catcher is crap

I have just purchased commando 675 motor is ok but my problem is the catcher only half fills up and it starts dropping grass every were and when you pull the catcher out there is always grass stuck under the mower and it goes every were im not impressed i have gone back to using my 30 year old that was still going just thought and upgrade would be better but the mowers from then are much better in my opinion

Date PurchasedDec 2018

very reliable

I am 48 and had 2 lawn mowers so far,both Victa's,both 1000sq mtr blocks,The 2 strokes give a tighter,cleaner cut with torque running a lot higher,Why is it so hard to find 2 strokes now and if you do you need to mortgage the home,I would buy nothing but a VICTA.Cheer's Krusty.

Date PurchasedMay 2003

Starts so easy, no dramas

This mower comes with a Honda engine, it starts first time every time. I’ve had no issues with the mower except a small issue with the handle has slightly bent from the foldaway function not being locked properly when extended. I expect this mower to run forever being a Honda engine.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Very Good Lawnmower

I am very happy overall with this model from Victa. We have a fairly large backyard that grows grass quite unevenly due to the drainage so there are quite long bits together with shorter. This just chomps through it all without worrying. It definitely has enough power to get the job done. It always starts first go and I like the mulching of the grass. My only complaint is that the chute chokes up from time to time but all mowers can do that. Its strong, reliable and works well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

nice unit

this mower is better then the rest i think
nice motor with lots over power and cuts grass perfect when blades are new
re shute is nice and wide to collect grass
very easy to start and easy to push when mowing
would differently recommend other people to buy .

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Great product

As I have a large yard with a large area to now I needed a mower that was light enough for me to use myself and easy enough to operate.I highly recommend this mower .the cutting results are great and it certainly met all my needs and expectations and exceeded my expectations.I no longer pay a mower service and would recommend this mower .

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Ticks all the boxes

Had a 2010 Honda that needed replacing but new Buffalo Buck models had lots of reviews on this site re constricted shute clogging with grass. Also did not want Honda bar that you have to hold down otherwise engine stops , me thinks would get annoying having to keep starting each time stop to empty catcher, new Honda also had no throttle as has an auto choke.
This Honda Powered Victa however gives you that great Honda engine and I like it that you can turn the revs down more than a briggs engine I believe. Very quiet. Also Honda engine and steel Victa base make for a mower thats not to Heavy. Has a mulching plug. Today without mulch plug put it to the test on the long Kikuya that was getting a bit wet from light rain - no clogging at all. In my opinion the steel Victa base is better than the alloy one as it seems lighter and doesn't bog down in spongy buffalo grass. Easy to push around. Discontinued yes but Victa still have some in stock and my local Victa Dealer just ordered it in. My advice - get this Honda engine on a Victa that gives you a throttle and a chute that doesn't clog before they are gone.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

First impressions

Bought this lawn mover from rather peculiar place - Harvey Norman online shop (didn't know they stock this kind of items) and got it pretty soon in few days. Packaged well 1 box big one I might add L86 x W48 x H54cm, all preassembeled. Nice work there. Prety stright work from the box just add oil sae30w and petrol @ least ron 95. Fill up 98 though.
First impressions: ready start works marvel from 1 pull start - yea, not noisy and mulcher works well on a shorter grass. Got some fine hay leftover and mulch that in a second 2 left it on a grass. Beaty. Catcher hard plastic a bit harder to assemble but easy to add and instal to catch grass as you mow, it doesn't fall out. Very manoeuvrable mover considering 35kg weight with 10 nights adjastments for height. Terrain mowed was challenging at least to say uneven and three levels including front of the house. I suppose overkill for my grass especially when you add 98ron petrol is like pushing a ferrari ha ha ha. All in all very good first impressions.
The only draw back might be the price tag of $599.00 but considering is a mulched with ready start, 4 stroke and 2 years guarantee it's a decent performer. Hope this will continue to be the case since I have only used it once and will not require for me to come back and edit my review :).

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Mows down the opposition

Bought this for my dad, since his old mower wouldn't start anymore. This mower does a fine job of cutting the grass and keeping the lawns neat and tidy. It's easy to push around the yard and is a sturdy machine. Sometimes my dad needs help starting it, but after that it runs smoothly and easily. Maintenance is simple too.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

So far so good

Used first time yesterday. Very happy. Lawn is neat, the catcher picks up everything. Used mulcher attachment on part of lawn & looks like I didn't (no loose cuttings). Very manouverable, started easily first pull, & easy to hose down after when cool, to clean. Hope it continues this way.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

I love this 2 stroke Mulching Mower

I purchased her 2nd hand but she was only used once and I got it for a steal with it's receipt from M10 where it was purchased. Really wanted a 2 stroke mower to match my Echo stuff but also a mulching mower (so hard to find those two options in one mower nowadays)
Starts first time every time, love that!!!
Cuts the grass great. Seems even to me unlike what old mate was going on about in another review of this mower.
Love the mulching option. Cuts up the grass so fine you do not know it's even there and the kids do not collect bits of grass on there feet then run inside the house leaving grass everywhere. The mulch option is the best and I will never use a catcher again if I don't have too.
I cannot recommend this 2 stroke mulching mower high enough for us everyday people living in a standard house with a standard yard.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

worst grass catching mower ever

Leaves grass everywhere ,with the catcher attached front right wheel is smashed by grass you have to mow twice worst mower I have ever owned it moves well ,but that' it starts after 4 pulls,I will be asking for a refund it is not a mower4 older people mowing once is bad enough not twice

