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Satisfied - Tried and Tested

A great product! Was a little sceptical at first but decided to invest on one as I had a head cold that became a chest infection. With thick mucus and finding hard to breathe, rubbed Vicks on chest, back and nose ( it helped a little) but needed something more. Can't be sleeping of recliner forever, decided to invest on Vicks Vaporiser and it has helped me adjourned from recliner to bed. It has become my best buddy.

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That's fantastic to hear Fazee - thankyou very much for taking the time to leave your review. Hope you are feeling better soon. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Trips power - don't waste your money

Bought one unit, started tripping power after 5 uses. Took it back to where I purchased it, refused refund (after the shop called Vicks) as they can only offer a new unit from a different batch. Used this one less then 5 times and now having the same problem. It makes it worse when you're trying to soothe a sick baby.

Really great for the congestion

Ken, well we all have some family thing, smoking = hideous phelgm. He hasn't had it (the phelgm for years), the last Hooray so I thought, a good friend lent this vapouriser, it is bang on great, the tissues the bag to place them in, he is roaring as far relief, Lucky us. BUT
As we who have these, it tells you it switches itself off, Our friend (the owner set it up, 10mls water, and 2 and 1/2 caps of liquid, well it ran all day, Ken is on he couch, sleeping, I crept out of the bedroom to see if he was well u know okay, the smell, yuk what is it. Hey we have tiles, just imagine carpet, It turned itself off, but what ever brown liquid was left, it all came out, and over the sides. I know what you're thinking, he knocked it over, I just went out and asked him, and true it was way under the coffee table, it was no where near the couch. I know that I had to clean up all the brown liquid that were on the tiles, and the smell is still there.
Hey it is a great machine, before this I was putting Vicks on his hanky, old ways. Hey if u have congestion, that chest rattle, get this machine. I use to distribute these when I lived in NZ, that was a time when he didn't this horrible rattley chest. But u forget. Anyway I have ordered one Ebay, because it is brilliant, apart the leaving it on all night. Ken is nearly 80 yo, he is doing okay, but no more smoke, even he said that.
Thanks to Vapouriser (Vicks) It is really great, My late Mother was an asthmatic, she always had a rattley chest (Asthma), this Vapouriser would of been great for her. We live in a relocatable home, small as word implies, NO it didn't or doesn't trip the power, Our iron can trip the power, depends how many things u have going at once.

Ken just said. Of course re fill it at night, and put the stuff in, I have put the extra star on, excellent.

Trips power, only lasted one month

Such a shame since we loved this product, but it only lasted a month! I’ve had to cease use as it trips the power as soon as you plug it in.

Hi there We're very sorry to hear this, it sounds like your unit has a fault. Have you followed up with your warranty yet? Give our customer service a call and they'll be happy to sort you out with a replacement. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours, or email including your proof of purchase to cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Vicks.Hi there, I don’t have the original receipt from Cincitta Chemist as I wasn’t expecting any issues. What do I do?I would still call the warranty team and discuss if you haven't kept a receipt. Good luck! Kind Regards, Vicks.

Love you vicks

The best vaporiser I’ve ever owned, personally I love the noise it’s calming! This always helps me and my baby when we are sick, I love the oil flavours you have to!

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Hi Erin We love you too! Thankyou for your wonderful review, this is fantastic to hear and we appreciate you coming on here and sharing your good experience. Wishing you and your family the best of health, Kind Regards, Vicks.

Only lasted one winter.

We used it for one winter with no issues, however it now boils the water in the base to the point that it could burn you with not that much steam coming out the top. Very disappointed with it only working properly for one winter.

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Hi Morgan Thanks for the feedback. We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further with you, and see if there's anything we can do to help. Give our customer service team a call during business hours on Freecall 1800 655 841 or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Hope we can assist with this issue. Kind Regards, Vicks.


Ours has been great, had it for nearly 2 years and use if for every cold/flu that sneaks into our family. Definitely gives us some much needed rest and relief when the kids are sick!

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Hi Nicole Thankyou for your lovely review! We're glad the Vicks Vaporizer has helped you and your family. Kindest Regards, Vicks.

Vapor steam liquid

Hi. I was wondering if you can use vicks steam liquid in any vapourizer. Or if you have to buy the whole vicks vapourizer itself plus the vapor steam liquid.

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Hi Sharmia Yes you can use the Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant in any Vaporizer, as long as it's not contraindicated in the manufacturer's directions. It is available to purchase separately from the Vaporizer. You can find our inhalants at most pharmacies including Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Poor quality,trips electrical switches in house

Do not buy this product,it is clearly made substandard! I brought it home and only after two hours it blew the circuit,when I plugged it into the outlet it began spitting water on the floor!

