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4.1 from 86 reviews

Great, still going strong 3 1/2 yrs later despite being my main form of transport!!!

Easy to maneuver
Easy to fold/unfold. Super light.
5 point harness easy to use, can be just used as a lap belt (3 points) if preferred.
Happy with build quality *with exception of the brakes.
Excellent customer service

Brakes broke twice, first time was a pain as I was out and about. Second time I knew it was coming (makes a ticking noise when walking) and requested a new one to be sent before it actually broke. Customer service sent them free of charge straight away, must be a known design fault for this batch.

I'm now onto my 2nd child and it's a still going strong. I'd definitely recommend Valco products.

Perfect stroller for everyday use.

We light but sturdy, easy to fold, it has a handle for carrying once folder and a sholder strap (which is awesome if you have to take a few steps and there is no lift nearby).
Construction is good, we bought this replace an old pram as we were travelling to Europe for a month, the best decision.
At at price that doesnt break the bank.

Brakes snapped

I have a snap duo. This was a very good pram, lightweight and once you got the hang of it, easy to fold. However. Within a week one of the front wheels snapped off and I had to send a friend to get a replacement ( I don't have a car) and now after 18 months the brake cable has apparently snapped. I can't take my 6 yr old son to school tomorrow because I can't take the twins into town by myself. So what am I supposed to do???

Hi Phillippa, We are very apologetic that you have had such a negative experience with your pram. As per telephone conversation with our customer service, a new brake will express posted and should arrive by tomorrow.I'm grateful it's been so quickly responded to. Now let's see if it's as easy to replace as I was told! Fingers crossed ...Replacement part received the day after I got in touch and customer service walked me through the steps to replace it, which was not difficult but did need a bit of effort. Can't fault customer service - thank you!

Highly recommended!!!

I am very much satisfied with this pram . I bought it for my first child and he used it for 2 and half years . Now I am using the same pram for my second baby and she is 9 months old now . I can't live without this pram . I would recommend this pram to everyone who really want value of money . I never had any issue with this pram. It has extra foot cover for smaller baby which helps not to fall down the blanket. When your baby grow up you can remove it and she can place her foot over footrest . Both of my kids sleeps v well in this pram . I used to walk lot with my first baby and still I walk lot with my pram but still both wheels are intact . this is the best purchase I have for my baby . I highly recommend this one . I have seen lots of other pram but no one is comparable to this . It has lots of features , durability to use it in long run . thanks valco

Wobbly rickety pram/unstable wheels

I had a friend recxomend me this pram, being a first time mum I was taking any advice on prams ect. I found this pram to be way to rickety/wobbled way too much any bump was a major thing. The wheels are cheaply made too. I ended up getting a steelcraft strider compact and was the smoothest pram

Can't fault it

Very light weight,especially good if had/having c section, folds down compact, suitable from birth, easy to unfold and fold up, easy to manoeuvre, have an easy Rider that quickly attaches to back for toddler, great to use and not overpriced, easy to wipe up spills, compatible with capsule, would recommend

Dangerous for children under 2

Seat belt causes harm to child's neck even with seatbelt covers on.
Child under 1 can easily get them selves out of the straps even on the tightest setting.
Contact valco regarding my issues and was told it's my error even though baby store I bought from said it was being used correctly.

Bad wheels

Was initially a great pram and more convenient than my bugaboo. However after 18 months the wheels have jammed and get stuck when trying to push the pram forward. Massive pain and very dangerous trying to exit escalators etc. would love to know how to fix as the pram is otherwise in excellent condition And very well cared for

Lightweight, easy steering and fold

Oh I just love my snap 4 lx. It's so lightweight, easy to push, can fold with one hand, has a large expendable canopy, adjustable footrest, and comes in different fabrics (tailormade), different hood colours, and holds a large toddler. My daughter is almost 3 and still has plenty of head room. The seat is very generous, as is the 20kg weight limit. I love it's compact fold. The black lining is so easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth or baby wipe.
I also bought the rain cover which is awesome, and the snack tray which is a must have.

Downsides - the basket isn't that easy to access, and the seat doesn't parent face. Both these issues have been fixed with the snap ultra.

I'm a huge fan of valco, and also have the snap duo tailormade, which is a brilliant double.

To make the pram better I'd suggest that the peekaboo window at the top of the canopy be fastened with magnets rather than Velcro, so you can spy on a sleepy baby without risk of waking them with noisy Velcro. Sounds trivial, but I've had a strider which had the magnets and it was much better.

Suspension would also be a plus but I mostly use the pram in shopping centres, where it's a smooth ride anyway.

You can attach capsules or a bassinette to the pram, which would be great for newborns.

