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Victa Corvette VGMS486 (400, 4 Stroke)

Victa Corvette VGMS486 (400, 4 Stroke)

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Pleasure to mow ,,

No body really likes mowing there yard , but when you have a new or old and effective mower like a Victor it takes the boredom out of it,,makes it effortless and makes a hard job easy ,never any trouble with the catcher , always starts first go ,adjustment is easy ,no trouble to use ,,,

Date PurchasedMay 2011

Best mower!

This mower is very easy to start. I have used it once a fortnight for the 6 months that I've used it. It has been very reliable, and easy to maintain. Changing the oil and replacing blades is very easy.
The wheels are smooth rolling and it doesn't take a lot of effort to maneuver it around the garden.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


I have only purchased this after trying to keep my Rover going after 20 years. This Corvette does have the power to cut thick Kikuyu grass. It picks up the grass well into the catcher. The biggest disappointment is the starting it.. it takes a good 7 to 12 pulls to get it going and with the size of the motor takes a decent amount to pull the starter. Only had it 4 months...pull start is disappointing! I did want a Honda but was talked out of it by the shop (who don't sell Honda)

27/11/17 UPDATE - I took the mower in for a service and reported the choke problems... Came to pick it up and Sugden and Kerr were pretty rude basically palmed me off that all machines can do that as it's been dusty and the choke sticks.. I questioned that it is only 8 months old and not that dry. The guy just palmed me off again and said they all do it I just need to clean around the filter (which he didn't bother showing me how or where he'd like it cleaned)... I reminded him I bought it based on his recommendation not to buy a Honda and Victa is the way to go ( I asked for Honda - my mate has one and never had problem with the auto choke). I have tried the mower a couple of times and the auto choke appears to be working now (only 2 pulls to start compared to 20 at one point). I'm disappointed more with the local service...

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Really good mower, cuts well

Don't have any issues with this mower. Cuts the lawn pretty well and is easy to start.
Our old mower was heavy and loud but this is nice and quiet, easy to have around the yard and looks nice as well.
Would recommend this mower again for a residential house

Date PurchasedApr 2017

5 Stars

I bought my Corvette in 2005 and it's still kickin on! So pleased with how long it has lasted and the blades are still in excellent condition and are still cutting well. There are so many different settings on it which is great for me as I like my grass as short as possible! I find it really quite easy to maneuver and not to heavy to push - my young daughter can even mow the lawns easily by herself! Overall I'm super happy with this mower, especially how long it has lasted me.

11 years and still running strong, but had started cutting uneven despite new blades

Bought new in late 2004, I have just retired in late 2015 my Victa Corvette 400. It had the Briggs and Stratton Quantum XM50 engine. Still started easy, like real easy ... prime it a few times, and give it a pull or maybe two and away she went. Never had any mechanical issues, it ran like a a dream, despite neglect (I think the oil had been changed twice in 11 years, air filter maybe twice, spark plug once). Blades were changed every couple of years.

BUT, it had started cutting the lawn unevenly even after new blades. Problem started about 12 months ago. I ended up diagnosing the problem as "spring" in the chassis with movement of over 40mm (about 1 1/2 inch) at the front, which would cause the mower to cut the lawn unevenly. I could "correct" the problem by lifting the handles as I mowed and by double mowing sections of the lawn, which was adding too much time to each weeks "chore", so it was time to retire the old girl. (i.e. decided not to put money into repairing and 11 year old mower)

The mower had been used mainly on couch lawn. Last 5 years in Northern NSW and prior to that on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I take pride in my lawns and often receive comments on how great they look - the Victa Corvette, with it's 19" cut had done a grea job for many years, but had started to hack them with an uneven cut due to the "chassis" wear.

I looked into new bushes, front axle and chassis spring but with quotes of $150 for the work it seemed uneconomical to spend that money on a mower that was 11 years old. It still worked fine, and so was sold for $75 to some people who were looking for an old banger for their needs. I'm sure it will still be running in another 11 years, just not cutting lawns to my standard.

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Questions & Answers

when is fuel tap on.. is it horizontal or diagonal for on? Cant you tell which is correct way as it does not want to start at all? Barry
2 answers
Horizontal. Parallel to the fuel line.thanks


Corvette VGMS486 (400, 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Mulching CapabilityYes
Chassis MaterialPressed Steel
Price (RRP)599
Minimum Cutting Height72
Maximum Cutting Height15
EngineBriggs & Stratton 725EXi
Starting SystemReadyStart™
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