Valued advice

Senior Financial Planner, Warren Olivier has given me clear, comprehensive advice over many years.
Warren never fails to guide me by suggesting strategies to maximise my financial resources.
Based on past experience I have full confidence in his advice.

Customer Service

This is perfect and I recommend it to others!

I've been with VicSuper fund since 2014
I am well satisfied with my experience. I would like to highly recommend to other people who are at their retirement age to receive the exceptional advice I have been given.

Customer Service

Got my questions answered

Tara Walder, the Client Representative Manager at VicSuper, met with me last week and she was able to answer all of my questions. She is very knowledgeable and very professional.

Customer Service

Employer website poor compared to other funds

Very difficult to recommend Vicsuper if you have to use this website for your staff contributions. All other funds are straightforward. Neither logical nor well set out, and cumbersome if you want help, including by phone.

Customer Service

Happy with VicSuper

Paul Asselman, Senior Financial Planner, provided clear advice and exemplary assistance in my retirement transactions. He was professional, approachable, patient and friendly, and the process he instigated was implemented in a seamless manner.

Customer Service

Thank you

I met with VicSuper this morning. Sally gave me some great general advice, daunting topic explained very clearly. Sally gave me relevant info rather than bombarding me with unnecessary material

Customer Service

Rebecca’s practical retirement advice and patient explanations are appreciated.

I have been with VIC Super for 16 years. I required information on options available in my approaching retirement. It was important to me to know my options a couple of years ahead rather than leaving it till the last minute. Rebecca was patient and clear in delivering my options. I have now been supplied with a Statement of Advice to read the recommendations and confirm or question if unsure. Thank you Vic Super.

Thank you

Thank you to Sam Shah for helping and advising my mum as she transitions into retirement.He is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. It is an exciting and equally a daunting time for mum and Sam has advised her for her next step. She now feels more confident facing her retirement. Please send our kudos and thanks to Sam.

Excellent financial advice in my retirement

I have been with VicSuper for many years but never really understood how it worked but in my recent consultations with Paul Asselman he explained everything very clearly and gave me and my husband some excellent advise on how to maximise our retirement savings. He is very approachable and professional and I would highly recommend him.

A very satisfied VicSuper member.

I have joined VicSuper recently and required help to rollover existing Super funds and general advice.

I am very satisfied with Paul Asselman to have compiled a Statement of Advice for my Superannuation. He is very knowledgeable and professional and clearly explained every facet of the policy.

Highly recommended.

Professional Statement of Advice

I have been with VicSuper for 20 years and have been very satisfied with the service and returns. I recently requested advice from the Melbourne CBD office on implementing a retirement income stream. My adviser, Mark was both courteous and thorough and the subsequent statement of advice he provided was clear and comprehensive. At no stage did I feel pressured or pushed. I will be liaising with Mark over the next few months to implement my retirement income strategy and have every confidence in Mark's involvement and VicSuper's support service.

Excellent Advice and Service

I have been with VicSuper for over 15 years and have been happy with their performance and easy to navigate website.
In the past I attended one of VicSuper's information sessions and found it quite helpful.
In recent times I had two very helpful and informative interviews at the Blackburn Branch with Peter Byrne in order to set up my Super leading into my retirement.
The organisation is very professional yet friendly and very approachable.
I would recommend VicSuper without hesitation.

Yours Truly

Excellent service from Richard Ferrier

I've been with VicSuper for 14 years and have always experienced great service and advice. I recently had the chance to get a one-on-one review of my account with Richard and he was fantastic and provided excellent advice and had great knowledge.

Fees for no service

VicSuper charges you highly monthly fees for administration and account keeping, yet provide you no service.

Let's hope the Royal Commission finally exposes these poor industry practices once and for all.

We are sorry you’ve had this experience. We lowered administration fees on 1 July 2018. We also undertook an extensive review of our insurance arrangements resulting in premium reductions for same levels of cover for death and TPD of up to 13%. Feel free to reach out to our team on 1300 366 216 if you'd like to discuss further. Regards, VicSuperWhat are the fees actually for? Can you explain why they are so high when spread over thousands of policyholders? Why don't you automate?Our administration fees cover the costs of operating the fund, safeguarding our members accounts and providing services that centre on guiding our members towards better financial outcomes. These expenses include staff salaries, information technology costs, legal and regulatory compliance, and rental expenses. These services include our face to face personal superannuation advice, workplace and public super seminars, our award-winning online coaching service – Beeline, online 24/7 access to your account through MembersOnline and the member app, along with the staff you can call in our Member Centre. If you are having issues with service, please contact our award winning Member Services team on 1300 366 216 and they will be happy to help you.