It'd be great if the handle was telescopic so if you added a toddler board you cad more room to walk behind it, rather than having to lean over.

The quality is good. I bought my first snap 2 years ago and it's still going strong. The adjustable footrest is a must-have.
The seat recline is so easy. There's some storage pockets at the back of the seat. I also added the jolly jumper caddy to the handle bar.

Wobbly pram!!!

I purchased this pram in the grey marle as I loved the Colour and appeared easy to use.
My son is a week old and I am out doing some errands and the pram has a shocking wobble.
Not something I would expect from a $450 pram that had some good reviews.
Not very happy as this is one thing that baby will be using a lot.

Hi Loz Thank you for your enquiry we never had this issue with the Snap Ultra prams and hope you can undestand that It's hard to comment without seeing the pram please take the pram back to the store of purchase as all our after sale services are facilitated through the store and they will assist you furtherThank you. I will take it back during the week.

Love it. Just what we needed.

So lightweight for a full size strong stroller. It pulls a toddler stand on board easily. Decent basket and huge hood with other colours for variety.
Coloured hoods don't block out as much sun as a black hood so we now own both. We use it for 2 year old twins instead of our old big double stroller, one sits, one stands on board equals no fighting while on the go. Happy mum!

Fantastic Pram

I've had this pram since 2014 and have now used for both my toddler and newborn, I've been more than happy with this pram for its ease of use, light frame and excellent price! I have also used the Snap external bassinet that is now available for my newborn and it has made this an even more versatile piece of baby equipment for me. I use this pram with the sports wheels for a bit more comfort and I think this is a great alternative to the umbrella stroller style as it is compact and lightweight but still has a great storage basket and a bit more space for the child.
The only negative I would say is that when I tried to use the VeeBee Ezy rider with this pram for my toddler it was very awkward, this might be because this isn't the most ideal toddler board to use with this pram (I didn't try any others).

Good pram but quality lacking

Lightweight and easy to manouver and fold up however the brake cable has snapped and locked on twice now (we replaced the whole brake mechanism and it did it again) & fabric gas torn in the under carriage and the back flap so whilst the pram works it looks like its been through the wars as I now have had to ductape the brake in the off position posing a safety risk.

Awesome pram!

I have only ever owned this pram so I do not have much to compare it to but I love it! It's so easy, you can fold it down and Pop it up with one hand. It's light weight and easy to turn and push around. My only complaint is the basket (underneath storage part) is very hard to access and is quite small compared to friends prams.

Love it but now stuck due to second child

Love the pram easy to maneuver and light!!! But now getting prepared for my second child I've found there's no option for a second seat. I initially thought the Joey seat was compatible - you also have no option for a capsule and seat (even the ride on ones) regret buying now...

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Hi Emmy Congratulations on the second bubs! Here at Valco Baby we strongly believe in the concept of "the more the merrier" so most, if not all of our prams, can suit at least two children. Though our Snap 4 cannot accommodate a joey seat due to its super light weight, it does have a hitchhiker option which you may be interested in (http://valcobaby.com.au/accessory/hitch_hiker_cb) . As for capsules, we have adaptors to suit Baby Love Snap N Go, Safe-n-Sound Unity and Maxi Cosi. Where convenience is concerned we think the Snap 4 pretty much has you covered. If you are interested in learning more about any of these accessories or you just have a general enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us. The number is 1300 0 VALCO.

Reliable, good value pram

I'm overall quite happy with this pram. If you're looking for something reliable that isn't too expensive, I'd recommend this. I am wondering if it's going to last the long haul, hopefully it will. I've had it 19 months now and it still works fine, but is gradually starting to show small signs of wear. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for someone planning on having lots of kids and wanting the one pram that will last for all of them- I'm hoping it will last us for a second child, but I wouldn't be sure it'll have much life after that. I do really like how it's so light and folds down so compactly. I have had a problem with the break, but it wouldn't stop me buying the pram again, as the company sent me another break quickly which I was able to easily change over myself. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive prams or look quite as fancy- you can only have it so baby is facing away from you, not towards you, the handle is not height adjustable and the basket underneath is an adequate size but not huge. I also used it with an adaptor and a baby capsule for my baby's first 6 months which worked great- it was very easy to put together and meant that I could take baby straight from the car to the pram without having to get him out of the capsule.

