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Not the greatest pram I've owned

Very light pram, great seat/bassinet set up, easy to fold once you know how.
After 3 month 13 days of use (only out of the boot twice a week) the frame cracked and fell apart, the tyre kept popping off the rim. Called valco they took 4 weeks to conclude their investigations and sent me out a new frame, started to have similar problems with new frame. I called valco back and they were going to send another frame I told them I didn't wish for a new frame as I went and purchased a new pram for my baby but j thought they should know the issues

There are both pros and cons.

I bought my 2nd one of this pram for a friend.
I bought it as I'd previously had the Valco Zee Spark Duo for my twins (from birth ), and had downgraded to the Valco Spark as I was baby wearing.

•This pram is made to be light weight- so don't hang your bags on the handles as it will flip the pram over
•The pram is nice and slim, so don't expect a huge basket
•When folded up, it is still bulky if you leave the seat attached. This pram comes apart, all the wheels can be detached and the seat. When everything is detached, the frame is super slim
•Everything can come apart for cleaning except for the basket. I have fully cleaned the double and 2 single prams. The seats and hoods are easy to clean (hood is sewn to the bar so won't fit in the washing machine)
•The wheels all easily come off for storage...so you will need to maintain them as dirt will get in and make it harder to attach and click in. WD40 is excellent to help maintain them.
•This pram can be used for off road proposes. The back 2 are pneumatic so need to be pumped up (replacement tubes are around $10ea), the front are foam so don't pump up. The front have clips so they go straight only (for jogging or uneven terrain). Note, if you go off road, maintain the wheels.
•This pram fits the ezy-rider toddler attachment (which I used for both double and single prams).
•This pram has an awesome turning angle (pretty much spins in the one spot), and can easily be manoeuvred with one hand.
•It looks great
•Bassinet conversion to seat is easily done with bub in the pram
•The pram can be overwhelming initially, but once you know how to make the most of it, it's easy to use

I never had mechanical issues as others have described, and when I did contact Valco, my replies were quick.

I was really happy with my prams (I bought every one 2nd hand, I never purchased brand new)

There are YouTube tutorials that show how to use this pram.

Broke twice in 4 months!

The "folding mechanism lock" broke after 8 weeks of using this pram. It was sent away to Valco for repairs. 2 months after it was repaired, the lock broke again! The store gave us a credit and we bought a Britax strider compact which has been really good so far. The Valco had lots of great features like reversible seat and bassinet conversion but it's no good if it breaks! Just poor design and quality. The basket is useless too as the cables stop you getting anything in there.

This is the best pram!

So compact! Very easy to fold and unfold. The quality of the pram seems great and love the look of it, so handy that you can change from a bassinet to a toddler seat in no time. It's also reversible which is great! Couldn't ask for a better pram, 5 stars for Valco baby spark

I loved this pram

Great pram, great colours, easy to use and very sturdy. Love the 4 wheels and pump up the back ones if they run flat. When set up in bassinet style it's fantastic for newborns! Face you or face away it is a really versatile pram that isn't too big. Only minor bad quality was how bulky it is when it is folded, which can be sorted by stowing in boot in two separate parts or fine in bigger SUV or wagon boots. I really loved this pram

This pram is amazing!!

I don't know what pram you ladies have but it most definitely is not the spark lol! It is the most beautiful pram to push and my daughter sits up fine in it as she loves to be very forward as well, it moves lovely and yes the basket space ain't very big but I have figured out a great way to have nappy bag on pram and not on the handle bars it has a great hood to protect baby from weather and it fits in the boot of my Mazda 3 sedan great and still room and also there is no weight to the base of the pram when putting it in and out of the boot.

hate it!!!

The pram is way to bulky...takes up all of the boot space so cant use the boot for anything else when pram is in there...front right wheel swivels like crazy when pushing prams...one of the back wheels doesn't click in properly...so it wobbles when using pram and easily pulls off...got the whole wheel and pin replaced and a few months later its happened again. So going to try get my money back i hateee this pram. So not safe

To add to it...you go and complain about the wheel issue...first time they got wheel and wheel pin replaced second time i was told its dirty inside that i need to clean it...she didnt even look at it and i had told her the last time it got replaced and she was like yeh noo it needs to be cleaned. Ok then!!And now the brake is not working properly...it only locks one back wheel into place and the other still moves. This pram just gets worse and worse each and every day!!! I regret ever buying it!!

