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Victa Mustang MCA485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

Victa Mustang MCA485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

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How to Adjust the Choke on Honda Mustang

My MCA485 was hard to start from day 1.
I removed the air filter - I then placed the hand throttle setting in the start position. Guess what - the choke flap was not fully closed!! (Look in the air intake - the choke disc should be FULLY closed). Cause was the black outer tube of the throttle cable had slipped under the clamp / saddle.
I slackened the throttle cable retaining saddle, slid the throttle cable until the choke flap was fully closed, then tightened the saddle screw. Refitted air filter. Now starts first time every time. (Later I put a blob of contact cement under the throttle cable saddle to prevent slippage - been perfect for 3+ years now!).

Date PurchasedFeb 2013


Bought this mower in January 2014. Was great initially, but now a pain in the backside to get it running from a cold start. Once warm it starts easily. Good solid mower with plenty of power, and very economical to run. I wanted the Honda motor for its reputation of being reliable, but it has been a fizzer. I should be able to make a claim against Victa, just in case I need physio on my shoulder, after trying 20 times to start it.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Works well, AFTER it starts

I replaced an old mower that I had used for 25 years or so and it was hard to get parts even blades. It was also a little hard to start from cold sometimes especially if it was more than a week since the last use..

Bought my new Mustang from Bunnings (Honda engine). Took it home and assembled it, fueled it and pulled the starter cord - started first time. Guess what? It has NEVER started from cold first shot since. The second time took 20 - 25 pulls. Since then and recently it usually takes 8-10 pulls. (Yes I count!) I've had it 16 months and it seems I am stuck with the problem until maybe it won't start at all! I have checked all possible causes of poor starting including getting new fuel, check spark plug etc etc but without improvement.
The old mower started easier just couldn't get blades.
Added April 2016. Still having trouble, record is 93 pulls to start from cold. Always starts straight away once warmed up.
Added November 2017. Finally gave up on this crap machine. Have now purchased a new mower - Victa Ultimate with Briggs & Stratton engine. Had it now since June and it hasn't missed a beat. I don't dread lawn mowing day any more! This time I bought from a mower specialist where I know I will get service and advice when I need it rather than a warehouse that doesn't want to know once product is sold!

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Do not buy one of these

I have a seven month old Honda powered mustang
It worked great to start with but got to the point that it would not start. I took it to the dealer that i bought it from and was told i had to take it to Honda because Victa (Briggs and Stratton) will not do warranty work on the Honda motor.
The Honda small engines repair shop in Townsville inspected and repaired the engine. $73.00 thanks
The problem was a stuck open valve and they have said it is not a warranty issue because i wash the engine after mowing
Victa advise you to wash the mower after mowing and to do it through the supplied wash port with the engine running which i have done
I cannot see how following the manufacturers advice can be the cause of an engine failure
Buy something else, anything else

Mower great - engine not so good

Use this commercially so it does a lot of work.
The Chinese (I think) Honda motor had cold start issues almost from new. After the first start in the morning all was fine. Seems like it wasn't up to the job though (2 years of commercial use)
Have now replaced the motor with an American made Briggs and Stratton.
The rest of the mower is still great.
Remember though, I would do a years worth of domestic mowing in a week.
All in all an excellent product

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Thank you for the Product feed back. Victa Team

Constant cold start problems

Bought this lawnmower from Bunnings thinking I would pay a little more but get a decent lawnmower with a good chassis and Honda engine. Initially worked OK but has progressively become harder and harder to start when cold. Took it in to be serviced and spoke to the service agent who advised that the Honda engines attached to these mowers are manufactured in a different factory (and country) and to a lower quality than the all Honda lawnmowers. Even after service still having on going cold start issues (15+ attempts to start). Once you get it going and warmed up it will restart all OK. It is harder to start than the 2 stroke mower it replaced! Buy the all Honda mower, I didn't as I didn't like the stop/start safety feature and fabric catcher. Kicking myself now :-( very disappointed.
Provides a great workout trying to start it
Serious Cold start issues!

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Good morning, the statement that has been said to you is very false. I would go to another Honda service centre and have the engine rectified we believe you have a choke setting issue and it should be rectified. http://dl.hondampe.com.au/Default.aspx?d=P/E Regards Victa Aust

Good solid mower

Bought from bunnings, very happy with the Honda engine, it does slow down in thick grass but still powers through where my old mower would just die. Really quiet, good build quality, turns easily, not heavy to push round and starts easily. Only troubles I am having are getting the idling right (tends to stall) and wish the catcher was a little bigger.

love the mustang mca485 with the honda motor

Picked one up today to replace my dead victor tornado with the briggs and stratton motor. I gave it a good work. My overgrown block with uneven terrain that had slipped into a bit of a state while I debated which way to go with my next mower.

It performed solidly and feels like a better unit in every way, definitely worth the extra dollars. Would not buy another briggs and stratton unit after putting the honda through it's paces.
Starts easy, cuts well, plenty of power, feels nice to push around
none, it's not cheap but it's worth what it cost

What a beast,

Having had several mowers over the years, my old girl died after 7 years.I had a Rover 5.5hp B&S.I have now Looked at lots of mowers to replace her and decided that this was best value.Victa Mustang MC485 at $699.00 from Bunnings Southern River.
Best decision i ever made, heaps of grunt with plenty to spare. Cuts perfect, quality fittings with quiet and smooth operation. With the added perfection of Honda 160 motor, would recommend this mower to any purchaser. Good solid powerful Aussie mower.

Great Mower

I have had a Briggs and Stratton for 5 years and needed to upgrade to a new mower. Got this Victa Mustang MCA 485 from Bunnings. Yes it was a bit of an investment but it was worth every penny. It starts easily and cuts perfectly. I now look forward to push this little baby out and do the lawn!

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Questions & Answers

What grade oil shine used in a victa mustang? 4 stroke engine?
1 answer
Honda 4 stroke mower oil and clean air cleaner before use( Just tap it lightly and most grass will be removed) Once a year change oil.( Just tip it over to remove oil) Airfilter, 4 blades from Victa Shop and spark plug. My Mustang with Honda Motor is now 17 years old and still goes like new

What oil do I use for victa mustang 4 stroke Honda motor?
1 answer
Any sae oil 4 stroke ofcourse. Mineral oils are good for these machines, don't go for full or semi synthetic


Mustang MCA485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)
Power SourcePetrol
EngineHonda GCV160 OHC
Cutting Width480
Maximum Cutting Height72
Minimum Cutting Height13
Replaced byVicta Mustang MMX485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)
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