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Victa Easy Walker with InStart VAMD486

Victa Easy Walker with InStart VAMD486

3.4 from 12 reviews

Woeful Battery Life, Victa Easywalker Mower

Bought this mower 18 months ago. Used it 4 times. Went to use it recently and the battery was flat. Recharged the battery but the charger reports the battery will not charge. Looked for a replacement battery but there are very few suppliers and those that say they have them are actually on back order with no delivery date possible. Keep away from this lawn mower as eventually it will disappoint you.

Purchased in July 2017 at Bunnings Warehouse for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Battery Life
Product is used: Occasionally

A good reliable lawnmower

Love my victa easy walker, aprox 3 years old, starts first go everytime, doing first blade replacement today. I keep my battery and charger in cool place and never have a problem starting it

Purchased in February 2016 for $750.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Battery Life
Product is used: Occasionally

Very Unreliable Mower

We bought the Victa easy walker 2 years ago cost us $850 loved it for the first season but then once winter came we didn’t need to mow as often. Once we started to need it again it failed to start after only 7months, the battery wouldn’t charge so we went and had it replaced and again after the next winter same thing happened so now we have a lawn mower that is useless to us cause won’t go with out battery worst lawn mower ever wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Date PurchasedMar 2016


i bought the Victa b Easy Start From Bunnings less than a year ago.
My advice is stay away from the rubbish.
The starter rope because its so long went under the mower while i was mowing not UNDER Warrentee.
The worst mower i have ever had /Worst starter I'm just about to throw it in the BIN.
You think your buying a mower like your last one that lasted for years with all the abuse you give it
well forget this mower Expensive to Buy and cheap rubbish.
I am going to try a Honda, I've heard good things about them at least i will get 5-10 years out of it not one.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Battery life - Disappointed

I will never buy a Battery start mower again. I will trade this " Thing "called Victa easy walker against a Rover. If I get a trade in?
New Battery is around $ 120.- Mower was $ 700.- and used 20 times for 1/2 hour around. Victa is not the same any more .I have done the first Review on this Mower I think ? By the way I started it with a 12 Volt Motor bike Battery on the end. It shows you on the Battery the Positive a the negative. Two wires and it started. You only need the + and -
forget the middle contact on the mower.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Very disappointed!

Absolutely loved the mower when I first used it! Easy to start and manouvre, great cut. However, due to very dry conditions, lawn didn't need cutting for months. So when it was finally time to mow the lawn, it failed me. Despite the battery being fully charged, nothing happened. The motor just splutters and stops the minute you take your finger off the button. So I am back to square one with a dead lawnmower. It has only been used 5 times since it was bought and the battery despite being advertised as providing up to 75 starts fully charged, has had to be recharged 3 times during that time! The battery was removed each time and stored inside house to avoid excess heat in shed! The mower has also been treated with great care given how much it cost! Not happy!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

So easy to push

So easy to oush and use. My last few Victa Mowers were great but this is even better. It glides across the grass which l don't get time to mow regularly so grass is usually quite long when l do go to mow it. I would recommend Victa for a brand and would buy another if and when l ever need too. Ive had 2 already over the last 28 years.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Unreal, unbeatable value.

It's solid piece of kit. It has the power and all bells and whistles, starts first hit. I was going to buy the Honda, but after doing my research i am soooo happy i made this choice. It's been designed in Australia, American made briggs&Stratton engine and assembled in Australia. Victa you out done yourself, well done.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good so far

Purchased today and can say the first use has been excellent. Nice wide cutting deck and the self-propelled aspect makes using it a breeze, particularly when the catcher is full. Pushbutton start is an absolute dream and as long as it keeps working the same way, I’m happy to recommend. The price will put some people off, but if you have a lot of lawn with slope, you will wonder why you didn’t buy one earlier...

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Works great.

Motor great i have not problems stating it, it cuts grass with easy. Blades are very sharp... i motor twice a week and have no problems starting it.you can motor and the petrol last for ages running and running forever. I lovs my beautiful mower its worth buying love .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Push the button and you're off

I have only recently purchased this mower and I must say i am really pleased so far. I had a significant injury and pulling continuously on a chord was out of the question. My yard is too large for a battery powered mower so I was unable to select that (even though I have bought into the Ryobi 36V range). Also my lawn has quite a bit of slope so I also wanted a self propelled. Additionally I didn't want to play chemistry with oil and petrol so I also wanted a 4 stroke if possible however this was probably the least important on my list.

Armed with this knowledge I set out to purchase a mower that would satisfy all of this criteria (I'm not easily pleased apparently). I found this mower and started to research around it. I looked it up on Choice who recommend the mower and from the general online reading I decided to invest in this mower.

My experience has been great. I am able to mow the front and back lawns with ease and I feel very comfortable with the mower overall. The starting up is a dream as its literally a button push and then the sound of the mower roaring. There is a lever to control how much throttle you want however I use it on high the whole time. In general terms it is really easy to use as its self propelled. It is a little fiddly in some hard to reach places as it a largish mower. The one down point is that it is quite a heavy mower so if you need to manoeuvre in tight spaces or lift into a shed it can be cumbersome.

In terms of filling with fuel and oil I found it quite easy. There is a point for oil and a point for fuel so its just a case of checking the oil dipstick to make sure that you have oil in it. There is no need to change the oil just top it up which makes it nice and easy.

Would definitely recommend as it hit all of my criteria:
- Push button start
- Self- propelled
- 4 stroke engine (no fiddling with oil and gas)

I will update again in 6 months to see if there are any issues that crop up in the interim so so far so happy.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


mulches well, easy walk is the right pace, easy to assemble out of box, easy to start, no issues. I have a few patches of very long grass and a higher height option would be good (but this is an issue with nearly all walk behind lawnmowers), but the mower is fine for lawn and minor brush cutting. You have to supply your own 4 stroke oil and ULP initially.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Questions & Answers

Back wheels seem to lock up when not in self propelled. Any ideas?
2 answers
No sorry, the only other thing was that the drivebelt came off. I just had to remove a cover from underneath 2X bolts and put the belt back on. (Watch the fuel when putting the mower on the side. Maybe take the belt off on pulley (where the blades are ) and try it without the self-propelled. It is maybe still in drive when it shouldn't be. Cable jammed . Norman ( who starts his Victa now with a 12 v 4ah battery.Thanks Norman

Is there an easy way to push mower when engine is turned off
1 answer
It is like pushing any mower when the when the mower is off.


Easy Walker with InStart VAMD486
Price (RRP)849
Power SourceBattery
Cutting Width480
Minimum Cutting Height15
Maximum Cutting Height72
Mulching CapabilityYes

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