Not a good pram

Pram is bulky , heavy and not practical at all. Heavy to get in and out of car way to large to fold in 1 piece. Takes up a lot of room in boot. Not nice to push on uneven surfaces hopeless for any type of exercise. No balance when going up and down gutters had pram tip several times as you have to hang bag on handle as basket can not be used due to a bar under pram and another child leant on handle. Seat doesn't sit upright so toddler constantly leaning forward pulling at straps and belly bar. Hate this pram and company's customer service very poor on both counts

very happy with my spark

I have my valco spark now for more than a year. It looks great and it is in my budget. I really love the way how you can put the seat back when my little one is having a nap. and the fact that you don t need to buy a bassinet when the baby is young is even more better,all in one . I think this is the best pram among the valco strollers.

Absolute waste of money

Have had this pram for 9 months now and it is deteriorating in front of our eyes! We bought this pram as it was light weight affordable, easy to fold and can go from bassinet to stroller. Right from the start my baby got to hot in this pram, the bassinet would not sit completely flat so baby's head was lying lower than body and the basket is a nightmare you cannot fit any of your belongings in there let alone the cables in the way. 4 months in the brakes no longer work on on the left side the 5 point harness doesn't always clip in properly and Ive had one of the front wheels fall off! Now that bubs is teething sometimes chews on the front bar, I've had to cover this as the black rubber comes off and was all over their face hopefully this isnt harmful if ingested! You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to baby gear and wish we'd done a lot more research prior to purchasing.

So far So good.

We have been using this pram since 1 month and so far no issues. Baby fits well into the basinet and he sleeps more comfortably in the basinet than on the cot. We have chosen this because of the flexibility of converting this into a basinet, forward facing, rear facing etc. Giving 4 stars as we have used only for a month.

Today (5-Dec-2018), after using it for 3 years, it still runs as it was, when it was good. So gave 5 Stars, and now we are using it as stroller. Of-course it is a bit heavier than a normal stroller.

worst experience

I purchased a valco baby zee spark in september 2014 for $400. For this price i thought that i shouldnt have any issues. But i was wrong two times within a couple of months of actually being used the wheel will not lock into the pram. First time i took it back to the pram warehouse where i purchased it and they gave me a new axel for the wheel which got it working again but only temporarily. After then finding out that the pram warehouse has closed down i got in contact with the company themselves. They were going to send me out 2 new axel parts. I went to pick them up today from the post office and instead it was a part to a baby monitor. So now they are sending me the parts via express post and should be here tuesday. Although i have since called them back and said i cannot run the risk of this happening again as it is unsafe. Then i was told that the axels are not the problem Yet the company will not refund the money since i did not buy it straight from them. Will not be going through this company again.

I love our Valco Spark!

Hands down the best pram! So light and easy to lift in and out of our Octavia wagon, I always leave the seat connected but I click it to the number 3 position as it's easier to lift.
I loved the bassinet conversion and that was a big winner for our selection, we were able to use it for a good few months (about 5 to 6 months) for daytime sleeping when we were travelling or at someones house who didn't have kids etc. My son isn't a small child by any means and though his feet have reached the bottom bar he still loved it.
It doesn't need a rain cover as the foot muff and general outside of the pram is waterproof, I found the water just beads right off of it. I purchased the Valco mirror mesh too, just to protect my sons legs in summer.
The one thing I could say could be improved would be the click positions, one more is needed after the "upright" position because my 8 month old is always pulling himself forward more to see the world. haha.
Oh and a possible revision of the basket below, I'm a good packer but the bars are a bit too low that I can't get a packet of nappies in there.
Other than that I would not trade my spark for anything. It's excellent.