Not good

Purchased a 2 stroke commando early 2015 - Cut grass 'unevenly' from day one. Also left 'trail' of grass from catcher. My son's old victa does a better job. After numerous complaints and providing pics, the store eventually took it away, checked all heights, etc. changed blades and altered max revs. Was a little better but still appears to be uneven cut. Also 'spits' grass out in all directions. Very disappointing. Only bought this due to previous good experience with Victa.


the victa 2 stroke I have has never let me down engine has heaps of grunt to cut through long grass, it leaves a great cut, found that engine seems to over rev when sitting stationary, and hinge assembly with the catcher door seems to vibrate loose making me have to stop mower to re-attach, but all in all very good mower for a 2 stroke, found replacement parts a little steep in price if you buy victa brand.

Waste of Money

Live on a 1/4 acre block but have to mow a certain part weekly because of the septic. After 12 months of use it started to vibrate bad. End up being a bent crankshaft and also a bent conrod. Not covered under warranty as that is wear and tear. Engine is now a vibrating smoke machine an completely useless.
Pros? Could use it for a paper weight?
GCV motor is rubbish. Air cleaner at engine with no snorkle. Fragile.

Hi product warranty covers faulty workmanship or or faulty materials it does not cover situations where the crankshaft is bent. If the crankshaft was bent from manufacture the vibration would have been there from the start not after 12 months. Victa AustExactly so if you want something decent that will last more than just 12 months buy something else and stay far away from this model. $600, what a joke.

Great mower for 60+ female

After procrastinating between Biggs and S., Honda, etc. Came across the Commando - And really happy that I didn't buy 'the first thing I came across'. Just spent 3 hrs cutting grass that hadn't been mown for 5 months (Cairns) and it never missed a beat. Easy to start, easy to empty, hosed it down after it had cooled and looks like brand new again! OK, so only the first use but a great experience, and I can tell we're going to be great work mates!
Later: after 15 months in storage this unit started first time. I am so pleased I spent the extra and bought this mower.
Mar 2017 - Sold my place and the gardener for my unit complex bought the lawnmower. I have now bought another house, and I have also bought my second Commando. Yippee!
Prepared for first use by dealer; easy to start even when hot

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Questions & Answers

I have an arm injury which stops me using a pull-start mechanism on a lawn mower. Is there a Victa which has a button start mechanism or other start mechanism (not involving the pull action)? We have a medium to large-sized lawn and have ruled out an electric mower. Thanks
1 answer
G,day Erica,Victa do have a good selection of battery start up mowers,Have a look at their website and do a little research before heading to a shop,How big is your yard?Do you prefer two or four stroke engines?The technology for battery run models has come a long way but are suited to smaller level lawns,Select carefully as I have had my Victa two stroke for almost 20yrs,Cheer's Krusty.

What type of oil needed
3 answers
SAE30Victa two stroke oil at 40:1 with 98 octane (premium unleaded)petrol,You can get your first oil from local lawn mower shop and replace once you know the bottle,Cheer's Krusty.do not use 98oct use 95oct or unleaded without E10 and the ratio for the premium 2 stroke oil is 50.1 ie 100ml per 5ltr of fuel std 2 stroke oil ratio uis 25.1 ie 200ml per 5ltr reason for not usin 98 is its too high octain and will burn the valves in the motor

Why is our 19" Commando Mulch & Catch just about impossible to start....will need shoulder reconstruction soon it is so difficult.
2 answers
Hello Kathy, What a have done its my one I just unpacked it install the plastic catcher, and tighten the side winds to tighten the handles. Just poured around 440ml of full synthetic sae 10-30w and ron98 petrol just fill up to the bottom of the neck inside. Settit on level 4 for height. After the second pull done it. Started it three times during that session no problems! Remember though this lawn mover does not needs priming or anything else and aso put the lever on "Start" position or will Not start :). Because is ready-start they guaranteed will start from second or maximum third pull and if not they will look it for you free of charge. It's all iin the manuals both victa an B&Straton. Just when you pull try to pull approx 10cm then all the way to start it. Hope this helps, if not call them.Thanks Vik, that is the procedure we follow however it takes about 20 - 30 pulls before it starts.....think we will take it back from where we purchased it and see what they say.


Commando VCMS484 (Mulch & Catch)Commando VCKS484 (Key Start)Commando VCMD484 (Self-Propelled)Commando VCBD484 (Ultimate)Commando CMS462 (2 Stroke)Commando CMS485 (700, 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
Price (RRP)599749769899649749
Cutting Width480460460480460460
Minimum Cutting Height151111151111
Maximum Cutting Height727575727572
Mulching CapabilityYesYesYesYesYesYes
EngineBriggs & Stratton 675 EXiBriggs & Statton 725 Series Electric StartBriggs & Stratton 725EXBriggs & Stratton 750iSVicta VE50Honda GCV160

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