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2.9 from 57 reviews

Pleasantly surprised

Placed my first order on a Sunday, received email confirmation on the Monday - and the order arrived on the Wednesday - had purchased flea and tick control, toothpaste and dental chews. All arrived in good order and will certainly be ordering again from this Company - Thank You.

Excellent communication and fast postage with easy returns

I was a bit worried after reading some reviews on here but my experience with vet n pet direct has been fantastic. They quickly answered my emails and my items were shipped promptly the next day. When I had to return an item that was too big(my fault) their communication was fast and friendly and I was quickly sent a return slip and refunded.
I would order again with out hesitation and recommend them to anyone who asked.

Super fast delivery and everything perfect!

I purchased 2 dog harness, a DOOG walkie pouch and some treats from VNPD. I could not complain at all about my experience with them.... So, I was surprised to see the poor reviews. I ordered my product and I recieved it in 2 days. Their pricing was super competitive and the cheapest I have found for the RUFFWEAR harnesses. I would definitely buy again from these guys!!

Buyer beware

My order was for two products for my horse. I noticed that on my banking transactions there were 3 different transactions coming out of my account. They informed me that they were out of stock for one of my items so dispatched the other item and charged me. When I asked why the other two amounts were pending to be taken out of my account [name removed] informed me that she couldn't see them and couldn't explain why even after I screen shot here the transactions. When I explained that it is false advertising and bait advertising to advertise a product for sale when it is not in stock she just kept saying would you like to cancel the order. Zero apologies or recognition on the fact that consumer laws had been broken by them! I have now left it in the hands of my bank whom are disputing the second amount coming out of my account. Having told [name removed] about them taking two payments she replied with a transaction receipt from the 13/12 and not from after this date. My second amount was the 17/12 and she just said take it up with PayPal. My bank confirmed that they had charged me twice and is in the process of returning my money. This company breaks consumer laws and basically they couldn't care less and make excuses, lie and tell the customer they are wrong even when you supply proof and then tell the customer to take it up with PayPal.

Disappointing online service with no stock - no advice.

I'm another victim who didn't read these reviews first. I live rural and around 70km's round trip to my closest pet store so always buy online. I'm on a tight budget but make sure my dog eats well, so try to get the best bargain. My buddies dog food was getting low, so time to order and searched for best prices. Came across VNPD, who were BY FAR the cheapest online retailer - that alone should have rung alarm bells (too good to be true). Placed my order, paid immediately and got on with my life. After a week and my dog food running out, it dawned on me about my order.
I tried ringing VNPD unsuccessfully, so contacted them using their online form. Next morning I received an email from a person, who's title suggested they were part of the "customer care team". The email was blunt with absolutely NO CARE. Quote: We are currently out of stock of the Balanced Life Canine Air Dried Kangaroo Recipe 3.5kg and this is expected in with us today. As soon as it arrives in your order will be shipping out to you this afternoon. Please confirm if you wish to go ahead with this order?
Unfortunately for me, I was out of food for my buddy, so was forced to drive the distance to local store. The cost of petrol and local store prices has set me back in my budget. I very briefly explained this to the "customer care member" and asked if they could cancel this order. I was also hoping they may acknowledge their service issues and just say something like sorry for the inconvenience, but no, the response was simple "youré order has been cancelled as requested."
I really don't get some businesses or employees. They are in business because they want my money. Employees work there so they can get paid. How do they not relate to the fact that customers are the lifeblood and how hard is it (really) to just let someone know if there is no stock of an item. It seems to me this company, is actually a "drop shipper" and they advertise prices well below market, to undermine the industry, take your money for a week or two at no cost and hope for the best, without actually caring about implications for customers.
Well, they will never see another cent of mine. I don't have much money, but I'll only be stung once and I'd rather pay a few dollars more for quality and service. There are so many other good pet retailers out there, don;t risk it for a few dollars . Everyone's story is similar here...