So far so good

This pram has done the job . It has everything you need
The pros as
Bassinet ,longer hood ,3 sitting settings . Easy to put up light easy to push .
Cons ,
No rain cover
Basket is on the smaller side
Can be folded in one yet doesn't fit in boot unless it's in two . This makes it a pain as I have a big car yet this pram takes up my boot .
In saying all this I love it and has done us well so far

well on from that baby getting bigger this did not last much longer at all !! 7m and son was too big !! he was not the biggest baby Ive seen but on the taller side . still i think most of my friends agreed that 9m old would of struggled to be in there . unless your happy to squeeze it in your boot and in your baby do not recommend.Hi E Howard, bassinets generally last until the child is moving independently so around 6 months. After this time we recommend that you use the seat :)this was the seat not the bassinet that he didn't fit .

Great for a limited time

This pram was fab at the start as a bassinet, it looked amazing & served us well, as my son grew, he started to outgrow the pram even as a small baby, the pram became too confided in space, at 9 months my son absolutely hates the pram especially in a upward position, looks ridiculous now when seating is reclined & doesn't feel safe. Rather get the Valco Rebel Q my cousin has this, huge difference between the two!
Bassinet mode
Seating positions

Love it

Love this pram it has served us well we used it as a bassinet for my daughter until she moved into a cot. Was great cause she was at my level next to the bed. Only reason I'm upgrading is she is now getting too big and bought a vee bee lio stroller which I'm happy with also so far. Great colour great design being able to face me or look out at the world. And all for under $400.
bassinet, faces both ways. expandable hood. 3 sitting positions
quite large takes up half the boot, bottom basket is small

Safety concern

I bought this pram and initially loved it (even wrote a glowing report about it on here) ... 6 months later, i heartily hate it. im having ongoing issues with the frame not clicking into place, and there had been 2 occassions when i thought it was okay, placed my son on the seat and the whole thing collapsed under his weight! needless to say, i was absolutely horrified, and my baby a huge fright! Do not buy this pram - it was issues with durability and safety... and the left front wheels still continue to swivel like crazy (i've stopped looking at it now). i can put the brakes on it to stop it from swivelling, but it certainly makes it more rigid and difficult to maneuver. customer services wasn't helpful and nicely implied that i wasn't 'taking very good of the pram'... hhmm...

Safety concerns - durability and the frame at times does not click when extended. 2 occassions the frame collapsed when my son was in the pram (i thought it clicked - obviously it didn't). costumer service not helpful.

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I too loved the pram but have had a lot of problems with rear wheels not looking in properly and brake not working. Also the front left wheel 'swivels like crazy' as Rob from Brisbane reported theirs does.

OK until the warranty expires, design not the best for long term durability

Bought it brand new and had to exchange it initially as it wouldn't click into place when fully extended, and the hood cover wouldn't fully close without falling off the bar that it would clip on to. We got it replaced with a new one and now just after one year the actual cable to release to pram so it will fold snapped. We got this pram cause it was light and was easy to fold and put into the car. I now realise the design aspect of it is susceptible to wear and tear a lot sooner than other prams, I should of realised at the time when you have to pull up on the handle for it to click into place that, that part would soon fail over time. RRP it was $499, for this price it should last more than 12months.
Light and easy to fold and put into car
Bad design means durability is compromised, don't expect to last more than 12 months.

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yes i am also having issues with this pram's durability - bought this pram and initially loved it... 6 months later, i heartily HATE it. im having ongoing issues with the frame not clicking into place, and there had been 2 occassions when i thought it was okay, placed my son on the seat and the whole thing collapsed under his weight! needless to say, i was absolutely horrified, and my baby a huge fright! DO NOT BUY THIS pram - it was issues with durability and safety... and the left front wheels still continue to swivel like crazy (i've stopped looking at it now). customer services wasn't helpful and nicely implied that i wasn't 'taking very good of the pram'... hhmm...