Thorough advice

I have been with VicSuper for 19 years. I was provided with excellent advice soon after joining and attending one of their seminars. I attended another in October at the Melbourne office and consequently arranged a meeting with Peter Hodgson My wife and I had all our questions answered. Peter was very thorough as was the Statement of Advice he prepared We are looking forward to meeting up with Peter in the New Year for further advice.

Great service from Dion Miller at VicSuper, Blackburn

My wife and I have been with VicSuper for a number of years, and have dealt with Dion Miller at Blackburn each time we have been contemplating making changes to our accounts.

Dion has always been friendly, courteous, and extremely helpful.

He explains everything clearly, and simply, so that even anyone without much knowledge of the 'ins and outs' of superannuation can follow what he's saying and what he's suggesting.

Any follow up questions? No problem, Dion has always been more than accommodating in answering any queries that we've had.

Thanks for all your assistance (and patience with my questions, and feedback that I've provided).

Really helpful and valuable thing to do

I found my recent session with VicSuper really helpful to make some small changes that will make a big difference in the longer term. It also helped me feel more confident that I'm on the right track. Thanks!

Excellent advice before retirement

I have been with VicSuper for over twenty years. Some years ago I was advised to move into Transition to Retirement, which set us up for the next four years and my investments did very well. With retirement getting much closer, we met with Kevin Phoa in the Melbourne office mid-October and moved things around. His advice and service was spectacular, easy to follow and implement. We are very comfortable with retirement one year away, and Kevin has eased our minds that we are well on track. We very much appreciate being looked after so professionally.

Great Customer service

Recently my wife and I met with Sam Shah from VicSuper 2 times for the purpose of maximising the benefit from our Super funds, and I must say we were very impressed with the results. Sam's extremely clear, friendly and methodical approach towards explaining the various options that were available to us was greatly appreciated, and we came away from our meetings with him with our purpose fulfilled. Thank you Sam!

Best advice from VicSuper - Blackburn

I have been with VicSuper since 1994. I would like to say that I have been extremely satisfied with the advice given and the performance of my VicSuper fund.
I have been very lucky to have Dion Miller, Blackburn Office, as my VicSuper representative. Dion has given me valuable advice over the years which has in turn enabled me to feel confident and not worry about my superannuation investment.
The journey has been made interesting with transition to retirement strategy put in place and in 2012 a review to deal with redundancy.
All in all, I have made it through without worrying.
Thank you to Dion Miller at VicSuper.

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Questions & Answers

how do i get in touch with someone for a chat?
1 answer
Hi there Thanks for reaching out. You can call our team on 1300 366 216 or alternatively, please send through your contact details via private message and we’ll get someone from our team to get in touch with you. Regards VicSuper

Hi - I am with Q Super but I can see that they are just robbing their members blind with insurances that aren't necessary. It is obvious that they are lining their own pockets. As I work in Qld, is it easy or even possible to swap to VicSuper?
1 answer
Hi Pumi Thanks so much for your question. We are a profit to member fund open to everyone across Australia, so you can definitely join VicSuper even though you work in Queensland. We work to deliver real value for all our members and we're one of only seven super funds in Australia to be rated 5-Stars by Canstar for Outstanding Value. Joining VicSuper can be done online and only takes a few minutes. You can rollover your other super funds as part of the joining process. We encourage you to contact our team on 1300 366 216 to discuss your situation. You can also private message your contact details and we’ll arrange for a team member to give you a call. Regards VicSuper

Hi there I am currently with Hostplus, as I was working in Hospitality industry. Now I have moved to transport industry and working as owner driver. Just wondering if VicSuper have benefits for transport industry workers and how long does it take to roll over?
1 answer
Hi Jas Thanks for getting in touch. We are a profit-to-member fund open to all industries. We work to deliver real value for all our members and we're one of only seven super funds in Australia to be rated 5-Stars by Canstar for Outstanding Value. Joining VicSuper can be done on our website and only takes a few minutes. You can rollover your other super funds as part of the joining process. We encourage you to contact our team on 1300 366 216 to discuss your situation. You can also private message your contact details and we’ll arrange for a team member to give you a call. Regards VicSuper

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