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Victa Mustang MCA482 (2 Stroke, 160CC)

Victa Mustang MCA482 (2 Stroke, 160CC)

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Great MOA

Had the mower for a year now starts first Pull everytime ready time use good 2-stroke oil good fuel haven't had a problem yet I've had two strokes before old Masport one's been pretty good too can't fault it at this stage. One thing just turn the fuel tap off before you turn it off let the carb run dry and it will start easy that's what I found.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

very good mower

I have had this mower for two years my borther had his victa classic for two years he has hard a lot of promblems with it. My one is steel starting with one pull and running great he paid $399 i paid $650 it is worth the monny $399 in my opinion is two much for a badly built victa.

Complete Rubbish, Avoid

So I obtained this Victa Mustang VEX60 2-Stroke mower as a replacement through and insurance claim. I have had nothing but trouble with it from new. I have owned this unit for around 8 months now. I find it difficult to start, it will rev high and low randomly and then cut out with fresh fuel, perfect mix and easy to cut grass. The chassis was damaged on arrival and was fixed under warranty, though the mower still suffers from vibration. Now the pull start mechanism has been stripped, so I can no longer start the thing. For this kind of money, forget it, AVOID.

Possibly the best domestic mower available

After much deliberation, I bought the 2 stroke model of the Mustang. Victa 2 strokes have the reputation of lasting decades and this combined with a well engineered chassis makes for a very long lasting mower. Mixing fuel is a snap so this is a non-issue as far as I am concerned.

First impressions were that this mower is rather heavy, but that probably means it is well built and solid. The wheels appear to be very solid and strong so should last the distance.

I have owned the mower for 8 months now and have mowed nearly every week during that time. My block is the traditional quarter acre suburban affair, so there is a fair bit of lawn to do. The 2 stroke motor has started on the first pull every time. No exceptions. I simply followed the Victa starting routine, both hot and cold and the engine simply bursts into life and runs effortlessly.

My previous mower was a Masport fitted with a Honda motor which was quite good but was always difficult to cold start and the handles were rather flimsy with quite a bit of movement in them. This always made manoeuvring difficult. I was very pleased to find the Victa was rock solid and stiff in the handles which makes for a pleasant mowing experience.

Yes, the 2 stroke makes more noise, yes, it makes more vibration, it does smoke a little when cold and it uses a bit more fuel but it more than makes up for these little quirks by its effortless starting and mowing performance.

My grass is fairly thick Buffalo and the motor simply powers through it, Just as well, if not better, then my previous Honda powered machine. Another advantage of the 2 stroke is that it uses the same fuel as all my other garden equipment. I run the Victa on a 50:1 mix as I use the Victa 2 stroke oil which also has the advantage of having an added fuel stabiliser which prolongs the life of stored fuel.

I have never used the catcher. I have always mulched. The Victa mulching works much better than my previous, dedicated mulcher machine and leaves my lawn clean, neat and looking like those wonderful lawns that you used to see in the '60's. Very traditional.
All-in-all, I can recommend the Mustang 2 stroke. It is a well made machine that does its designed job with class. I love the traditional look of the lawn when it is cut and really, there is nothing like the sound of a 2 stroke motor purring around on a Saturday morning.
Well made, 2 stroke power and starting reliability. Excellent mulching.
Nothing wrong but is heavy and not cheap.

I have the exact same model with the 2 stroke engine! Best in class and unbeatable! Love it!Your neighbours must be enviousThats not the real vivtor lawn mower that pece of [censored word removed] has a brigs and Stratton engeon on it if you won't the real one get the one with the spicks vivtor moter


The Victa 2 stroke Mustang is a solid well built mower. It starts first pull every time. The mulching function is fantastic, it saves time emptying the catcher and with the large 8 inch ball bearing wheels it is really easy to push. The alloy base insures that rust won't be a problem in years to come ( as was the case with my previous mower). Price wise $649 is quiet reasonable for a quality mower which will give years of trouble free mowing. I am very happy with this mower and being a Victa, service and spare parts are widely available. I would recommend this mower to anyone in the market for a new mower.
Starts first time every time, mulching and easy to push.

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Just an update on this mower. Have had this machine for 4 years now and in that time it has been back to the dealer for repairs whilst under warranty once. The decompression valve failed making it hard to pull the starter cord, this was fixed free of charge. Not long after it was out of warranty the handles broke where the release camber is which I managed to fix myself, this was a disappointment as now the handles are 4 inches shorter. It is a real job to start when cold (anything up to 10 pulls), I have replaced and gaped the spark plug and replaced the air filter, all which made no difference to its starting performance. It starts first pull when hot.I also had to replace the fuel tap as it started to leak. All in all I think if I were buying another mower I would go with something different, maybe look at Masport. I think Victa have ceased production of the 2 stroke engine but the handles still should not have broken, my lawn is flat and the mower has been well looked after.

Awesome VEX60 2 stroke and chassis

This has been an awesome mower!!!!
it has a very fuel efficient 2 stroke engine
I paid $800 for this but it is worth every cent.
i have cut very tall thick grass and the mower would not stall but my friends new briggs and stratton would.

and the strong aluminum chassis is rust resistant!!!!!!

and it has one of those plug in hose wash ports which make cleaning up easy!!

Thanks Victa for an Awesome product!!!!
It is strong, reliable, fuel efficient, nice big fuel tank, robust, chassis rust proof, plenty of power!!!!!
Just needs a slightly bigger catcher.

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Questions & Answers

I have this mower what blades fit it
1 answer
My mower is a Victa Razor with Honda motor. Have 4 blades available from your local Victa dealer.

What is the weight of this mower?
2 answers
Heavier than most as it has a steel Victa Chassis.33kg dry weight http://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-19-160cc-mustang-alloy-mulch-or-catch-lawn-mower_p3380850

Do the Victa 2 Stroke mowers have a cast iron bore?
1 answer
Generally don't need a cast iron bore on the 2 strokes.... So no they don't.... Reason is 2 strokes obviously use oil on the fuel so the bores get much better lubrication.... They simply don't need a cast iron bore.... I use the 2 stroke victa mustang commercially and it gets hammered and is still going strong.... Will outlast any 4 stroke and actually picks up the revs when faced with long and or wet grass.... It's a monster..... Can't say enough nice things about the mustang 2 stroke so I hope this has helped..... Cheers


Mustang MCA482 (2 Stroke, 160CC)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Maximum Cutting Height72
Minimum Cutting Height13
Mulching CapabilityYes
EngineVicta VEX60 2-stroke
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