Not very happy customer

Bought mine trimmer a year and half ago and it's not recommend at all, spent $200 but not much help to be honest. I have to spend too many kicks on it to start and if I am lucky it starts otherwise I have to leave it for another day for it to work. Would not recommend victa to anyone

Date PurchasedJan 2015


I have only purchased this after trying to keep my Rover going after 20 years. This Corvette does have the power to cut thick Kikuyu grass. It picks up the grass well into the catcher. The biggest disappointment is the starting it.. it takes a good 7 to 12 pulls to get it going and with the size of the motor takes a decent amount to pull the starter. Only had it 4 months...pull start is disappointing! I did want a Honda but was talked out of it by the shop (who don't sell Honda)

27/11/17 UPDATE - I took the mower in for a service and reported the choke problems... Came to pick it up and Sugden and Kerr were pretty rude basically palmed me off that all machines can do that as it's been dusty and the choke sticks.. I questioned that it is only 8 months old and not that dry. The guy just palmed me off again and said they all do it I just need to clean around the filter (which he didn't bother showing me how or where he'd like it cleaned)... I reminded him I bought it based on his recommendation not to buy a Honda and Victa is the way to go ( I asked for Honda - my mate has one and never had problem with the auto choke). I have tried the mower a couple of times and the auto choke appears to be working now (only 2 pulls to start compared to 20 at one point). I'm disappointed more with the local service...

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Powerful good engine, very poor build quality

The mower works well. You need to maintain this. However bits just keep falling off, firstly issues with the throttle cable, then the air filter case broke, one of the wheels is at a really weird angle and now the primer button has popped off. Sourcing spare parts is near impossible.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

Really good mower, cuts well

Don't have any issues with this mower. Cuts the lawn pretty well and is easy to start.
Our old mower was heavy and loud but this is nice and quiet, easy to have around the yard and looks nice as well.
Would recommend this mower again for a residential house

Date PurchasedApr 2017

just ok

I have never felt strongly enough about anything to get a bad review, but i am really ticked off about buying this mower, I was bitterly disappointed in it and please do yourself a favour, dont buy this one , I am still waiting to see if the problem will be rectified.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

I am tradesman

I have gardening business. Victa make very good quality tools.
I got lawn mower from them use every day since 2 years.
Powerful motor. Easy reach to blades. Very easy to remove and sharp.
Just need sharpen every week because of hi use.
Company provides very good customer service.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

id burn it if it hadnt cost me $400

I had a 4 stroke rover for 25 years, replaced it as the base plate had finally cracked through, I have a nice lawn and the rover did a good job, brought this victa, used it 13 times and i am go to sell at a loss, but glad to do so to hopefully buy a mower that mows ok. Firstly it left many,many swirls in the lawn, leaves trails of grass behind,normally you would encounter this is catcher was full , but it was far from it, had to re-mow areas to pick up this uncollected grass, it has slow reacting automatic rev adjuster,(not powerful enough as a result), plastic flap broke with a week or two,

I have never felt strongly enough about anything to get a bad review, but i am really ticked off about buying this mower, I was bitterly disappointed in it and please do yourself a favour, dont buy this one, if you still want to buy one after reading this , contact me on [number removed], $250.
ps show the amount of swirl to the mower specialist shop i brought it from and they could not deny the photographic proof.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Victa Corvette 18" cut

I bought a Victa Corvette two years ago, Briggs and Straton engine..engine starts first pull every time...BUT then I noticed a lot of free movement in the handle and in closer inspection found the handle mount to the body has almost rusted out on both sides. I returned the mower to my original place of purchase and was advised by the this particular distributor that he had already replaced/returned 9 mowers for the same fault. I was also advised the company was aware that 700 units had not been under coated before painting but still released to the distributors??? Not good.
The Hills Hoist and Victa are Australian icons?? ...so should I buy Australian products..
I am still waiting to see if the problem will be rectified.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Powerful and compact with mulch option

