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Thanks for all your advice. Does it work when you already have a cold? Or only when you first get symptoms? Thanks!
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Hi. I would use it as soon as you can, I have had only 1 cold develop in the past 10 years. In that case it still did help with the nasal symptoms and the cold was not full blown.Use it at the first sign of a cold or even if you don’t have a cold as it will prevent the virus from taking hold. Safe and natural as made from seaweed.

Where can I obtain Vicks Furst Defence Nasal Spray?Gold Coast Qld
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It is no longer available through Australian retail outlets. It is available on line at Chemest Direct in the United Kingdom. They ship to Australia and are reliable.Thank you kindly for taking time to respond.I have also ordered and received through ebay with no issues from the UK

I need to get Vicks First Defence. When it first started to get hard to find I stockpiled, but my stockpile is running low and I need it. How do I get it? Is there a black market for this stuff?
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I order it via eBay from the UK. I normally buy 6 at a time which makes it a bit cheaper. Hope this helpsI always get my 'supply' from Chemist Direct in UK and have found them very efficient. I used to order 4 at a time but in early 2017 was told max of 2. From memory was something to do with customs regulations.

This product has worked for me but cannot find where to buy it on Brisbane Southside or online. Anyone have suggestions?
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We are in Perth and have trouble finding it as well, not sure why it's so hard, suggest you call the manufacturer and ask. It's the only thing I've found that will stop a cold from progressing.I ended up purchasing it on ebay from a UK supplier. With postage it cost around $20 but I was happy to pay the amount as I find it is the best cold cure around. I have since asked a friend travelling to the UK to pick up 5 bottles for me so I have a supply for the whole family. Hope this helps

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