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Poor product, even worse service

Great hood but heavy, bulky and has a major design problem. At 9 months my child was able to make the seat go upright by himself which would then lock into place- leaving me with a very unhappy baby and a pram I couldn't use. When I approach valco baby about this they basically said that they recognise there's a problem, sorry but too bad!
Good, large hood
Heavy, bulky, could only use it for 9 months, unsafe

Good pram, am happy with it!

This is a large pram that takes two hands to put up and down. But I knew that and decided it was worth it as had the bassinet option. I used it for my newborn and it's still going strong.

It is very easy to put up but am still struggling to click the base to put it back down. It is fantastic for tall people as the handle is very tall and the actual chair is great for tall toddlers.

It is a large stroller which takes up reasonable boot space and is relatively heavy. However I've got a station wagon and have no problem lifting it in.

The storage basket is very hard to access with the seat in bassinet position but suspect it will get easier when the seat is in an upright position. The basket is actually quite large.

The shade is excellent and can almost extend 180 degrees over the bassinet.

I would definitely recommend this to tall parents if you have a bit of boot space!
Great for tall people
Big pram, two handed fold.

It's a good pram but has flaws

I bought this pram over 2 years ago when my first was born, I loved it because it is easy to steer, you can have the baby facing you or facing out and I love the expandable hood. But it is bulky, it took up over half of our boot space and was a pain getting in and out of the car. So we ended up swapping to a stroller just after our son turned one. Then we had our second and bought the toddler seat for the pram. This is where my problem comes with the pram. The toddler seat sits on the front of the pram which makes it really front heavy and hard to steer, it actually hurt my forearms and it sits WAY too close to the bottom seat, so close that the child in the bottom seat cannot sit up because they would be squished into the toddler seat and unable to breathe. I have chunky babies and my daughter because too chunky to lie under the toddler seat at 4 months and since she cannot sit up with the toddler seat attached it's not useless to me. Massive flaw.
Easy to steer, expandable hood, 4 levels of incline, good size basket
The toddler seat, bulky

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HI Stacey. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We have listened to our customers' feedback and are now bringing out a completely newly designed toddler seat dedicated for the Rebel Q models. The Q Seat should become available early next month and has been designed to provide additional comfort and protection while allowing extra room for both children due to its elevated seating. For more information about the Q Seat, follow our product updates on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ValcoBabyAus?ref=tn_tnmn . With thanks, Valco Baby Team.

Poor quality pram!!!!

We had to return this pram after 1 day (before our child was even born) as the frame was so twisted that one front wheel barely touched the ground and wobbled wildly as you walked. The frame was replaced but the ride was still bumpy as all 4 wheels were not round. New wheels were then sent out that did not fit on the pram so we got a refund and shopped for other brands. So many faults made me question the quality control for the whole brand.

A bit disappointed

We loved this pram and thought we'd be able to use it for much longer than we have.
We found issues with the recline in that it didn't lock in place and if our son sat upright the whole seat followed and then lock at the utmost position.
Also our son outgrew the pram in length by the time he was 16months (83cms) and we have now had to purchase a new pram.
Perfect whilst a baby
Didn't suit us for toddler.

I love it!

I absolutely love this pram! I love the versatility of it. The fact that my bubs is now 5 months old and can still be facing me is awesome!!!! And the ease of use to drop the seat down if she decides to have a nap in there! Brilliant. As said in other reviews yes it does take up a lot of boot space. Especially if you have a gas tank :/
I just purchased the rain cover also it's great! Covers the entire pram with easy access to bubs if needed!!!! Only things i can fault are when using with bub facing you using under basket is very difficult and due to large size can be hard to manouvre around small stores. But I guess that's the shop fault for not being too pram friendly lol.
Versatile. Ease of use. Smooth to push.
Is quite large. Also rather expensive!

Great pram

This pram does everything but fly to the moon! Has great shade. Fully reclines. Easy to steer. Handle extends. Easy to collapse. Maybe the only negative thing is it does take abit of boot space, but wet bother those with 4wd. Compatible with capsule and capsule extensions is cheap. Great price considering what it does and there are prams that do a lot less that cost double purely for brand name

Wish I choose a light weight pram

When shopping around for a pram we really wanted our baby facing us so this pram seemed to fit all our requirements however now our daughter is 4 months old when she is facing us the pram is extremely difficult to steer and manover. So hard to steer that yesterday after shopping for a couple hours i really strained my knee from the pressure of trying to steer the pram. Seems easier when the seat is facing away from you but disappointing I can no longer use this feature. I love how the seat folds like a bassinet very handy for a new born. This pram is a little heavy and can take up a lot of boot space. I also love the over sized hood, great for both winter and summer.
Bassinet style seat and oversized hood
Hard to steer when baby is facing you, a little heavy.