Trap Alert. Wish I read these reviews before I bought from them.

I thought I was a savvy online shopper and did not expect to fall into this trap.

My cat broke her hind leg and needs to wear a constant cast formed by three kinds of bandages prescribed by the vet: petflex, gauze, padding cotton. I bought a few rolls of each type from this site, plus an Elizabethan cone, which came to 40 dollars, plus 10 dollars postage, I paid a total of 50 dollars.

After waiting three days for the order to ship, I contacted customer service to enquire when my order would be shipped. I was notified that they were waiting for stock for the gauze and would post the other items in my order first, I happily agreed. The very next day, the same customer service rep e-mailed me saying that they refunded the amount for the gauze to my account as they do not expect to receive stock for it anytime soon (turns out that when I placed the order there were already no stock and even til this day the item is still on the site marked as in stock). This was done without any prior communication with me. EDIT: the refund has still not arrived, it has been four days since I wrote this review and more than a week for them to process on this.

All three types of bandages were essential for the cast to take form, having no gauze meant the other items become useless. If I am to buy the gauze alone from another supplier, I have to pay postage again which could have been avoided if this site had been transparent with their service.

I asked whether there were any alternative gauze that they sell and said that I am willing to make an exchange, the rep then sarcastically replied that there is one alternative which is “much more expensive” (it was 3 dollars for a roll). As the image for this alternative gauze was very unclear on the website, I asked if it has the same functions to the one I ordered. The rep replied with one line: “it’s better quality” without any further explanation. I searched online to find that this alternative gauze is vastly different to the one I bought as it has no elasticity and was much thicker, meaning it would be unsuitable for my purposes.

At this point I knew I should cease trying to communicate with them, it would be a further waste of my efforts.

It has been more than a week since I placed my order and I still haven’t received the items nor am I provided any tracking information (I am in the same metro city where their warehouse is located, a big reason why I bought from them as the listed arrival time was within 1-2 days). I would not have minded waiting this long if it were not because of my cat’s urgent needs. I am beginning to worry seeing other reviews that referred to their waiting time being as long as 4 months. I might have to buy the items all over again from another supplier to make sure she has the right things to use when the bandages at home gets finished.

Steer clear from this site if your beloved pet is in urgent need and you want to avoid headaches and unnecessary stress.

Not recommended. So many good Pet Retailers out there instead

I have had a similar experience with VNPD twice about 5 years apart. I have placed an order for things they have listed on their website, but they aren’t actually in stock and they can’t source. It also takes them an entire week to even notify you of the fact. Then they expect payment for the goods they can dispatch when their payment gateway is already holding funds for the full amount. So you have to pay twice to get your order dispatched. After canceling my order I had the same products dispatched to me from other pet retailers within hours.

Fantastic service

I ordered a dog harness ($130) from another company that I then realised wasn't coming and the company were scammers (Petology - I usually check on Product Review - wish I had). I rang Vet-N-Pet Direct first thing yesterday morning to check they had what I wanted in stock. There was no waiting to talk to someone and they confirmed they had it. They waited while I put the order through online and told her the order no. that she then printed off and said she'd act on it straight away (because we're going camping and I really needed it for our three-legged dog). It arrived at lunchtime today!

Great products, fast shipping.

For the last few months, I have been buying specific products no longer available in my local pet shop.
Very happy to find my monthly supply here.

Came quickly with no delays

After shopping around for the best prices on vet products for my dog Vet-N-Pet came out in front. Though, I was sceptical because of reviews, in this case they were able to deliver the product I ordered within a week (acceptable to me considering I live in NQ) and the product was cheaper than the other big online contenders. I believe I would shop again with Vet-N-Pet but will hold my five star rating for then.

