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Snap 3 Handle Foam Split Again.

Have been fairly happy with this product for 7 months until the foam handle split. This is a very common problem with the whole Valco range & after enquiring about a repair or replacement, was told the handle is not covered by warranty & also not replaceable either.
How is the most used part of a pram not covered? This is unacceptable & will be taking it up with Fair Trading.

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After Fair Trading got involved we received a full refund. Funny how when big business has the law enforced on them they play a different tune. They count on people just putting up with an inferior product instead of pursuing their legal right to a refund.

wheels get jammed as the break fails...good when it works

I really like this pram when it works well but we have had 2 brake damage. Latest one was few weeks ago when we got stranded in a theme par in Goldcoast with a broken pram and a very tired child. Is this a manufacturing defect? We don't even use it so much so not sure why it keeps breaking. Have to say when it is fine it works really well...light and easy to maneuverer . But becomes useless with the break issue

Great pram initially until wheels jam

I loved this pram initially after looking for an easier pram to assemble than my bugaboo. Initially the wheels/steering were great. Now it's like pushing a wayward shopping trolley where the wheels get stuck and you can't push the pram forward. Not an issue ... Until you need to push forward off an escalator or off a train and your pram doesn't mve. Not sure what the issue is but it is dangerous. The issue started when the pram was about 18 mths old. Not great...

Best pram I've owned

I decided to write a review because all I ever do is praise the pram/stroller to everyone I know!
I've now owned my Valco Baby Snap 3 for just over 2 years. The brakes are as perfect as the day I purchased the pram & this pram has done some serious kms, been on several plane rides & has been thrown about in my boot many times!!

I bought this pram when my first child was 10 months old as I was wanting a lighter pram & also a pram that had a fully upright position, not semi layer back (I had the strider compact at the time).
It was love from the first time I tried it!

Super large hood
Extremely easy to manoeuvre
Fits ANYWHERE! (Even in tight restaurants & small shops)
Is so very light & extremely easy to fold down & open again!
The lay back strap is really smooth & works perfectly
The harness is very easy to clip up & undo (despite it being a 'breakaway harness')

The only possible Con I could think of is the basket is quite small & hard to access when the pram is in the laid back position- however I feel this is a VERY small issue compared to all the Pros of this pram & also with a pram so beautifully compact & light you can't really expect a huge basket.

side note: I have since owned a Baby Jogger city select & a new version of the Steelcraft Strider compact- as I had a second child & needed a double pram that was an inline pram so it wouldn't be as wide as a 'double'... But I love Snap too much & find I always reach for it, my toddler either walks or my baby is carried & one or the other occupies the seat of the pram!
Might I add my almost 3 year old is 100cms tall & 18kgs and even with her in it, it glides and steers as easy as when my 8kg 10 month old is in it- and my toddler has plenty of room still!

Light weight, brakes are fine!

I've had this stroller for nearly two and a half years. Had no problems at all! It is light weight, easy to fold up and throw into the boot of your car; easy to steer. It includes a carry strap which you can use to carry it around if you wanted to. The brakes are fine! Quality is very good. Very happy with it :) would highly recommend it!

Great pram. No issues at all.

I found this pram very easy to use and easy to fold and carry. I've been using it for over 2 years and have not had one issue. My baby seemed very happy and now my toddler is still just as happy in this pram. If you're short on space when it's folded you can take the front wheel off for a little extra space to move it around.

Design Flaw

The pram has a design flaw where the wheel lock system is designed to break down just after 12 months (i.e. outside of warranty) forcing you to replace parts at inflated prices or you throw away the whole thing as it is unusable. This occurs because every time you lock the wheels and unlock them friction occurs between the wheel and the internal string that pulls the locking pin. Eventually the internal string snaps with time and you are left with a locked pram that you cannot unlock. This has happened twice to us as we bought the Snap and the Snap Duo when we had our second child. Same thing occurred at around the 14-15 month of use.

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Hi RRR, We're sorry to hear that you have not been completely satisfied with your Snap. We understand that a parents peace of mind is essential when purchasing a new pram, and take this fact very seriously. We constantly monitor all customer feedback and issues, these are addressed in the regular evolution cycle of our products. We are confident in our braking systems and the ongoing support that we give to all customers regardless of whether goods are under warranty or not. Our very friendly customer service team is always available on 1300 0 VALCO so please give us a call to discuss this further. We hope to be able to get your pram back up and running as it should ASAP!

