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Vera Wang Naturals Graphite

Vera Wang Naturals Graphite

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Wanting to share the love!

I saw this at Peter's of Kensington and took a punt because we needed to upgrade from our mismatched, chipped and dying dinnerware from student days. I had originally wanted this in chalk (white colour) but couldn't find it on the website despite seeing it instore - I got a call from that department to say that they check that you really do want white before dispatching it because it scratches easily from cutlery, and is able to be polished off easily, but they want to warn their customers beforehand. Being fairly lacklustre over the prospect of polishing my dinnerware I went for the graphite (brown) and never looked back.

We use this for our everyday dinnerware, I am not gentle with it, it's dishwasherable and we haven't had a chip or break yet despite lots of banging against other plates, shelves etc (haven't dropped one yet but it's a matter of time!) and it hasn't skipped a beat. You can see scratches on the surface after we use steak knives, but they are minute and most seem to disappear after a wash. The really, really fine ones that remain are the same colour as the background so you can only see them if you hold the plate at an angle in good lighting, and I'm sure they would polish out if so desired. If you hold the plate at arm's length you can't see it.

At Peter's of Kensington the sets are about $250 which admittedly is more than what you pay for a Target/Myer/DJs set but I was rough with those too and these are much more durable than anything I've had before. Cost and worth are two very different things!

I wouldn't normally review dinnerware but this has been so surprising in a good way that I want to share the love!
Durable and good value for money
Microfine scratches from steak knife use

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