Newly purchased after waiting 3 weeks for delivery. Back order for this model. Price of $549 - more powerful engine than 100 and 200 series. Started first pull each time - and quieter than 500EX powered Mosport mower.
For Australian lawns the added power is handy -- tougher grass means the engine doesn't bog down or slow the blades. 18" chassis is relatively lightweight - 1" difference is negligible (remember you usually cut based on wheel tracks - which aren't different from 19"). Will have to wait and see how reliable this lawnmower is over the coming years, but dealer did advise routine maintenance is all they have had to do so far on the model. Warranty of 3 years is solid, 1 year better than competitors. Mulching option is very handy - doesn't leave large clippings and means my green bin can be used for other material.
EXi engine supposedly means no oil change -- expected life of mower from Victa is 7 -8 years and with no oil changes engine expected to match. I certainly hope for 10 - 15 years duration so oil changes it is. Especially after first 12 or so hours as some shavings from piston/cylinder are expected and better to clear out as no oil filter.
Better value, bigger engine, better warranty than direct competitors. Similar price to online Chinese mowers - better service via local dealer. Happy for my residential lawn needs.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
1 comment
Additional information to prior review - starts now on 2nd pull - reliably still -- seems to prime on 1st pull. Pros - still the same. Cons - mower does smoke if tilted - generally tilt backward to clean deck and blades and the next start smokes for 10s. Not burning up oil so probably overspill from tilting. Power is sufficient for mulching some of the tougher grasses but do need to keep on top of it -- if left to grow for several weeks bagging is a better option. No other faults, and time for oil change. Handles have held up better than others have suggested - but does require checking the tightness every 3rd or 4th mowing.

Great mower

I needed to replace my old ultra reliable 1990 Victa Mustang and thought a Honda would be a good choice however with the blocked chute issues on the new Honda decks I decided to purchase the Victa Corvette Commercial with an Alloy deck and the B&S 850 Industrial Commercial engine (190cc with cast iron sleeve) for $750 from MacArthur Mowers & Marine in Camden.

As soon as I got home today I fired her up with one pull and I'm glad I bought it. At about $400 cheaper than the Honda equivalent that I was considering which has a less powerfull 160cc engine, the Victa Commercial feels much lighter, far easier to manouver and far far more powerful than the Hondas I've used in the past.

The Victa Commercial cleanly powered through some long heavy grass without missing a beat with none of the blocked chute issues plaguing the new Hondas. I haven't used the mulcher yet but I'm sure this powerful B&S 850 engine with four blades on the disk will mulch with ease.

I know it's the first Month with this Victa but I've used alot of Hondas working as a sub contractor for a mate and Hondas were the Bench mark but with Honda discharge chute issues and excessive weight not anymore!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Very Unhappy with Self Propelled function

The mower seems to cut okay but the self propelled drive belt failed during first mow on fairly light/Medium load. Completed mowing in push mode which is not it's best feature.. After warranty repairs, received the mower yesterday and tried to mow lawn again (same setting so only a week's growth to cut) and within 5 - 10 mins, the drives fails again. This time, I get my old Subaru/Ryobi to finish the Job. What is happening here? Not looking like a great buy at the moment. Back to shop on Monday. Not good for my leather interior. Based on my experiences so far with my Mower, I cannot Recommend this Model.. Cheers

Requires heavy modification to function as intended.

I bought a Victa Corvette Commercial mower in March, 2016 to replace a Honda Commercial model (see my other review). I managed to sell the Honda and with the cash I went and bought this model. Having had an older model Victa Corvette before, I thought I knew what I was getting. It was a dependable mower with a good engine, cut great but unfortunately the base and handles cracked and fell apart after 3 years of solid use. Fair enough I said.
$780 later I bring home my new mower. Assembled and oiled, I started first go out of the box. Impressive.
I used this mower multiple times and started noticing straps of grass that were left uncut, like the grass that grows quite low but sends up a thin seed head approx. 20cm high.
I checked underneath not knowing why a brand new mower would have issue cutting semi-maintained domestic properties. I then noticed that the sides of the mower that stop rocks and debris flying sideways extends all the way around the front of the mower, creating a blind or a bulldozer-like plate.
The grass is actually being pushed flat onto the ground, and staying flat as the blades skim over the top, missing the cut. I know that sounds remarkable, thin grass evading a 3200 rpm revolving plate with sharp blades but it's true. Mowing in reverse proved me correct, there is no such panel at the rear of the mower, and it cut fine.
Not happy with having to continuously cut my client's lawns in reverse, I called the Victa (Briggs and Stratton now) technical help desk. He claimed that new mowers are following fear-of-being-sued America nanny state ways, and to comply with the new Australian nanny-state standards they are built this way. I asked him if grinding off the front plate would remedy my problem, and while he couldn't expressly tell me to do that, he told me it would.
I understand that I may have had a case for return at the mower shop I bought it from, but I am quickly getting tired of swapping and changing mowers.
So off I go with my angle grinder, and a whole grinding disk later I have removed the plate between the two front wheels.
It now cuts 90% to how it's supposed to, but I'm still annoyed that I spend upwards of $700 of my hard earned cash for a product that doesn't do its job.
A mower that has been pushed so far to be idiot proof that it no longer mows is no longer a mower, it's an aluminium deck with an engine and wheels.