Good pram with only one minor flaw

This is a great pram with many great features. Love the fact that baby can face me and love the expandable hood. The only flaw and let down with this pram which has only recently become an issue is with the seat recline. My son who is now 10 months old can pull himself up from one of the lower positions and as he does this the seat comes with him until it is in the highest position. There is no way to stop this happening and i think its a massive let down. If this wasn't an issue it would be an almost perfect pram. Hopefully Valco change the design in future as now my son is sitting up it is an issue that is very annoying.
Great sized hood and basket, front and rear facing, easy manouverability
Bad design of seat recline

Not a pram i would reccommend to a friend.

We purchased this pram when our son was 1 week old, the pram although bulky was good for a newborn, however it didn't take many months for our son to start being too big for this pram, i would not say our baby has wider shoulders than average but it seems to be a tight fitting pram, he quickly became too tall for the pram so we had to unclip the studs at the top to allow for his head, now that he is 17 months old he looks ridiculously to long for the pram both at the top & the bottom (his legs dangle & he can touch the wheels with his feet.)
The recline action became rather dodgy early on & takes many attempts to engage, the wheels have worn out considerably even though the pram is only used once or twice per week.
The wheels also do not spin well on shiny floors which hampers maneuverability.
Considering it spends most of its time in the car & i used it less often than i should due to its inconvenience it has worn rather rapidly in appearance.
Harness Buckle also jams up which is frustrating & straps become very twisted.
They certainly don't make prams as well as they used to, i have a teenage daughter & recall the Mothers Choice pram i had with her to last me many years without problems & it only cost under $200- in fact i used it for nieces & nephews over the years as well, i expected that this Valco Pram would last my son until the age of 4yrs since it cost around $600- however i am certain i will be replacing it very soon before he turns two.
The pram has a good sized Hood which can totally extend to cover a sleeping baby & also the basket is a good size.
The handle extends to a good length which was important to us as my partner is very tall.
The pram has a good sized Hood which can totally extend to cover a sleeping baby & also the basket is a good size & the handle extends to a good length which was important to us as my partner is very tall.

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Are you sure you are referring to the same pram? :S I have found it has one of the biggest and longest seats on the market, I have even used it for my 4 year old nephew and he fit in it perfectly and he is at average size and height.

Very versatile

We bought the pram and bassinet attachment. We literally drove it around our house when bubs was a newborn, from the bedroom to the lounge room, very handy. It's very sturdy and has taken a few knocks with no worries. I love how you can face bubs towards or away from you with the seat attachment and it is simple to take in and out of the frame. It can take up a bit of boot space with the two separate parts but it makes it less bulky than a heavier one piece. A bit expensive, try to get it on sale!
Versatile, nice colours (we got the blue and grey), easy to push, fits through aisles
Takes up a fair bit of boot space, quite expensive, raising and lowering the seat can be a bit difficult

Love it!

I love this pram so much! It's very easy to push and manoever. I really like that you can have bub facing you as a newborn and turn the seat around to face outwards when bub is older. We use it as a travel system also which is great. The basket underneath is nice and big and the large hood is great.
Easy to push, looks great
A little expensive

Very Disappointing

I brought the rebel q 12 months ago when we were expecting our 1st baby & wish I had done my research better. It's been disappointing. The 1st thing I didnt like was the fact that it is hard to steer & feels very heavy when baby is facing me. Once I turned my baby to face out this improved but I would have loved to have been able to have her facing me for longer but it only got worse the heavier she got. 2nd thing is the basket underneath. It's too small and not very accessible. 3rd thing and the worst is the fact that the seat moves up and down way to easy. My daughter just today pulled the seat up from lying flat position to completely upright! Luckily she had her harness on as she always does but otherwise she would have fallen out! Due to this I'm now looking for a new pram.
Great shade
Bad steering when baby facing you, basket underneath too small, too easy for baby to move up & down

Great affordable way to make a travel system from your Rebel Q

When I was expecting my second baby I really wanted a travel system pram. I had my Rebel Q from my first baby and was really happy with it. I researched other prams and travel systems extensively and eventually decided to buy adaptors for my Rebel Q and a maxi cosi mico capsule. I have been really happy with my decision the capsule is excellent and the adaptors provided by Valco were cheap ($25) and work extremely well. they can be left on the pram which folds easily with the adaptors in place. It has been great to keep my Rebel Q and have the adapability of a travel system as well. The pram also looks very stylish with the capsule attached which I love.
Affordable, pram folds with it in place
Was a bit hard to remove capsule when new but freed up really well in a coupple of weeks of use.

Good and Bad

I did a lot of research before deciding on the Valco Rebel Q. After using it for 7+ months, I have found good and bad things to report.

1) Great sized storage basket
2) Brake is in an easy to use place
3) Baby can face you or away
4) Good extended hood so baby never gets the sun
5) Handle is good angle and comfortable to hold
6) Not too long in length, with good turning circle
7) We used the Safe N Sound Unity capsule & adaptor travel system which was EXCELLENT! cannot recommend that highly enough
8) Has the cover so you don't need to buy the bassinet attachment (saving you $200)
9) Reasonably priced


1) Parts are heavy to lift into the car
2) With both the chassis and the seat attachment, takes up a lot of room in the boot
3) Hood is extremely bulky (and only has a "see through" vent at the top, doesn't really help in summer when it's hot)
4) The seat only has four settings - one of them is flat, and one of them is 90 degrees and the other two seem like the baby is too far reclined. I'm not sure my baby is going to like being so reclined when she's older.
5) We have had to take the pram to get fixed more than three times already! The wheels were making a squeaking and grinding noise and metal shavings were coming off - extremely dangerous when you have a baby crawling and putting everything into their mouth!

