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Valco Tranquility

Valco Tranquility

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Is falling apart and my baby is only 6 months old.

We bought this chair at a baby expo and were very happy with it at first. A few months in the cushioning on the arm rests and bottom of the chair had become flat. The chair squeaks a lot, the spring in the ottomon is broken, zips on the side have broken and now it has started to put metal shavings all over our carpet. The chair is only used to feed our baby and sometimes rock her to sleep. My advice would be to invest a little more in something that will last as long as you and your baby need it and then some! It was a very dissapointing purchase for us.

Good chair for the price, nice fabric for summer

***UPDATE March 2016. Well, unfortunately, this chair has now broken in exactly the same way as the Babyhood Diva I had previously (see below about my comments of the internal frame being identical) after only 9 months use. This was a $400 chair even on sale, so to get less than a year's use before breakage is pretty disappointing. I've changed from 4 stars to 3 because of this. It hasn't had any abuse, just been sat in by people well below the maximum weight and occasionally used for the gliding function. I'm now about to try and return a second chair, which when you have a small child is stressful and difficult. Both chairs broke through a weld at the end of one of the metal straps that supports the seat. If you're considering a nursing chair, I strongly suggest avoiding chairs with this kind of design.


I bought this chair to replace a Babyhood Diva (see my other review), and I'm glad to say it's been a good purchase thus far. (You may be interested however that the "internals" of this chair like the frame, the assembly method and even the packing of the screws is identical to the Babyhood Diva, so I suspect many nursing chairs are just coming out of the same factory with different fabrics and brands on them. But I digress).

The fabric is a textured material, non-sticky for summer compared to vinyl covered models. We had no problems putting it together, though it is a bit silly that they give you an allen key, but then have screws that require a screwdriver. The ottoman has storage and a removable cover for washing. Sometimes the chair gets a squeak going after rocking it for a while, but otherwise no issues with function at all. The construction quality of these chairs isn't high end - you can tell by looking at the welds on the frame and the way it wears (for example, the arm rests tend to deform outwards over time). But. Considering what they cost, and that it's not a long-term piece of furniture, I rate it pretty good.

Hi Miss C, Can you please email service@valco.com.au with images of your Glider and the issue along with the PO Number and proof of purchase so that we can assist you further.I have already done all this via Baby Bunting. A replacement frame is being sent. I appreciate this, but having to do it a second time in year is a pain in the backside. In the meantime, the chair rattles and the broken part rubs on the frame below, damaging the coating (not to mention being a sharp part that I have to keep my child away from). This is all rather disappointing to be honest. The design of that frame I think warrants a re-assessment. If it breaks again, I'm going to be sending the whole thing back.

Lifesaver - don't listen to other reviews!

I think the other reviewers only rated this product badly due to difficulties in putting it together... we didn't have that problem at all. The chair glides, rocks, swivels and reclines perfectly and getting up and down with a baby is your arms is so easy! The tranquillity chair is particularly good because of the durable fabric upholstery - not the thin fake leather stuff you see on other chairs whish tears easily. The storage compartment in the Ottoman is a nice touch too!

Huge disappointment & waste of money

I always planned to get a glider chair as my friend had one that was amazing and lasted through 3 children. I loved this one in the shop because it was a soft fabric rather than sticky fabric that would be uncomfortable during summer but this chair was a huge mistake.
Putting it together was a total nightmare. The armrests alone took HOURS! Once it was together it basically started falling apart. Screws fell out of the footrest & armrests. The base was wonky, with a very obvious slant to one side. It squeaked when it rocked making it completely impractical to use for its intended purpose. I used this chair less than a dozen times and wish I had never bought it. Biggest waste of money that I can't get back as the shop I bought it from has closed down.

Would be amazing if we could get it together!

Very recently purchased this chair for the impending birth of our baby, instructions were terrible and took an hour to get to the first point (seemed as though there should have been a step included before step one!) once we got past that, we got to attaching the arm rests... It seems to be task impossible... We still haven't been able to attach the arm rests and even after phoning the store we purchased it from, they advised us there was nothing they could do and to call the manufacturer... A shame as this chair will be amazing once it's able to be constructed safely!

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Valco Tranquility
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