Brake locked twice nowhere to get the brake cable

I like snap 4. It's very easy to fold and unfold and lightweight. I bought quite a few accessories as well. My snap four had broken twice due to the locked back wheels and ended up carrying baby and shopping bags and the pram itself twice.
We fixed it within one year warranty when it's almost out of warranty, just good luck, and after that it worked another one year. It seems the brake cable can last approximately one year. If the brake wire broken you'll end up buying a new one while your child is almost out of pram age. I took that back to the shop baby Kingdom in Bankstown and thought I probably at least got the parts but they can only let me send it to Melbourne or fixed somewhere by googling online or a service company not working at weekend and one hour driving from Sydney.
Other than that it's fine but just it can't move any more it became useless. I would recommend it to others if the brake is stronger and easy to replace and repair.

Hi Smoon, We would happily send you out a new brake without you having to send your pram in to us. Please send an email with your details to frontdesk@valco.com.au and we will send you out a replacement brake immediately.Hi Valco baby customer service, thanks for your prompt response and great service. The brake is easy to install. We appreciate your kind assistance.It's lightweight and convenient to operate and move around and it has a good price for it.

Love the idea of this pram but it wobbles terribly!

I purchased a valco snap 4 not even 2 months ago to use as a second pram for quick trips to the shops and it has a really bad wobble! It has had minimal use and only ever used on smooth services at the shops. As you push the pram along the distinct wobble is so annoying!!! And probably even more annoying for my son. Don't expect this from a brand new pram, disappointed as I was so excited when I purchased this pram as I had read the reviews and felt confident purchasing it.


We bought this pram when preparing for our first child (2 years ago). Due to my wife not driving, a lightweight pram was a must. We looked at the options and went for the Valco Snap 4. We have no regrets!!! One of the lightest prams around. It handles well over uneven ground, maneuverable, stable and easy to stow away and set up. Some prams were twice the weight!
The only drawback is that it is limited in storage space, a small amount of under seat storage and two pockets on the back flap near the handle, but still enough for most things.
It has spoilt us now that number two has arrived, so instead of upgrading to a bigger pram, we use it for our newborn and moved the toddler over to a umbrella stroller.
Just wish that made a lightweight double of this pram!

Hi Paul, Thanks for your glowing review! As it so happens, we do have a double version of our Snap 4. It's called the Snap Duo and it incorporates all the features you love about your Snap 4 into a delightful lightweight double for your growing family needs. You may also be interested in the newest addition to our Snap family, the Snap Ultra Duo. This pram too, boasts all the qualities you love about your lightweight Snap 4 but with the addition of reversible seats, meaning more options for both toddler and baby. More information on both of these prams can be found by following these links to our website, http://www.valcobaby.com.au/product/snap_duo http://www.valcobaby.com.au/product/snap_ultra_duoWe did end up buying the snap duo, as well as keeping the snap 4. We love both prams! When had a problem with the snap 4's brake recently and when we contacted Valco, not only were they helpful, but also expressed posted the replacement part to us free of charge. Brillant!

Perfect! But regular foam wheels should also be included with the Sport model.

My wife and I love this pram. We have used it with our newborn and we love how versatile it has been. We live in the inner city and because of the narrow frame and the inflatable wheels (we have the Sports model). We have had no problems with taking public transport or even accessing small shops and narrow checkouts.
The light weight, easy folding and carry handles and straps of this pram are wonderful. We are able to fit the folded pram into the boot of our hatchback and still have room for groceries. The pram can also be stood up when folded, which makes it easy to store at home.
We have been using the Babylove capsule. Although the capsule does not allow the baby to lie flat on her back, our bub falls asleep in it very easily. That said, she also likes to lie flat in the pram without the capsule.
One criticism we have is that the regular foam wheels are not included with the Sport model. We feel that we should be able to interchange between the sports (inflatable) wheels and the foam ones. We are planning to travel abroad and would like to have the option of changing them.

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Hi Gerhard13 We appreciate your positive review of our Snap 4. If you contact our customer service team on 1300 0 VALCO they will be able to help you with getting some lightweight wheels. These will make your pram slightly lighter and a dream to travel with.

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Does the valco snap 4 accept steelcraft onyx capsule?
No answers

Hi, We were very impressed with the Snap Ultra Trend in store but then notices the front wheels did not give a smooth ride. We checked other demo's but all gave a "shopping trolly" bump a as it rolled. Can anyone speak of having a wheel problem?
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Could all terrain tyres be put onto this pram?

Hi, I recently bought a second hand Snap4, and have noticed that there is a screw and nut missing on one side of the frame. Anyone know if i could i get a replacement at all? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi Kelly, please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000, they will try their very best to assist you :)


Snap 4
Price (RRP) $349.00
Seating Type Single and Tandem
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar
Weight6.2 kg
Folded Dimensions36 x 52 x 77 cm

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  • GTIN14: 09315517090392 and 09315517660922