- the wheels still are not fixed & we have had to wait for new wheels to come in
- the button to collapse the pram keeps getting stuck on one side making it impossible to collapse. (Waiting to get that fixed too)

Based on these positives and negatives, I found it really hard to decide whether to recommend this pram or not.
Good storage basket, baby can face forward or face you, good warranty service, narrow, extended hood
Heavy to lift into car, takes up a lot of space, only has a few seating settings,

Did they let you know what the problem was with collapse issue. Mine is doing the same and it is out of warrenty so if its an easy fix I might try and get it done elsewhereI did have it fixed and then it was back to perfect. they fixed it while i waited, so it couldn't have been that difficult. hope that helps.

Excellent pram, but needs some boot space

I purchased the valco rebel q a few months ago, and I have to say it's been an outstanding pram. The wheels are nice and wide, and are very forgiving on most surfaces. You can bump it down stairs no problem. The bassinet is excellent with plenty of space, and the hood basically covers the entire bassinet, which I love.

The only thing is when you have the bassinet and the pram together in the boot, you don't have much room for anything else. I drive a corolla, so it's a smaller car, and once I have both these items in the boot there's no room for anything else. However, I wouldn't let this stop you from buying it.
Sturdy, light, excellent space, heaps of good attachments, great all purpose, no holds barred pram
Takes up a bit of room

The best pram I've ever used!

When it was time to purchase a new pram for our baby, my husband and I looked around for the best one that suited our needs and the size of our car played a huge role in our decision.
We searched online and in shops to find that the Valco Rebel Q was the best pram for us. We went to the shop and tried our 7 month old daughter in it and she loved it!
It can hold a newborn baby through to a child who around 20 kg.
I would strongly recommend this pram to anyone looking for a quality pram that could last at least 5 years.
Easy to maneuver, the seat can face towards you, baby has a nice smooth ride :)

Functional and comfortable

I was given this pram, and although I hadn't heard of Valco baby, I'm so glad I have this.

It is very easy to use, and I love that there are so many different things you can do with it: the seat can be reclined 3 levels, the hood can be extended right over the seat, the seat can be forward or rearward facing, and the footrest and protective bar can be fully adjusted to any height. I've had it since my son was born, and he's now 8 months old. We've used it almost every single day, including some tough 'Adelaide hills' walking.

The only aspect I'm not happy with, is the wear and tear on the chassis - it has scratched fairly easily, although this is purely cosmetic, and doesn't affect the function of it at all. It's also a bit expensive for what you get, it cost $699 for the pram and $299 for the bassinet.
Comfortable, versatile
Bit expensive

A good allrounder for $$$

This has been a great pram for our new family. We were able to pick up this pram for just under $500, although have seen it up to $700 in some store. An easy pram to assemble for new parents and comfortable for a new baby through to toddler we hope. Not too many colour combinations to choose from, but enough that you should find one that is practical for your family.
Easy to assemble as it comes apart into two pieces. Great that the baby can face you as you are pushing, or outwards as they grow older and more curious. Love that the pram comes apart in two pieces as it is then able to fit into the boot a even small hatchback cars.Love that the handle that you use to puch extents to different heights, great for taller people.
The front wheels do have a mind of their own when reversing.

Exactly what I wanted

The Valco Baby rebel Q was a hand me down from my (fussy) sister-inlaw, but I've been very happy with it. It's light but sturdy, easy to use and steer. It folds up and stores easily, even in my small boot. It can turn so baby can face me which is quite nice.
It's very light and easy to steer.

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Questions & Answers

What other seats could go with a rebel Q? We have the Q seat which goes above the baby, but we think he’s getting too big for it, we don’t want the skateboard, isn’t there another seat that goes on the bottom of the stroller? Thanks!
No answers

I have a rebel q ex that I purchased 2nd hand 2 yrs ago. Just recently the button on the side of the frame that you use to fold it up has broken. Is it possible to get a replacement? As folding it now is impossible and I absolutely love this pram!
2 answers
Not sure but when I needed a part I emailed them and they sold it to me over the phone and shipped it to me... worth a shot?Hi Sarah, please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 and they will try their very best to help you :)

Hi Everyone I was just wondering where online can I buy the adaptors for my Valco Rebel Q Ex pram to accommodate the Babylove Capsule? Thankyou
1 answer
I bought mine directly from valco and they shipped it to me :)


Valco Rebel Q
Price (RRP) $689.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 32 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
FeaturesArm Bar, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight13 kg
Folded Dimensions53 x 60 x 89 cm

Visit official website - Download manual

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