I have the B&S 850 engine installed with an hour meter (installed by me), and in it's defense the engine is faultlessly powerful and reliable a meagre 25 hours later.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this mower, and the way it's looking it doesn't look like I can recommend this brand. Since Victa was sold to Briggs & Stratton it's gone to the dogs.

If you can get one of these dirt cheap and you're handy with a grinder, go for it. Otherwise, avoid.

5 Stars

I bought my Corvette in 2005 and it's still kickin on! So pleased with how long it has lasted and the blades are still in excellent condition and are still cutting well. There are so many different settings on it which is great for me as I like my grass as short as possible! I find it really quite easy to maneuver and not to heavy to push - my young daughter can even mow the lawns easily by herself! Overall I'm super happy with this mower, especially how long it has lasted me.

11 years and still running strong, but had started cutting uneven despite new blades

Bought new in late 2004, I have just retired in late 2015 my Victa Corvette 400. It had the Briggs and Stratton Quantum XM50 engine. Still started easy, like real easy ... prime it a few times, and give it a pull or maybe two and away she went. Never had any mechanical issues, it ran like a a dream, despite neglect (I think the oil had been changed twice in 11 years, air filter maybe twice, spark plug once). Blades were changed every couple of years.

BUT, it had started cutting the lawn unevenly even after new blades. Problem started about 12 months ago. I ended up diagnosing the problem as "spring" in the chassis with movement of over 40mm (about 1 1/2 inch) at the front, which would cause the mower to cut the lawn unevenly. I could "correct" the problem by lifting the handles as I mowed and by double mowing sections of the lawn, which was adding too much time to each weeks "chore", so it was time to retire the old girl. (i.e. decided not to put money into repairing and 11 year old mower)

The mower had been used mainly on couch lawn. Last 5 years in Northern NSW and prior to that on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I take pride in my lawns and often receive comments on how great they look - the Victa Corvette, with it's 19" cut had done a grea job for many years, but had started to hack them with an uneven cut due to the "chassis" wear.

I looked into new bushes, front axle and chassis spring but with quotes of $150 for the work it seemed uneconomical to spend that money on a mower that was 11 years old. It still worked fine, and so was sold for $75 to some people who were looking for an old banger for their needs. I'm sure it will still be running in another 11 years, just not cutting lawns to my standard.

Won't get second time around

My Corvette lasted six years. After first few mows the plastic top cover kept falling off, so tossed it. Pushing up slope of lawn over years handles snapped off numerous times. We just welded it back on with metal plates in place. The mower frame has snapped off base to wheels couple times also. Thank heavens hubby is a welder! Cheap inferior materials.

Victa Corvette 725

Victa Corvette 725ex is fairly good mover, but after 8 months old, it pouring white smoke and oil out of the exhaust, without any warning, it got me very scared, it I have to buy another lawnmower in the near future, it will be definite a Honda engine lawnmower.
Victa Corvette 725 Series 19" 4-stroke steel chassis mower 190cc Ready start. No priming/no choke for easy starting with Mulch & Catching Capabilities. 725 Series 190cc Ready Start 4 Stroke Engine,Aero grip handles for easy use,18 " Edge to Edge Cutting Steel Chassis,Mulch & Catching Capabilities,Large 8" Dual Bearing Wheels,Rigid plastic catcher, 3 year engine/chassis warranty.

