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Victa Corvette VGMD489 (19", 4 Stroke)

Victa Corvette VGMD489 (19", 4 Stroke)

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Way to slow!

It’s a heavy mower so not so nimble to turn it around. Motor is powerful cuts long grass with ease. Unfortunately it’s self propelled drive is soooo slow. I could use a push mower in half the time. I found I was trying to push it to help it along shame it’s a big let down due to lack of speed

Purchased in February 2018.

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Ooops i bought the wrong mower.

After long research and visitng mowers shops I decided on this mower.
I had a 21inch SP Lawnmaster 190cc mower and also a dedicated Masport mulch mower.
I needed a mulch mower to mow on alternate green bin weeks.
So i decided to down size to one mower which will do all the above.
I sold my SP to help pay for new mower and sold mulcher after i got new Victa.

1, Nice solid mower
2, I love the power of the new BnS 850 190cc motor.

1 Very messy mower, was covered with grass when finished. Also when empting catcher.
2 Very poor mulch, rear wheels collect grass and when turning mower the wheels deposit strip of grass off wheels
onto lawn. When mulching, grass is deposited out side of mower, so you have to blow footpaths etc. after mulching.
Noticable lines of grass when mulching after completing lawn. I have to go into fan mode to tidy up. (lifting to higher setting and going over lawn again)
Nowhere near a good mulching job as my dedicated Maasport, really regret selling Masport Mulcher.
3 Catching, catcher is only 3/4 filled when mowing, when removing catcher when full ish grass is left on lawn and have to scoop it up. Catcher hard to put back on mower, (shop guys said it gets easier after worn in.)
After 3 empties from new the filter thingy in the catcher fell out, put back in but kept falling out, so not using now.
One positive is catcher is lite, however not getting full catcher. Occassionally small clumps of grass are left on lawn during mowing.
4 Self propelled, to slow for me, needs to be faster imo. Very easy to skin hands when activating drive bar on handle, now wearing gloves when mowing lawn. Very annoying. SP itself is ok for now.

Sorry but I regret buying this mower, apart from the motor. Regret selling my mulcher and come to think of it my Lawnmaster. Decided to give the Ozzy mower a go, but nah, im stuck with it. Going for first service after next mow so might consider trading in. My son prefers the other two mowers
I live in NZ and lawn is Couch grass and needs attention weekly. Hence purchase of SP mulch n catch with power.
Finally, I think this mower is more suited for other grass types, but definitely not couch grass.

Happy mowing.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great mower

I needed to replace my old ultra reliable 1990 Victa Mustang and thought a Honda would be a good choice however with the blocked chute issues on the new Honda decks I decided to purchase the Victa Corvette Commercial with an Alloy deck and the B&S 850 Industrial Commercial engine (190cc with cast iron sleeve) for $750 from MacArthur Mowers & Marine in Camden.

As soon as I got home today I fired her up with one pull and I'm glad I bought it. At about $400 cheaper than the Honda equivalent that I was considering which has a less powerfull 160cc engine, the Victa Commercial feels much lighter, far easier to manouver and far far more powerful than the Hondas I've used in the past.

The Victa Commercial cleanly powered through some long heavy grass without missing a beat with none of the blocked chute issues plaguing the new Hondas. I haven't used the mulcher yet but I'm sure this powerful B&S 850 engine with four blades on the disk will mulch with ease.

I know it's the first Month with this Victa but I've used alot of Hondas working as a sub contractor for a mate and Hondas were the Bench mark but with Honda discharge chute issues and excessive weight not anymore!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Requires heavy modification to function as intended.

I bought a Victa Corvette Commercial mower in March, 2016 to replace a Honda Commercial model (see my other review). I managed to sell the Honda and with the cash I went and bought this model. Having had an older model Victa Corvette before, I thought I knew what I was getting. It was a dependable mower with a good engine, cut great but unfortunately the base and handles cracked and fell apart after 3 years of solid use. Fair enough I said.
$780 later I bring home my new mower. Assembled and oiled, I started first go out of the box. Impressive.
I used this mower multiple times and started noticing straps of grass that were left uncut, like the grass that grows quite low but sends up a thin seed head approx. 20cm high.
I checked underneath not knowing why a brand new mower would have issue cutting semi-maintained domestic properties. I then noticed that the sides of the mower that stop rocks and debris flying sideways extends all the way around the front of the mower, creating a blind or a bulldozer-like plate.
The grass is actually being pushed flat onto the ground, and staying flat as the blades skim over the top, missing the cut. I know that sounds remarkable, thin grass evading a 3200 rpm revolving plate with sharp blades but it's true. Mowing in reverse proved me correct, there is no such panel at the rear of the mower, and it cut fine.
Not happy with having to continuously cut my client's lawns in reverse, I called the Victa (Briggs and Stratton now) technical help desk. He claimed that new mowers are following fear-of-being-sued America nanny state ways, and to comply with the new Australian nanny-state standards they are built this way. I asked him if grinding off the front plate would remedy my problem, and while he couldn't expressly tell me to do that, he told me it would.
I understand that I may have had a case for return at the mower shop I bought it from, but I am quickly getting tired of swapping and changing mowers.
So off I go with my angle grinder, and a whole grinding disk later I have removed the plate between the two front wheels.
It now cuts 90% to how it's supposed to, but I'm still annoyed that I spend upwards of $700 of my hard earned cash for a product that doesn't do its job.
A mower that has been pushed so far to be idiot proof that it no longer mows is no longer a mower, it's an aluminium deck with an engine and wheels.

I have the B&S 850 engine installed with an hour meter (installed by me), and in it's defense the engine is faultlessly powerful and reliable a meagre 25 hours later.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this mower, and the way it's looking it doesn't look like I can recommend this brand. Since Victa was sold to Briggs & Stratton it's gone to the dogs.

If you can get one of these dirt cheap and you're handy with a grinder, go for it. Otherwise, avoid.

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how much oil capacity?
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600 millilitres


Corvette VGMD489 (19", 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Minimum Cutting Height11
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityYes
Chassis MaterialPressed Steel
Price (RRP)899
EngineBriggs & Stratton 850I/C Commercial
Starting SystemReadyStart™
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