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Victa Corvette GMD488 (Self Propelled, 4 Stroke)

Victa Corvette GMD488 (Self Propelled, 4 Stroke)

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The self propelled mechanism is fundamentally flawed. Buy a Honda

The drive mechanism routinely fails to engage and once engage cannot be disengaged. On to my second gearbox and exactly the same problem. The drive belt has now come off and I have been told this happens when the gearbox/belt mechanism becomes clogged with grass. A bit of a problem for a mower! Reverted back to my old and reliable Honda, 10+ years old and has never missed a beat.

Purchased in September 2016.

Great cutter. Dodgy clutch.

Always used a Victa. Thought I would try a self propelled version. It does the cut and collect/mulch very well. Cuts long stuff easy. After 9 months the clutch started to stick. A couple more mows and it stayed stuck on. Always in drive. Took it back to the supplier for a warranty fix. If this happens again out of warranty, I will convert it back to a push mower.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Very Unhappy with Self Propelled function

The mower seems to cut okay but the self propelled drive belt failed during first mow on fairly light/Medium load. Completed mowing in push mode which is not it's best feature.. After warranty repairs, received the mower yesterday and tried to mow lawn again (same setting so only a week's growth to cut) and within 5 - 10 mins, the drives fails again. This time, I get my old Subaru/Ryobi to finish the Job. What is happening here? Not looking like a great buy at the moment. Back to shop on Monday. Not good for my leather interior. Based on my experiences so far with my Mower, I cannot Recommend this Model.. Cheers

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Corvette GMD488 (Self Propelled, 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Price (RRP)749
DriveSelf Propelled
EngineBriggs & Stratton 750 DOV I/C
Minimum Cutting Height11
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityYes
Chassis MaterialPressed Steel
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