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VibroSlim Ultra

VibroSlim Ultra

4.5 from 103 reviews

Disappointed . Very Very Very

2 hrs total body workout top setting .
NO Results ...
Years on big old round machine wonderful results ...
Difference in my workout ,the machine...
Noisy when not in use .
Store away from where I work out TV room so need to move every time I workout !

Purchased in January 2018 at TVSN (TV Shopping Network).

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Product is used: Daily
Dear Rhonda, I am very sorry you are disappointed, we would love you to contact us directly and go through some exercises to get more out of your workout. Please contact us on support@vitality4life.comYou asked me to contact you ? RhondaHi Rhonda thanks so much for getting in touch with us, I can see you have been emailing a colleague of mine. I am glad we could be of assistance. Please dont hesitate to contact us directly in the future via our toll free line 1800 802 924 or at support@vitality4life.com

A bit disappointed

I bought this machine at the end of 2015, I used it on and off initially and then not for about a year. I have pulled it out again recently and been working for about 2 and half months until suddenly it went mad and turned it self on full speed! Now I cannot change the speed or programme either on the machine or with the remote. Can anyone help me to reset the machine as I would love to continue using it. It cost me $450. and I would expect it to last longer than it has, I don’t really want to pay out for a new one just on Christmas

Keeps me motivated.

Iv had vibroslim for 2 mths and use it every day..If I am busy or feeling lazy I use it for 10 min..Most days 20min...Im not an exercise person.I find this so easy..no soreness..I am 64 yrs, I have not lost any weight (size 12)but I have firmed up & feel better in myself..this machine motivates me to do some exercise that I normally wouldn't..

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Hi Robyn, it is so great to hear that your VibroSlim Ultra is proving to provide such a positive experience for you! Feel free to contact us directly if you ever need assistance or have any questions :) Regards, VibroSlim team


Enjoying my vibrapower slim 2 as dont have enough time for the gym, doing 20mins a night can see a difference in my legs as of yet, only down side the remote control watch has never worked properly, only works if you have it right next to the power which defeats the object.

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Hi Linzi, I am really glad to hear that you are so happy with your VibroSlim platform. I completely understand your concern with the remote control and I can assure you this should not be happening nor is a common occurrence. Please get in touch with us at Vitality 4 Life, as we can help you resolve the issue regarding your remote control promptly. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri AEST or by emailing support@vitality4life.com. Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

Feeling fitter

I have had the Vibro Slim Ultra for a few weeks now and feeling fitter - has anyone bought a cheaper type with success? heaps of them on sale on other websites so who knows how to compare different brands...

Hi Leisa, from an official perspective there are a few things to watch out. Some of the cheaper brands are bought in bulk as a one - off from unknown factories where there is no relationship. This means spare parts and serving can not be offered in the future. We were the original importer of Vibration Machines into Australia and have a long term, well established relationship with our manufacturer. Over the 15 years of our relationship, we have been able to offer ideas for improvements on parts we have identified, on the colours and usability of the platform so that our customers really are offered a quality product. I hope this helps. Kindest regards, Michelle | Vitality 4 LifeThanks so much Michelle, I would have thought the company had a good reputation in this market where there are a lot of cheaper imitations.

Excellent for muscle soreness

If exercised and have muscle soreness afterwards. Use the machine for 10 minutes and that vibrates through the muscles and soreness is soon gone. I use the vibroslim ultra after each visit to the gym.

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Hi Monica, Thanks so much for providing us with such great feedback. Have you thought about trying your VibroSlim before the gym as well? It gets all your muscles fired up and ready for exercise so you are really ready for your session! If you have any questions at all about your machine, do not hesitate to contact us at support@vitality4life.com Thanks again, Vitality 4 Life Team


I purchased this 5 months ago, I use for 60 minutes a day, & I am quite surprised at the amount of weight I have lost. I actually didn't buy this for weight loss, I purchased for back pain. I find it pretty good for my back pain, IF used everyday, like all other products, it's continual use. As for weight loss, I have gone from a size 12 to a 10 in 5 months. From my results, this would work for weight loss, but you have to use at least an hour every single day & over several months.

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Missymoo11, this is great news! Thank you for your review, we love to hear about our customers success stories and it looks like you are reaping the full benefits from the Ultra. We are so glad to hear that your back pain has been reduced also. Regards, VibroSlim and The Vitality 4 Life Team.

Good for improving circulation

Have yet to try it for weight loss but great for improving circulation! Easy to use than an Elliptical or treadmill. Recommend to anyone to improve general wellbeing and circulation!

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Thank you for the feedback Nina , great to hear you are enjoying the machine from the Vitality 4 Life Team

It's OK

I am a 73 year old male. I have used my VibroSlim Ultra machine for just over a month and so far see little benefit. Definitely no weight loss even though I walk and ride at least 5 - 6 hours each week as well as 1 - 2 10 minute sessions each day on the machine. I am probably a little more stable on my feet, I can squat a little lower and using the elastic straps has helped reduce shoulder pain. I will continue using the machine over the coming months to see if there is some improvement.

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Hi Bruce, Just wanted to touch base to see how your vibration training was coming along. Everyone will have differing results depending on your current level of fitness, the way the machine is used and your BMI. The machines will enhance weightloss if this is a concern and you have excess weight to lose but they are also intended for anyone wanting to improve circulation, general flexibility and also relaxation of muscles which may be perfect after your ride. We have lots of customers that have achieved many benefits so please let us know if we can help further with tips on usage and using the machine tailored to your own goals. Many Thanks, The Vitality 4 Life Team

Good exercise machine

Good product, easy to use. I use this machine quite often for exercise at home since I don't have much time to go out door. I believe I made a right choice.