Major disappointment

The Idea of this pram is amazing. Its light easy to wash, quick to dry. I've used it to Jog. I thought it was the best pram I've had or seen... Unfortunately after 6mnts one of the bolts at the back kept popping out. which is the bottom part of the harness keeping the child strapped in. then the other broke free so I tied them together to secure my baby. Then we had the breaks fail mid walk! I had my 4year old on her bike, the baby in pram and our puppy. I was just stuck!!! ended up having to push it on 2 wheels it was a nightmare. now I have no pram and its less than 2 yrs old. Not happy!

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Hi Mani We are sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed your experience with the Snap. Please give us a call on 1300-0-VALCO so we can help you out with a new brake and get you back to enjoying your pram!!

valco snap 3

I paid deposit for this pram to receive it next Friday as it was out of stock I really like it because it"s easy to fold, light weight and big seat but now after what I heard about the break problem I'm thinking to take my deposit back and buy a different brand as it's very annoying to stuck with your baby and bags anywhere because you can't move the pram.

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I did not get my deposit back and I'm already using valco snap 3 pram for more than one year now, honestly it's a very good pram.

Lightweight, good (not great) value Pram

We looked at many prams that were on the market, we were comparing the SNAP mainly to 1) Babyjogger City Mini, 2) City Mini GT, 3) Steelcraft Agile.

Compared to the 3 prams above, the pluses of the SNAP are:
1) 6.2KG! Lightweight and nimble (a big plus especially for mom, we don't need a pram the size of a Bunnings shopping trolley), FYI City Mini is 7.55kg, City Mini GT is 9.5kg, Agile is 7.5kg
2) seat folds inward rather than outward to keep it clean,
3) accessories (hood, foot cover, etc) are well priced, saved some money to buy more nappies!
4) slightly narrower chassis (good for tight spaces, restaurant and while travelling. Good luck with your pram the size of Bunning shopping trolley in a packed restaurant),
5) good single handed manoeuvrability (probably due to the lighter weight),
6) easy folding and unfolding,
7) Comes with belly bar which is optional ($$$) on the Babyjoggers and not available on the Steelcraft,
8) Big expandable hood,
9) Puncture proof tires,
10) Shoulder carrying strap

The negatives are:
1) Lightweight = less durable material, fabric starting to look a bit distressed after a year of usage, chassis doesn't feel as "tight" compare to Babyjoggers and Steelcraft,
2) Handle bar foam is not replaceable,
3) Belly bar does not have a fabric cover, bub chewing on the foam,
4) Wheels bent and wobbles, rubber wear out fast,
5) Can't engage/disengage the brake occasionally,
6) Handle bar height not adjustable like the City Mini GT,
7) Less "prestige" compared to big names like BabyJogger, Steelcraft, Mountain Buggy but I am sure my bub won't mind at all.
8) Noisy velcro to hold down the flaps (Come on Valco! Haven't heard of magnetic closure?)

Other negatives which are universal to most prams in this category: 1) Underseat storage a bit difficult to access if the seat back is fully reclined, 2) 3 wheels is less stable sideways.

Overall, a very good value for money pram, it will be perfect if Valco can sort out some of the issues mentioned above, e.g. Removable and washable cover for the belly bar and handle bar probably cost very little to make, better material,

Brake Failed Within First Year

The breaks failed on my stroller around the one-year mark. Upon inspecting how the breaks are assembled, it seems they use a metal cable inside the breaking system.

This metal cable rubs against some other metal parts within the breaking system and over time the cable snaps (hence the name Valco "snap", kidding). When the cable inside snaps (can happen on either side), the side that the cable snapped will remain permanently locked-in.

This is a product defect. Sure, it would take a year of actual testing to discover, but the cable isn't strong enough for everyday use and the way it sits in the fitting will cause it to snap over time as it rubs against other pieces. It seems the problem still exists even in the newer prams from reading reviews.

I would not recommend this pram. I think you'll see more complaints about these prams in the next year or so as more brakes start to snap.

Best value, great service sees brake issue fixed within an hour

I've been using the Valco Snap 3 for 16mths now (almost daily) and it has been incredible value. I did a lot of research before choosing this product, with the main criteria being: lightweight, compact, easy to fold/unfold, maneuverable, compatible with car capsule, and value for money. I still believe it's the most well-rounded product on the market, and meets these requirements very well.

There is no perfect product so compromises need to be made for what you think is most important. For example, I know it is light and 3-wheeled so it may not be as stable as other prams, but I am conscious of that so I am careful not to put any weight on the handles and only harnessed kids may ride. In exchange, the light weight and large, 3-wheeled configuration means it is easier to push over different terrain, cracks, kerbs and bumps with one hand, and I can fold/unfold with one hand to/from the boot of the car - its strengths and weaknesses suit us just fine.