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Hi Jonmb Sorry to hear about this experience. Please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to arrange a warranty replacement for your faulty unit. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours, or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Vicks Warm Vaporizer Unsafe

This product keeps causing power surges. Bought two and they both causes the circuit breakers to trip. I used according to direction and they caused the same effect will be returning the back to the store.

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We're sorry to hear this SanMaria. It's unusual but if your replacement does the same thing it's possible the store has several from a faulty batch. We'd be keen to investigate further if you'd like to give us a call, and can send you a replacement direct. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Unsafe & should not be sold!!

I purchased this to try and combat my then baby sons stuffy nose. Unsure if it really works for this as I only used it twice, the second time not in his bedroom. The first time I used it I went into his room in the middle of the night to feed him & check the water levels. When I touched the main water storage into it has plenty of water but was scalding hot. I immediately removed it from my sons room as it is required to be kept on the floor and he is VERY curious. This was obviously NOT safe. I contacted the wholesaler who checked the batch number & confirmed it was from a faulty batch. They asked me to destroy it & sent me out a replacement fairly promptly. I then used the new one only to have the same issue. They asked me to send it back to them for testing. After quite a few weeks after they had received the unit back they finally got back to me & told me that after testing they had found that the heat was WITHIN SAFE LEVELS. For a child’s room??? It was scalding hot!! This is disgusting as I obviously can’t use it & am now out of pocket as I can’t return it because they have deemed it not faulty. Not to mention how many more are out there with this issue? How can a company sell something in good conscience that is SO dangerous. Hopefully Choice will test it properly & it will be taken off the shelves asap.

Wasted money twice..

This product when works does a good job however it won't last for more than a few months not even one winter. Tries consume more power and gets fused. The same happened with our second one tonight. Not happy and my baby is coughing. Plus I hate design so difficult to rinse . Mould is another drawback.

These cause mould. Do not use.

We used these vapourisers for a few years when our children were babies without knowing any better. Unfortunately for us (and many people I speak to), they can encourage mould to grow. I also now know that there are much more natural and healthier options for products that encourage clear airways and easy breathing.

Despite leaving windows open, doors open and airing the bedrooms thoroughly during the day we would be left with water literally dropping down the walls. I would have to try and clean up the mess each morning with beach towels. After a while I noticed mould on the back of the curtains and on the ceiling where the vapouriser was positioned. We treated it with a commercial mould treatment and repainted the rooms. We thought maybe it was just a coincidence that the mould was appearing with our use of the vapouriser so we kept using it. The mould came back!! We retreated the mould, painted AGAIN and threw the vapourisers in the bin. Since then we’ve discovered the benefits of cool mist ultrasonic diffusers using natural essential oils. And I’m happy to say that 4 years later we haven’t had the mould come back.

A household appliance must have!!

I first bought myself a vaporiser in 2012 when my daughter was first born and I have used it religiously every cold or flu we have had and it has without a doubt drastically reduced our symptoms almost immediately (I have only used it with the Vapo Steam oil). I have come down with a nasty cold overnight and I pulled this beauty out but unfortunately it kept tripping our power - the hubby pulled it apart and discovered the the internal wires had rusted through (I have never read the care instructions for this product, so maybe it’s my own fault). I then had hubby to race off and purchase me a new one the same day. I swear by this product and recommend it to everyone. I would gladly purchase a new one every 5 years if I had too.

Hi Emily, Thankyou for the wonderful review! 5 years is a very good innings for this appliance, especially if you've never cleaned it! For proper care of your new one, we recommend regularly soaking the heating module in white vinegar and carefully removing any mineral scale with a butter knife . The full instructions on how to do this are in your operating manual. Call us anytime if you have a question or need some troubleshooting advice - Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Hope it brings you many more years of good health! Kind Regards, Vicks.I will definitely have a thorough read of the manual and clean as recommended, perhaps ill get more than 5 years. Thanks Vicks

Faulty product

Worked fine for 5 days and now has developed a short, constantly trips power. Would not recommend this product, serious safety concerns as placed in infants nursery. I note multiple reviews sighting same issue.
Seems like pot luck in the quality of construction, stay clear.