Good products but some issues with stock & service

I've bought several items from this online store & been mostly happy. I agree with the reviews here though about stock levels. They don't notify you online about having no stock, you only get informed after you've paid for it. When this happened to me, on a product I needed urgently, I wrote them an email explaining that because I wasn't informed on the website at the time of lurchasw that it was out of stock, that I would like a refund or a different size product.
To their credit, they sent me the larger size, express post, at no extra cost to me.
My last purchase arrived with terrible packaging, it was a miracle it wasn't damaged. I emailed them with feedback & they were apologetic & polite in response.
I do think something has changed in the company since I first used it. Delivery is not as prompt, the packaging was poor on my last order & they don't state products are out of stock on their website, as they should.
They were impressive for me with customer service though. And I've been very happy with the quality of products that I've bought from them.
I'm not sure if I'll purchase again though....which is a shame. But I get the impression something isn't right within the business. Hopefully it improves soon.

Excellent experience after being sceptical of some of the negative reviews

After reading some very angry and negative reviews on here, I was extremely sceptical of placing an order with Vet n Pet Direct but i'm very glad that I did.

I had read some reviews on the best dog harnesses to get for my lab pup who had been pulling too much on the one we had and wanted to get a Ruffwear front harness which vet n pet direct stocked at a much more reasonable price than having to get it shipped from the States. I placed my order but made a mistake with the sizing and called up to be advised that they couldn't manually change the order so would have to just cancel it and I should then place another order. The woman on the line was very friendly and my call was dealt with quickly. The charge for my mistake was still on a pre authorisation, which they do until they send the product and will then charge the full amount so I had to wait only a couple of days for the pre authorisation to clear and then placed my order again.

The product came within 4 days and I received tracking information the day before delivery. I'm delighted with the product as it was exactly as it said it would be, and also the harness has stopped our pup from pulling, which is a game changer in terms of walks now. They also sent an interesting catalogue with some interesting information on pets as well as some product marketing which we will probably use at some point in the future.

Their policy is stated when you place your order that they will contact you when they send your product, which I would think would still be the same when there is a delay or they are out of stock which I think explains a few of the over the top (in my opinion) negative reviews but I have only had a positive experience with the company and will be using them again in the future.

Don't risk it if your order is urgent

Have twice had issues with delivery from this company (for expensive orders too). Even though I specified a 'Australia Post Parcel Collect' postal address, they sent via courier (who cannot deliver to Australia Post). The second time I stated "AUSTRALIA POST ONLY" in the delivery instructions, but they again sent via courier. It took weeks longer to receive my order than it should have and my dog ran out of her essential medication. Not impressed. Was not offered any compensation.

Super friendly and very helpful customer service!

I was very happy with the extremely competent and friendly help I received with my order. Thank you very much. Five stars!!


I ordered products that I wasn't told were out of stock.
No one contacted me to let me know so I waited for my order.
I rang to see where is was and was told out of stock and don't know when it's available again.
They need to not sell products that are out of stock or at least warn the customer, really bad service.

27 days and still waiting for my order

I have been purchasing from vet pet for years but never again. 27 days after placing and order and 2 calls to chase it up I still don’t have my products. days delivery to WA!

Order received very happy

Ordered Friday last week and received today and that included waiting on one of my items to come in before shipment. Very happy and will shop again.

Do not use! Worst Customer service EVER!!!

The lack of customer service by this supplier is absolutely outrageous. Despite advertising items in stock, they were out of stock and it took 4 months to get half the order and then they advised us the item was discontinued! When we politely emailed the representative was sarcastic and advised us different delivery dates four times before advising us the item has been discontinued. We wanted the item for our elderly dog and have now lost four months of his time on this joke of a shop! Find somewhere else!!

Tried these guys after terrible experience with the Farm Store

After having a terrible experience with the Farm Store, I thought I'd give these guys a shot since they had a better rating on this site. My product was delivered in a week, was cheaper and exactly what I asked for. Will be using these guys again.

No stock

Wish I had read reviews here before purchase, as I received a "Out of stock notification" email next day after purchase. Live and learn. I've learnt never to purchase from Vet-n-Pet-Direct again.

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