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vibro fit pro

Not happy ordered and paid for vibrofit pro after achieving nothing for two weeks i contacted them only to be told they where out of stock bit for 180 odd dollars more i could upgrade I said no and asked for my money back, I then put in an official complaint . Guess what i have herd nothing back . yes i did get my money back but i could have herd back from the company . all i wanted was what i paid for is that too much to ask . oh and just checking with the web site it still says stock available....

Hello, my name is Francois and I am the General Manager at Froothie Australia. I am susrprised and very sorry to hear about your experience regarding your order. the Vibrofit Pro is in stock owever we did have shortages for a few days in April due to high demand. I will investigate ASAP why this was not clearly and promptly communicated to you. Could you please email me directly tofrancois@froothie.com.au so that I can investigate the matter in detail? You can also contact me at francois@froothie.com.au Kindly awaiting your reply :) Francois General ManagerFrancois rang me and fixed the problem straight away ...My wife has now got her new vibro fit as is extremely happy ...Thanks again Francois for your great customer service

Vibrofit Pro

I love this machine. It's so addictive but a good, healthy addiction. Definitely one of the best investments I've ever made.
Due to a medical condition I find it quite difficult to exercise but this machine is fantastic.
It took a little bit of playing around with the preset programs to work out the one that suited me the best. I have been using it a few times a day and even though I've only had it a short time I can already feel my muscles getting stronger and more toned.
The rest of my family are really enjoying using it too.
I highly recommend this machine. It is also a great massage and it just makes you feel great

Burnt out

Had this product two weeks worked fine then just lifted to move to a new location turned on and the engine component started smoking and the burnt smell started to present itself now doesn't work not good at all

Hello Hayley, my name is Francois and I am the General Manager at Froothie Australia. I am sorry to hear that your VibroFit plate is faulty. We take such issues very seriously. Could you please email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au and I will investigate the matter for you personally and ensure the issue is resolved ASAP to your satisfaction. Kindly awaiting your reply :) FrancoisI did have someone phone me directly and have apparently arranged for an upgraded replacement model to be issued whilst I arrange to return this item (not at my cost) however its not the lightest easiest thing to drop at Australia post however I am doing so as the item is faulty and I certainly do not want this item with this fault which is quite dangerous to be issued back to me. Please confirm as I was told by Kristina I think it was that she organised all before she flew out overseas yesterday? Thankyou HayleyAfter a somewhat not so great outcome with my initial vibrofit purchase, I must say the customer service offered by Froothie was excellent, they did listen and act, they took on board the issue with the unit and understandably were just as upset that this occurred, so they offered an upgraded unit of which I have received, not that this was the point, however the upgraded unit has been received and so far no issues, it was all done in a timely manner and with mininmal fuss, and whilst is only early I am very appreciative of the fact they stood by the product and their word and resolved the issue. I guess at times with electrical products issues can arise through no fault of anyone but just an issue that occurs - thank you

Feeling fitter and healthier.

I have been using our Vibofit Pro for one month now and can say that it is great for shifting stagnant energy, improving posture and balance and shaking-off sluggishness. I feel fitter and healthier all round.
I agree with other reviewers that the voice message when you turn the machine on is extremly intrusive and annoying but we have been told that it cannot be turned-off or by-passed.


Now that I have been supplied a basic visual program to use, much happier. Feel great after every 10 minute training. Froothie have been awesome with their back up - thank you

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Thank you for your message and your kind feedback :) We are currently preparing a workout guide and we will happily email it to you once ready so that you can make the most of your new VibroFit. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything in the meantime :)

Extremley happy with product and customer service team :)

I am very shocked to read the below comments as i myself has never had to experience anything near than what others are saying. I own a VibroFit Pro. I realized my machine didn't receive any straps however i made a simple phone call and spoke to a lovely customer service lady who assisted me directly. Not only did they re issue myself 2 x NEW straps but they expressed posted them to me immediately and reassured me even after 30 days they are always here to support me. They even sent me a brand new manual which was amazing and extremely useful all free of charge! I understand that mistakes happen, especially in the Christmas time period. I have been using my machine for about 3 weeks now and i can already feel and see results. If you are like me who work full time and find it hard to go for runs in the evening especially when winter is around the corner, this is the perfect machine to use. I used it 10 minutes a day and 10 minutes at night. I am able to sleep better, my body feels lighter and most importantly I'm staying healthy. I have already recommended this machine to my colleagues and family who struggle the same way i do and we all have no issues what so ever. We are proud to own a great machine like this

Vibrofit Pro is awesome

Vibrofit Pro has a 3/ 5 year warranty, comparison to only 12 months with other brands. Now I have been using it for 2 months and I am very happy.

wow. best thing i bought that actually works

I have been using the vibrofit pro along with my wife for the past 3 months and it has exceeded my expectations.
It does what it says and more. After a day of work I find that apart from burning calories it actually relaxes your muscles and refreshes you. From my point of view and my wife's I can only say that the vibrofit pro is a winner and will keep on using it

Vibrofit pro value

Product is easy to use but would have appreciated more detailed instructions and advice on various exercise regimes. The machine works very well and is very quiet except for the intro "Blue tooth is ready to pair" where the woman's voice is unnecessarily loud - should be able to switch off.

