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Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878

Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878 Questions & Answers

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My victa push mower continually locks up on the right hand wheel. The only way I can get it to go is to wind the blades backwards but it is a constant job. There is nothing obstructing the blades and the grass is short. I am not at all mechanical but could it be something within the wheel itself.
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where can I download the assembly manual with adjustment instructions
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First time used, wheels locked moving forward! Can’t find any obstruction. Any thoughts????
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If there is no obvious obstruction I am not sure why it is not moving forward. The only thing I can think is there is something in the blades (the action is like a scissor with a blade pushing against a bar to cut the grass) that you cannot see. If it is fully locked you may have to return it as defective, but I am tipping there is something you cannot see. The mechanism is very simple with few things to go wrong.When mine jams I gently press the blades with my foot (wearing protective boots of course!) and it usually unblocks at first attempt, if not I try again but move backwards first.

I purchased the Victoria 16in razor cut mower only 4 mos ago. Was working a treat until I leant it to someone who had different grass and needed to adjust height setting and had some trouble with it. They also adjusted the two alen key screws on the underside . I'm now not able to use it and get the results I'm used to . It now churns rather than cuts grass as if it's lost its razor cut effectiveness. No matter what adjustments I make I'm not able to get results . Can you suggest what I should do from here?
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Although self sharpening, maybe the blades have been dulled. Additionally, it sounds as though the blade is not connecting with enough force against the bar. Like scissors, you need to have them closely meet to cut effectively. You sound like you have adjusted accordingly but still no joy. your friend used it within its parameters and now it doesn't work well it may be a warranty claim.Hi Elizabeth. I know exactly what you are going through, the mower really is awkward and amazed Victor have put their name on this mower, I would suggest you return it if you have receipt, when I returned mine Bunnings said they have had a few returned. The only thing I can suggest is buy a petrol one like I eventually did, it seems trying to help the environment is hard these days. Sorry but it's a bad design and will drive you nuts with the adjustments. Nick.

On not-too-long grass, is it reasonable to push along? Our petrol mower was a real effort to push around so I'm concerned about the effort required. I don't mind a work-out, so long as it's not back breaking!
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It's fine on not so long grass. We tried it on our Zoysia grass when we returned from holidays. The Zoysia is quite thick and lush, so the push mower wouldn't go through it.If a petrol mower was an effort to push you will find the Victa is lighter HOWEVER the effort to actually cut grass will negate any savings. The cylinder mowers in Australia are just not like the American ones which are heavy and better quality.

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