughter first day we went out it was fine the second day we took it out the front right wheel would not steer properly.
The shop we purchased it from where very good about fixing the issue they ordered a new part which did not fix the problem so we traded it for a balcony three wheel in the same brand she is happy with the new one

Best pram on the market

The only faults about this pram is it's large and heavy. But these are the things that make it comfortable and sturdy. It is a great pram for it's price. I love the new qseat! Easy to maneuver. Collapsing is simple and it is super sturdy!

If money was no object I would still buy this pram. The only other I might be interested in would the bugaboo donkey but its $2k. I don't see how a pram could be worth that much.

This is the only pram that is tall enough for my giant 2.5-year-old and doesn't tip with my baby and toddler in it or feel unsteady.

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Hi Lana Thanks for taking the time to review our product. We appreciate your kind review!

Perfect for a baby

This pram was perfect for my son as a baby, but when he hit 10 months he was pulling himself into an awkward position which cause him to become upset. Another problem I had was the lever to recline gets stuck and quite hard to pull out. Apart from those problems it is a good pram.

Seat leans forward

I am having the same seat leaning forward issue as previous reviewers with my 11 month old. A pity because up until this point it has been a good all-around pram with a balance of features. I loved the super large hood for the newborn stage in particular, although it can be a bit hot in direct summer sun.

Edit: Fantastic experience with Valco customer service, issue has been resolved to my satisfaction.

Was a good pram until my baby turned 10 months

I liked this pram at first when I used the bassinet attachment then switched to the normal seat after about 4 months. My son is now 11 months old and since he was about 10 months the seat goes from a recline position to an incline position just by my son leaning forward. The pram is now unusable as every time he leans forward the whole goes forward and he starts screaming. The forward position is not a normal upright position it makes his neck tilt down. I have called the company and have been told someone will call me back. Let's see what happens, if they do nothing about it I will be taking it further with the ACCC as this product should not be sold with this fault.

26/08/2015 Update:
I have now had a good outcome to the above. Due to the fault with the pram the supplier replaced the seat of my Rebel Q with the seat of the Rebel Q sport. The pram is now back to being a great pram.1


Purchased this pram on the basis of being told it would last from newborn to toddler stage, 32kgs. My son is 16 months old and weights almost 15kgs and when in the upright position the whole capsule tips forward into a completely unsafe position. I called the store who gave me Valeants phone number as it was out of warranty so they could assist further who were completely rude, unprofessional and useless about the situation. I was told firstly that it would be fixed and I'd get a loan pram and he would call me back only to have a rude staff member called Marta call me back and tell me it's supposed to do that and that it's 'normal' to come out of the locked position. What a waste of almost $800!!! I would not recommend at all!

Terrible Pram once baby can sit up!!!!!!

Once your baby can sit up and leans forward the pram locks into an unsafe upright position leaving you with a screaming child and forever having to adjust the seat. This pram is only good until your baby is about 10 months old. Waste of money and Valco say its not a problem. I don't know how this pram passed safety tests??
Good for newborns
The back does not lock properly into its position. If the child leans forward the baby is stuck screaming until you change the position

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Questions & Answers

Hello, I have a Valco Rebel Q EX I need to buy a Capsule but I don't know what brands of Capsules fit into it and what Adaptors I'll need to buy also where to purchase the Capsule & Adaptors from thank you
No answers

What other seats could go with a rebel Q? We have the Q seat which goes above the baby, but we think he’s getting too big for it, we don’t want the skateboard, isn’t there another seat that goes on the bottom of the stroller? Thanks!
No answers

I have a rebel q ex that I purchased 2nd hand 2 yrs ago. Just recently the button on the side of the frame that you use to fold it up has broken. Is it possible to get a replacement? As folding it now is impossible and I absolutely love this pram!
2 answers
Not sure but when I needed a part I emailed them and they sold it to me over the phone and shipped it to me... worth a shot?Hi Sarah, please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 and they will try their very best to help you :)


Valco Rebel Q
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $689.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 32 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
FeaturesArm Bar, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight13 kg
Folded Dimensions53 x 60 x 89 cm

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