Skeptical no more!

We purchased a Vibrofit Pro after long deliberations about it possibly being a fas that does not live up to its claims. After researching extensive independent analyses of the vibration pad claims and finding them to be almost 99% positive, we decided too give it a go. Needed to lose weight, improve circulation and generally tone up ( am 59yrs old) but have no time to spend at gyms. Can only say at after 3 weeks of 10 mins per day and a better diet though not a dramatic change, I have lost 5 kgs, my circulation as improved markedly as confirmed by my doctor, I feel fitter, far less tired and am absolutely thrilled that we made this purchase. My wife has made similar improvements. I would recommend this device unreservedly if you are loooking for a convenient, effective way to address similar issues to mine. Even my skeptical children now have to admit that it has cleearly made a signifficant difference......and it was worth purchasing just to have that win!

Happy Owner

Since finding the online exercise plans, I can certainly make more use of my Vibrofit Pro. I like the tingly feeling I get after use, which, to me, means the blood is really flowing. The one thing that annoys the heck out of me is the initial welcome message. I wish I could turn it off so I don't wake up the household if I want to exercise early in the morning.

October 28th 2017 Update: Great Product

I like my Vibrofit Pro as it is easy to use and small enough to be stored in my (very small) room. I know it's doing me good, because, after a use, I can actually feel the blood zinging through my veins. I was originally a bit disappointed to find no accompanying manual, but soon discovered there is plenty of information online, including exercises. The caribenas on the resistance bands are very weak and easily snapped and I find it annoying that I can't turn off the 'welcome' message. However I'm still happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small, compact, and not overly expensive exercise machine.

Extremely Impressed

I am a PROUD owner of the VibroFit Pro and I am extremely happy with it:)I have been using my VibroFit 10 minutes a day for the past 2 weeks and already starting to feel a change. I feel lighter, healthier and simply active. I personally recommended this machine to my friends and family. I guess you will always have those one or two customers who think otherwise. If fitness and health is important to you... You wont be disappointed :)

Vibrating my way to fitness :)

Like other reviewers I was initially disappointed that there was no exercise plan included but after a 5 minute google search I had what I needed and was good to go.

I was sceptical that this would do anything to tighten my muscles and purchased it to help with my circulation...well after the first time I stepped on the machine I was hooked and could feel it in my core.

I have had my machine now for about a month and combined with mostly healthy food choices I have lost about 4 kgs and can see the muscles starting to become more defined.

I have recommended this product to family and friends and after having a go in mine my 22 year old niece, 3 of my brothers and my boss have all purchased their own.

Great Machine

I purchased my Vibrofit Pro some months ago and I am very pleased with it. The only down would be that it does not come with a manual and exercise regime, however I have been given a link that I will endeavor to follow. Follow up service has been of excellent quality and a lot less money than others on the market.

Should have a manual

Just received mine, phoned to say no manual, they don't come with manuals I was told and they emailed me a link, still no proper info, with a product like this there should be a manual showing you how and what to do, and advise for different ages, don't think I will keep it, these machines can do more damage then good if you don't know how to use it.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you did not receive the adequate information you need to make the most of the plate. We have now launched our online VibroFit Training Classes which you can check directly on the link below: https://www.froothie.com.au/vibrofit-online-training-classes The classes will show you the best positions to achieve the best results in a safe manner. We are also currently working on a workout guide as well as a wall poster. You can email me directly at francois@froothie.com.au and I will personally ensure that you are sent the information as soon as it is available. Kind regards :)

Power vibrofit pro

I love mine it has blue tooth to listen to music..(could of have volume )... nicely designed and works the same as any on the market it is cheaper than most out there with same benifits. Has speed up to 200 with diff programs and a handy remote. it also has rwo resistence bands for an excercise plan.. one disapointment was no excercise manual.so im.not sure what to do on mine with out looking it up on the net

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Hi my girlfriend has let me have her vibrofit pro while she’s pregnant. She never got the arm straps that go with it an hadn’t got the remote. How do I get any replacement parts for it?
2 answers
Hi credable2b, I am so sorry that these items were missing in your order! Please provide me with your shipping details and I will have them sent to you ASAP. Any other questions credable2b? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! ;) We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager at FroothieThankyou that would be fantastic! I will send email direct with my address thanks again. I absolutely love this machine!!

What does the Bluetooth do on a vibrofit pro x??
1 answer
Hi Tony, with Bluetooth pairing capabilities and remote control operation, the VibroFit Pro-X will be your best workout companion that let helps you get into better shape while listening to your favorite music anytime you want, however, you want to. Anything else I can help you with Tony? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager of Froothie

hi i was'nt using my machine for some time and now when i switch it on it just makes beeping sound and the screen blinks, how do i solve this?
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Take a video of it and send to manufacturer I have not experienced this though will double check Mine beeps when I turn on with the blue lights push red button on remote turns on blue lights become 10.00 push start on remote away we go I can not answer that question so sorrySorry I have not experienced this issue.Hello Ashi, thank you for your message. Please contact our technical team directly using this link - http://www.froothieinternational.com/warranty.php and they will personally assist you to solve this issue. We hope this helps but you can also contact our customer service team via support@froothie.com.au.


Vibrofit Pro
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