To anyone considering a baby capsule travel system (where you can transfer the capsule between car and pram) it worked well for us and I would recommend it. Countless times our bub would fall asleep while we were walking in the pram, or on the way somewhere in the car - rather than wake them we would just push a button to release the capsule and then transfer them to the car/pram or just take the capsule inside the house until their nap had finished, all without ever disturbing them. I also think it is a safer option for you and the bub getting in/out of cars, especially in tight car bays - you don't have to stretch/bend/contort your body as much, and less risk of dropping the bub or bumping them into something. For the Valco Snap I got the BabyLove Snap N Go capsule with the BabyLove Ezy Combo Convertible Booster Car Seat (for later on). There is an adapter which clicks on to the pram when using the capsule - it's very easy to use.

There are a few people who have had issues with the brake on this pram, and this week I was struck with the same problem - one of the wheels had its brake permanently 'on' and I was a bit of a walk away from home. I was fortunate because I could remove the problematic wheel and push it back home while carrying the bub, and I didn't have any shopping etc in the basket underneath. If it was my wife instead, she could have used her mobile to call for help or just abandoned the pram and came back for it later - not ideal at all. The service when reporting the fault was second-to-none however, and believe it or not the brake was replaced within an hour. I called 1300 082 526 and mentioned the brake issue. After giving my postcode they contacted the nearest repairer and confirmed they had the part in stock. I drove to the repairer, who replaced the part in about 2mins and I was on my way again - no paperwork, and at no stage was I asked for purchase date or receipt. Of course if the part was out of stock I would have had to wait for shipping from VIC to WA. This experience would not deter me from buying the same model or recommending it to others. Things break, so it's good to know how companies then deal with that. In this case the fault was obviously a recognised one, and I couldn't fault them for their efforts rectifying it. It is also worth mentioning I queried this brake fault with the repairer and he did not consider it a common fault at all in the scheme of things.

All the best.

Valco Snap 3 Stroller

I chose this pram for my second child has I had previously had several prams and strollers for my first child. When my first child didn't want to sit in a stroller anymore I sold my double stroller and looked for a single stroller. I did a lot of research and did not intend to buy the Valco Snap 3 but when I went into Baby Bunting and tried out the various strollers I could not believe how easy this stroller was to swivel with one hand, fold, push and lift into the car boot. It is incredibly light weight but has all the comfort of a larger pram. As I had a C-section the lightness of this pram was fantastic. It folds and unfolds with ease. It is larger when folded than an umbrella stroller which could be a problem if you have a small car boot. It lies flat and is easy to adjust to a sitting position or recline when baby is asleep. It is very easy to move and turn corners with one hand which was important to me as often I was holding the hand of my first born.
This is by far the best pram/stroller I have owned. I highly recommend if you want something very practical and super affordable. I have had this pram for 4 years now as it takes a weight up to 22kgs which is another bonus. I don't use it often now as my 4 year old walks but if we have a long day out such as at the zoo it is still useful for a tired little one. It is the only pram I have needed for my second child. Fabulous value.

Excellent pram, especially when travelling

We chose this pram to take our 15 month old on a world trip after much research. It is very light weight and compact. It can be laid right back so baby can sleep and has a good sized canopy. It is not too wide, so easily fits in tighter aisles and can fit on trains and buses. When folded, it takes up very little room considering all of its features. The only improvements would be if the footrest could lock in an up position and if the canopy were larger to completely block the sun (though a jacket or wrap slung over the front does the trick). It is very easy to manoeuvre. We now use this as our everyday pram and even take it when we go for a walk/run. Highly recommend!

Brake fails - avoid

We were quite happy with this pram until the brake failed a few months after the warranty expired. One wheel became impossible to unlock. Seems to be a design flaw in the snap models. If you do buy make sure you keep the receipt past the one year warranty expiry because replacement of the brake part and more is covered under Australian Consumer Law. But better just to buy another brand and avoid the hassle.

Good affordable option

Really happy with or being light weight. However the storage basket is impossible to store stuff in and the footrest does not lock upwards so that a new born can easily slip out if at an incline

Light and easy

This has been a great pram, I bought it because it is so lightweight and have absolutely loved it. It is also very sturdy. The one thing I don't like is that the straps separate when they are unclipped, although that is good as a safety feature (like if I had to pull the baby out very quickly). Had a problem with the foot brake and contacted Valco, they called me back literally within five minutes to say they were sending a replacement part. Gotta love good customer service!

