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Victa Mustang MCA488 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

Victa Mustang MCA488 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

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Powerful and reliable machine

When buying this mower, my requirements were simple. I wanted a 2 stroke with an alloy chassis that also mulched. It turned out that the Victa Mustang was the only mower on the planet that ticked all the boxes, so I bought it.

I have not used a 2 stroke for at least 30 years but my memories were all good so I was a little fearful that I had imagined it all. When I fuelled my new Mustang and primed it, all it took was one gentle pull and it burst into life. What a wonderful, purposeful sound it made!

With the mulching plug in place, I proceeded to mow my 1100m lawn which the mower coped with wonderfully. The mulching function is excellent with no grass residue or clumps at all and I love the fact that the engine does not slow at all when it comes to harder, longer grass. It just powers through it all. The modern 2 strokes make almost no smoke but are still quite noisy when compared to my other mower which is fitted with a 5.5hp Honda motor.

My impressions of the Mustang are that the chassis and motor are very well constructed and should last me many years. I am fussy with fuel mixture and fuel storage so envisage very few problems.

A couple of points though. I do not intend to use the catcher but for those who will, the catcher appears to be very lightly made and I doubt that it is very robust. It also seems quite small so it would have to be emptied often. I would have expected more from what is otherwise a fairly heavy duty machine. Another little point is that the decals have been placed poorly. This, obviously means little but I do wonder whether this is a reflection on the modern Victa quality control. Are there other little things wrong under the surface? Attention to detail is important. It will be interesting to see how long the wheels last. They are nice and big but seem somewhat cheaply made - I hope I am wrong with this one.

All in all, this is an excellent mower that should last at least a couple of decades. The 2 stroke motor is powerful, smooth and reliable and starts easily.
Excellent alloy chassis, 2 stroke motor and good mulching function.
Cheap, light catcher will not last long if faced with Aussie backyards.


I have the MCA488 4 stroke 750 VC-Series Briggs & Straton.
19" cut, the alloy frame is a bonus...but I dont mow when the grass is wet. The starter chord is at a high position on the handle bar which saves on my back. Start in choke position and have the option of low to high revs. There is no primer button that perishes after 3 months. Collects all the grass clippings so the kids dont walk it threw the house. Cuts the couch lawn with a carpet like finish and a very clean cut on the buffalo. Am very impressed with this mower. Purchased at $700 I thought was pretty good. Would recomend this machine.
The MCA488 is a beast. Great 19" cut, alloy chassis, good size wheels, reasonable noise level. Standing starter chord position. Goes as good as it looks.
A bit heavier than what I expected...but what do you expect from a V8 size equivalent lawn mower size engine...

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone know where I can get a close up view of the carburetor unit of a victa Mustang 4 stroke mowing machine?
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Could only suggest Victa website or All Mower Spares https://www.allmowerspares.com.au/ I just tried googling "victa mower parts" and got a lot of potential places you might find what you need. Hope this helps.


Mustang MCA488 (4 Stroke, 160CC)
Power SourcePetrol
EngineBriggs & Stratton 750 Series
Cutting Width480
Maximum Cutting Height72
Minimum Cutting Height13
Replaced byVicta Mustang MMX488 (4 Stroke, 160CC)
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