Love our pram!!! Wouldn't upgrade for anything

After many days searching for the perfect pram that fitted into our budget we found it the valco zee spark !
This is a very handy pram from birth and our little girl is 7months now and I love how I can switch it back to suit a good nap just by unzipping a few sections !!! The seat converts into a cute stroller seat with handy storage pockets at the rear
The extender hood is excellent for sun protection!
The only bad thing in although the storage compartment has easy access (from every side) the frame of the pram is inside the basket space? Making it impossible to put your nappy bag in there! If you have a heavy nappy bag hanging on the handle make sure bubs is in the pram without bubs the pram will tip!
I have a back and hip injury and I find I can lift this pram I seperate to put it in my boot but it does fold flat all together
We bought the cinnamon colour with cute accessories in pink from valco baby and Australia have the liner!!
Easy steering, stylish, expander hood
Storage compartment has frame taking us too much space, handle doesn't extend would like more accessories with colours ie hoods in diff colours

Perfect First Pram

Being a first time Mum, I found shopping for a pram daunting.
After much consideration, I purchased this pram.
My baby is now 9 months old and I am very happy with my Valco Spark.
I wanted a pram for $500 or less as I was not prepared to spend big dollars on my first pram.
I also wanted a reversible seat and did not want to have a separate bassinet attachment to store later.
This pram is every thing in one.
I found that it was great as I was able to alternate between seat and bassinet to suit my baby's needs.
The pram is very user friendly, easy to push/ steer etc.
Reversible seat, seat transforms into bassinet. I found this particularly useful when out and about with my baby. Easy to fold. weighs approx 11kg which is relatively light for this type of pram. All material parts of the pram can be detached from the pram chassis and are machine washable. Good sized basket with easy access.
The only minor problem I have experienced is that sometimes the plastic connector which connects the hood to the chassis, comes loose. This occasionally occurs when the pram is transported in the car. It is very easy to fix and I consider this only a minor fault. We have a large car (Toyota Aurion) and find that the pram takes up about half the boot space. The most practical way to fold this pram is to take the seat off, but this is typical of this style/ type of pram.

Hi, I'm wondering where you purchased the Spark in Melbourne as I'm having trouble finding a store that stocks this model. Thanks, KimI bought my spark from baby train (you can see their website babytrain.com.au). They are locate in Moorabbin. HI Kim, our Black Tie Service will be able to advise which retailer located close to you stocks the Spark. You can contact them via email blacktie@valco.com.au.

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Questions & Answers

Hi can anyone tell me where to buy replacement wheel for this?
No answers

I purchased your Valco Snap Ultra Pram,we noticed our baby being pushed to 1side we thought it was baby's positioning. When we change to sitting position on the pram (from lying), we noticed a structural defect of the pram. 1 side of the frame was not screwed which is very unsafe for our wiggly 7mo baby now. We brought it back to Babyland Perth (5wks ago) but we were told to bring it to a pram repair shop which was closed because the person in charge was on holiday, it was very far (2hrs drive) we were not able to comeback. We were not even being offered with replacement even if the defect is very obvious and very dangerous, it wasnt even our fault that we got an expensive defective pram. We spent money on an expensive pram,we are very disappointed because the danger has been put aside before our baby.I'm not playing around, I can send you photos of the defect of you pram. Jehan Gaviola
2 answers
Hi Jehan, thanks for getting in touch with us and sorry that this has been your experience. If you would like to give our customer service team a call, they will try their very best to assist you with this matter in any way that they can. Our phone number is 03 9581 8000, please give us a call.Im so sorry to hear especially when it comes to safety, but I haven't had that problem at all and I'm going on 2 years now and I use it daily

My son is 5 months old so I was wondering if I buy the Valco spark is he going to be to big to use it in the bassinet mode? He is 9.4 kgs and long for his age also. Any feed back would be great?
3 answers
Hi. My son is also 5 months old but smaller and I feel like he is getting too big for bassinet mode. I think it depends on how active your baby is. My boy is trying to sit up in it. If your baby Is happy to lay there I think it would be fine. You can tilt it so that it's not flat when in bassinet mode too. Hopw that helps.Hi Beca, Our daughter is 5 months of age and 7kgs - the bassinet is not that big and our little one is very active and rolls and moves a lot, so we don't put her in it in that mode. The pram is easy to use and folds down easily, but does take up a fair amount of space, we have a small SUV and it occupies the entire rear floor space.Hi Beca, thanks for your question. As a rough guide, we would say you will get up to 6mth in the bassinet. If he is already 5 months old and long for his age, you may not be able to use the bassinet feature for very long. Having said that, the seat does have a full recline and would be suitable for him after this time :)


Valco Spark
Price (RRP) $549.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight11 kg
Folded Dimensions56 x 60 x 95 cm

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