Lightweight and easy one hand fold

After months of researching I decided this pram was for me. I had my heart set on a Baby Jogger city mini GT, but the price put me off! The Valco Snap was my next choice. I really like this pram and it is soooo light and easy to fold and unfold, big plus when loading baby and pram in the car (I have a Honda CRV). Very easy to push and manoeuvre, also not too large for shopping aisles and checkouts. The basket is only just adequate and near impossible to access if seat is reclined. My daughter is happy and comfortable when riding in the pram. The Snap is not reversible and I didn't think a reversible pram was a must, but my daughter is constantly looking up through the window in the sunhood to see me! So I am going to buy a different reversible pram as well. The pouch at the back for wallet, sunnies, and phone etc., is very handy. Overall this pram is good value for money, but does have it limitations.
Lightweight. Easy to fold. Good price.
Not reversible. Basket underneath is hard to access.

Loved this pram until the brakes started to fail

I brought this pram when my daughter was 9 months old as the first pram I got wasn't suitable and too heavy for me on my own...

I loved this pram- especially how light it is, how easy it was to push and manoeuvre over curbs and onto trains and buses and it's large sun cover! That's what sold this more because I could cover her completely when we were out...

BUT I now regret this purchase and wish I had put more money into buying a better pram because the brakes are starting to fail and one won't go in all the way so it clicks constantly as I push it...

It's a shame valco baby didn't put a better brake on it because I would've kept this for all my kids.

So disappointed :( not even a year and it's safety is compromised... Brakes are one thing you don't get wrong!
Large sun cover and light weight and affordable
Brakes failed - massive safety issue!

Hi Danielle, Our apologies for this! If you contact our Customer Service team on 1300-0-VALCO or at cust.service@valco.com.au we can have this issue resolved for you and a replacement organised as soon as possible. Again, we're very sorry this!Hi, I did contact the number and the only option was to replace the brakes but unfortunately I don't believe I can trust the brakes to not do this again... Once the replacement brakes are received (which I have to install myself which I also don't think is safe due to the fact I am not a Valco manufacturer and have no experience with this) I will be selling the pram so I can afford to buy a different brand I am SO disappointed because I loved this pram for everything else and even more disappointed because I just brought the caddy that attached to the back and a padded insert for my daughter! It really upsets me as prior to this I was referring all my mummy friends to buy this and now I don't feel confident referring anyone because brakes are such a safety concern that if it happened while I was travelling and unable to gain assistance this could cause greatly affect my daughters safety and I am just not going to allow that to happen. It's disgusting that as a consumer I don't have a right to a refund of the purchase price because brakes failing should not just be a replacement kit sent in the Mail - it should be a full pram replacement or full refund of purchase price :( We completely understand how frustrating this must be for you Danielle, unfortunately faults happen sometimes but we are more than happy to send you a replacement brake. Our Customer Service team can talk you through the process and help you as much as we can. If you send through your contact details to kirsty@valiantbrands.com.au I will make sure this issue is resolved for you.

Easy to fold/unfold, light weight, easy to steer

Bought this and kind of recommended by kidsafe staff (because it fits onto my baby capsule - safe n sound unity). It's light weight, very easy to steer (can control easily with one hand). I bought the special edition one, which is cheaper and the whole pram is black (costs $249) and the adaptor for capsule is $30. I bought the Valco baby caddy holder (the one for drinks and accessories) to attach onto the pram, but it net pocket was in the way so make it hard to recline. The basket at the bottom was small and hard to get to.
Also, I think the leg rest part can be a bit bigger so toddler can more room to rest their feet.
I had two four wheels pram, Snap 3 is my first 3 wheels pram. It is much easier to steer, but it is not as stable as 4 wheels. But this 3 wheels definitely looks more sporty.
easy to fold & unfold, easy to steer, affordable, look stylish
basket too small

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Questions & Answers

My 14mo baby keeps tipping / rocking forward in the valco snap. He thinks its a fun game because the back of the seat doesnt seem to be secured and he is able to lean quite far forward, bringing the entire seat with him. Does anyone else have this problem or have i got a probelm with the set up?
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I didn't have this problem but I did see a tip once for strollers that tip to put leg weights you know the valcro ones people strap around their legs. And put these around the just above the wheels.

Can I use the Valco Snap 3 for a new born?
1 answer
Hi yes they also have bassinets available but the pram itself is fully layback

Hi there, is the snap a jogging pram?
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Hi no not really In that it has rubber tyres not inflated. Hope that helpsThank you :)


Valco Snap
Price (RRP) $279.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight6.2 kg
Folded Dimensions36 x 52 x 80 cm
Release dateApr 2013

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