How great is this

Brought this because I was sick during winter. Now spring and it’s still working a charm ! It slightly boils during the night if your a light sleeper may wake u but it’s a great things. To have

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Hi kristina We're so glad to hear the Vicks Vaporizer has helped you! Thankyou for your review. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Vicks vapour machine

My vicks machine after use overnight, there is still vapouriser liquid in trough machine, is this normal for this to happen,? Please advise me of what to do, I have had this machine for more than 5 years and never had a problem until now

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Hi Nik, Thanks for your review. So just to understand your query, have you always used the inhalant in the reservoir on the outside of the vaporizer, and it has always been all gone in the morning, except recently you are finding it still there. Correct? Although you can use the liquid in the top, we actually now advise using it inside the water chamber. You may notice this option on the instructions on the Vicks VapoSteam inhalant liquid. Try using it like that, adding the inhalant inside the container then putting water in, and see if this creates better vapours for you. Also, if you haven't cleaned it for a while, give it a good clean using white vinegar as detailed in your instruction manual. Of course, it is possible that your machine has stopped working as effectively - five years is a pretty good innings for this kind of device. If issues persist, the quickest way to get your query sorted is to give our customer service a call on Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. We can also email you the instruction manual for cleaning instructions if you've lost yours. Glad you've had a good experience for the past 5 years & thankyou again for stopping by to add your review. Kind Regards, Vicks.

It was great...until it started to leak.

My sister bought this for me almost two years ago because of my chronic asthma. I'm a grown adult who gets numerous throat and lung infections as well as allergy flare ups. The humidifier is great especially during the colder seasons because cold air and heaters dry up my eyes and nasal passage. Unfortunately over the last few months I've noticed it's been leaking a lot at the bottom of the humidifier. I can't see a hole but I know there's a break there somewhere which is disappointing. It was good while it lasted.

Hi Helen, Is the product you have a Vaporiser or a Humidifier? We've had leaking problems with one of our Vicks Humidifiers but haven't come across this with the warm steam vaporizer. In any case a leak definitely indicates the unit has developed a fault so if you can locate your receipt or proof of purchase, we can replace it for you under the 5 year warranty. Touch base with our customer service team on Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours and we'll be happy to help. Kind Regards, Vicks.It was a vaporiser. Unfortunately since it was a gift my sister didn't keep a receipt and doesn't remember where it was purchased. I've discarded the product. Thank you for your help though.

Can't live without it

I have had my vicks Vapouriser for at least 5 years until it tripped the power yesterday & stopped working. Having said that it's lasted me this long so I got good use out of it, I use it often in the winter months for when my son was a baby he's now 6 & now with my 9 month old. It's great I love my vapouriser, we use it most nights even when we just have a little sniffle it helps clear our noses, I don't understand people saying it's noisey, maybe because mine was purchased so long ago? Are they louder now? yes it gives off a slight noise, equivalent to having a fan on when it's hot, but I don't mind it at all. It works best with the Vicks Vapouriser Steam Vapouriser, I've used eucalyptus oil & some of the other solutions from the chemist which are still ok but the Vicks one is the strongest, only thing is I find I need to add more after 30 mins or so cause the potentcey weakens, anyway I'm off to buy me another one, hopefully this one lasts just as long also

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Hi Rach, Thankyou for your great review! 5 years is a great innings from your vaporizer, glad it served your family well :) As for the operational noise, the vaporizer hasn't changed design at all. The great majority of our customers find the sound perfectly tolerable (just haven't written a review here). Thankyou for supporting Vicks and wishing the best of health to you and your family. Kind Regards, Vicks.

So good!!

Not sure how or why people are having problems with it! It seems to work perfectly fine whenever it is in use. Helps the little one during this flu season, love it!

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Hi Mel! The vast majority of people aren't having a problem with it, it's just that they don't come in here and say so. :) Thankyou for adding a good review based on your experience, we appreciate it. Have a happy and healthy rest of winter, Kind Regards, Vicks.

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Questions & Answers

Can I use VapoSteam in Ultrasonic Humidifier and if not why?
3 answers
Hi Steve Which Ultrasonic Humidifier are you wanting to use the VapoSteam liquid in please? Kind Regards, VIcks.Hi Carla, I want to use the Beurer 20m2 Air Humidifier with AromatherapyHi Steve As this isn't a device we manufacture, we can't really tell you if you can use the VapoSteam liquid in it or not - we would not want to give you incorrect advice and possibly damage the unit. We haven't heard of that unit here in Australia and VapoSteam has only been tested in Vicks units. We'd suggest contacting the Beurer distributor to be sure. Sorry we can't be any more help! Kind Regards, Vicks.

I'm keen to know what it is such a weird shape/design, top heavy, hard to clean and hard to carry? When it's filled it's very unbalanced and difficult to carry / manoeuvre and when it's time to empty it's almost impossible to do so with areas that catch the water. I like what it does, just not the design and awkwardness.
1 answer
Hi Lesley Thanks for your detailed feedback on the design - we appreciate you taking the time to let us know your experience. We'll pass all of that on to the team for consideration. Kind Regards, Vicks.

Not heating. Any help?
1 answer
Hi Kathy If you're experiencing issues with your Vaporizer, please get in touch with our customer service team and they'll be happy to help. Freecall 1800 655 841 or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Vicks.


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