great lawn mower

I own a Victa Corvette 450, had it for a few years now is a very powerful mower despite its small engine compared to other mowers and others in the Corvette Range it can easily cut your average length lawn on idle! Can adjust the cutting deck from 11mm to 75mm and at full throttle cuts even the thickest of grass with ease! My suggestion if you purchase the mower is to buy a second set of blades and attach to the mower it has 4 holes for 4 blades but only has 2 blades from.factory! 4 blades make it alot more efficent, great lawn mower cannot see myself upgrading to anything else for a long time, also the 450 also ones with a PROPER Plastic catcher and its quite a large catcher at that..also can buy a side shoot attatchment if you don't to use a catcher and don't want grass all over your feet!
its a Victa so the quality is good
nothing really!

Not good

Brought the mower in January 2011. Average mowing time. Mower plastic pulley disintegrated and now needs replacing. Apparently still under warrantee but retailer wants the whole mower. Pulled the machine apart myself and for the sake of $28 will repair myself. Not as good as my old Victa two stroke. Will not buy this Victa again.
Plastic starter pulley

Disappointed customer

Mower only just 2 years old, I have normal sized yard, also no dirt, no dust. Where the handle is attached to the mower body keeps working loose, and has to be constantly retightened, and the steel handle has now snapped in two at the attachment point - obviously inferior, poor quality steel used.

I am almost 60 years old, and mowing for many years with Rover mowers and have never had this happen before. This is my first Victa mower purchase and I agree with previous reviewer's assessment that this is certainly not a top quality product from Victa.
Starts easily, fairly light and easy to push, cuts well
Inferior quality steel in the handle, handle keeps working loose, steel handle broken where attached to body of mower, design fault with position of petrol cap

Very disappointed

Getting on a bit so I decided to get a reliable, self mulching mower. Had good experiences with Victa in the past so I thought the 500 series would be a good buy, Wrong. Have had problems from the start. Had to replace the throttle in the first month. The petrol cap is in a ridiculous position jammed between the cable and the tank. Now the height raising lever has come loose. It was only when I took off the wheel to try and fix it that I realised how badly made the new mowers are. Everything is put together with rivets. Will be buying a new mower but not a Victa.
Nice colour
Badly designed in many ways.

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Questions & Answers

Wat is the most common fault for starting the mower have spark fresh gas n many pulls no go
1 answer
Check air filter next. Make sure it’s not clogged, dirty, blocked etc

Why is this mower hard to start at least 6 to 10 pulls but after it’s warmed up take about 2 pulls. How come?
1 answer
I don’t know if whether or not you find it’s unique to this mower but I find all my power equipment always takes a few pulls when cold. Generally, it’s because the engine is cold (ie not running at operating temperature). When the engine is not at operating temperature it’s harder to ignite fuel, sump oil is thicker and air is thicker. So, it’s easier to start the mower when hot because the fuel is easier to burn.

Is the Corvette 300 heavier than the Corvette 100?
1 answer
Yes. 31kg vs 26kg. See also Victa website.


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Cutting Width480480460480420480480483480480480480480420420420480480480483
Minimum Cutting Height1111111311721115111111111111111172111115
Maximum Cutting Height7575757275157572757575757575757515757572
Mulching CapabilityYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Chassis MaterialPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelCast AlloyPressed SteelPressed SteelCast AlloyPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelPressed SteelCast AlloyPressed Steel
Price (RRP)549899429829459599759899649649399529749749799469
EngineBriggs and Stratton 500Briggs & Stratton 850I/C CommercialBriggs and Stratton 500EBriggs and Stratton 850 I/CBriggs & Stratton 550EXBriggs & Stratton 725EXiBriggs and Stratton 725EXi QPTBriggs and Stratton 740iSBriggs & Stratton 725EXi QPTVicta VEX160Briggs & Stratton 625Briggs and Stratton 725EXBriggs & Stratton 750 DOV I/CBriggs & Stratton 450Briggs & Stratton 500EBriggs & Stratton 625EXBriggs and Stratton 725EXBriggs & Stratton 750 DOV I/CBriggs & Stratton 850 I/CBriggs and Stratton 725 EXi QPT
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