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Hi tddh, Thank you for your review. We are delighted to hear that the Vibroslim Ultra Vibration Machine http://www.vitality4life.com.au/vibroslim-ultra-vibration-machine/ fits your lifestyle. If there is anything further we can assist with please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 or via support@vitality4life.com Kind Regards, Vibroslim


Although we have only had the machine for a few weeks we feel we are benefitting from the minimal use to make us feel better and find it easy to use

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Hi Geoff, Thank you for your review. Great to hear! that you feel you are gaining benefit from the Vibrolsim Ultra Vibration Machine already. If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 or via support@vitality4life.com Kind Regards, Vibroslim

Great machine

Product is very easy to use. When I started using it I felt a bit stiff the next day so I know it's working. Also I have noticed my legs are a bit firmer. Haven't used the Dvd yet . Love this product.

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Hi Donna, Thank you for your review. We are pleased to hear that are enjoying the use of the Vibroslim Ultra Vibration Machine. We hope that when you have time you will have a look through the DVD it is filled with some great hints and tips. If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 or via support@vitality4life.com Kind Regards, Vibroslim

great I love it

I loved doing my work out but I just cant seem to get the timer on the machine or the remote to go longer than the 10mins it is set to. I can go down in minutes but not up so its hard for me to do a 30min workout without having to stop and start

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Hi Tina, thank you for your review! The programs on the Ultra are pre-set to 10 minutes, so at the end of the 10 minute session you just need to press 'start' again to get another 10 minutes. Although many people opt to use their vibration machines for longer, they are designed so that you can get an amazing workout in just 10 minutes. Please feel free to call us if you have any further queries on your VibroSlim - ph 1800 802 924. Kind regards, VibroSlim

Almost perect :-)

So I've had this product for about 2 weeks I think, I was seeing good results after 3 days, I like the yoga mat you get with it and the guide. The only down side for me is it dosn't have a pause button just a stop button. The programs are good to mix things up a bit. I use this product twice a day :-)

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Hi Natalie, thank you for your review! Fantastic to hear you are seeing such quick results and are enjoying using your VibroSlim accessories. If you have any queries regarding using your machine at all, please contact us on 1800 802 924. Kind regards, VibroSlim

very helpful in managing pain and fitness with arthritis

I have found this is helpful for me as I have arthritis and most exercising was too hard for me. Since using this machine have been doing more around home.

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Hi Dorothy, thank you for your review! Wonderful to hear that your arthritis pain has been relieved by exercising on your VibroSlim machine. If you have any queries regarding using your machine at all, please contact us on 1800 802 924. Kind regards, VibroSlim

i love my VibroSlim product it's easy to use and doesn't take up a lot of room and programs present

Definitely not, I don't like the fact it is automatically billed to me every month.
Yes easy to use doesn't live up to expectations as a weightloss product las advertised

Hi Margie, thank you for your review. Glad to hear you are enjoying your VibroSlim machine, and find it easy to use. Did you use Afterpay as your payment method? We offer this payment plan option to customers so they can get the product straight away and use it while paying it off. We have also written a blog post that you may find helpful if you are looking to use your vibration machine for weight loss specifically: http://www.vitality4life.com.au/blog/healthy-lifestyle/power-of-vibration-machines-for-weight-loss/ If you have any queries regarding using your machine, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924 - we would love to assist. Kind regards, VibroSlimI already have received mine, the family bought it for me for xmas


same problem have never bought of TV before and took awhile to save for it was so excited when it arrived to find it didn't work

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Hi Deb, sorry to hear that you have had troubles using your VibroSlim - please feel free to get in contact with us on 1800 802 924 so we can resolve this for you and get you vibrating your way to health and wellness as soon as possible. Kind regards, VibroSlim

Love it!

Bought the machine a while ago but just started using it in the last couple of weeks and absolutely love it. I do upper body at same time with bands and feel it working. Due to ease of use I am exercising more regularly. Would like more info on the 3 different programs as am not sure what these are best for.

Hi Kerrie, thanks for your review! Great to hear that you are finding your VibroSlim machine easy to use. The automatic pre-set programs have been designed to give different types of workouts so you can experiment to see what you prefer. You can always use the machine in manual mode and adjust the time and speed yourself if you feel comfortable doing this. If you have any further queries regarding using your machine please feel free to call us on 1800 802 924. Kind regards, VibroSlimThanks


I just received my replacement board as when I received first one it wouldn't turn on it just beeped at me. Now the speed control on my replacement won't work.

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Hi Bokim, so sorry to hear you are having trouble with your VibroSlim Ultra - please call us on 1800 802 924 and we will assist you to get this issue fixed asap. Kind regards, VibroSlim

VibroSlim is great and helping my circulation a lot

Had trouble with the delivery though, took way too long and was stuffed around by Toll Ipec.

Product is easy to use and helping with the circulation throughout my ankles and knees.

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Hi Lydia, thank you for your review. Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the Courier, but glad to hear you are finding using your machine easy to use now. If you have any queries regarding your machine at all, please feel free to contact us on 1800 802 924. Kind regards, VibroSlim

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when I turn my vibroslim in it lights up like it used too but has stopped vibrating any ideas as to what may of caused this.
1 answer
Hi Sian, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Vibroslim. So we can get to the bottom of the issue are you able to contact us on the toll free number on 1800 802 924 or send us an email at support@vitality4life.com Warm Regards Vitality4Life.

Hi, Can people with hear conditions use this?
No answers

Hi There, I am contemplating purchasing one due to the great reviews. Does it help with cellulitis?
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