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Victa Mustang MMX485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

Victa Mustang MMX485 (4 Stroke, 160CC)

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PeterGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Great but heavy mower


Very happy with the purchase. Starts practically first time every time. My only negative is that it is extremely heavy. If you’re after a robust mower that’ll last forever then look no further.

Purchased in September 2014 for $800.00.

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Quite disappointed.


Bought from Bunnings 2016-17 for over $800. Started first go, but as time has gone on, VERY hard to start. Great once it starts though. But my biggest complaint .... it cuts the grass shorter when I pull it backwards than forwards. I end up with two levels if I alternate the direction :( so I am basically doubling up on my mowing unless I constantly go forward, and that is not always feasible. I made enquires with Bunnings but the man there just looked at me like I was from outer space and said he never heard of this before. Also the handle clamps come undone after 15 minutes of mowing. My total mowing takes about 1 hour.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


  • 3 reviews

Big disappointment from day one ...


I bought my Mustang 3 and a half years ago. Always been so difficult - and exhausting - to start. And yes I do have it serviced. The most annoying thing is the plastic catcher keeps falling off. Any vibration or slight slope and it's falling off. For a half hour of mowing this could happen 7 or 8 times ... I am so fed up with it. I know it is put on correctly. The cutting is okay and the engine seems powerful enough. I paid $800 for it and I don't think it is up to the price. Would I buy Victa again .. no way.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015


Impossible to start ....but there is a work around solution!!!!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2011



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When a Honda is not a Honda


Honda make great engines but not on this mower. The GCV 160 seems to be a cheap end motor from Honda Corp. From day one this mower has been next to impossible to start. If you enjoying pulling a starter cord over and over again then purchase this mower. Out of interest, I also inspected the cylinder with a borescope recently and was shocked to find vertical scoring on the cylinder wall. My mower is not that old and I change the oil very frequently and maintain it to a high standard. I would not buy one of these mowers again. My dad's old Victa is 30 + years old and still runs - I doubt this will.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015



  • 2 reviews

Better than previous honda


Had a few Honda mowers over the years and bought another one with the bag style catcher... it was hopeless.. traded it back in for this victory/ Honda combo.Much better but like a lot of owners here after a while it was hard to start. I found two issues...major problem is that the throttle cable slips forward and then the choke won't close. Second problem was i had left fuel sit too long in the tank unused.
Readjusting cable is easy... just loosen clamp and pull cable back until you see it contact and start to move the choke tab at bottom of throttle/ choke mechanism.Otherwise it's been an ok mower....just keep an eye on throttle cable slippage.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014



  • 18 reviews

You can never go wrong with a Victa


You can never go wrong with a Victa, starts every time, cuts thick tall grass, have had no issues what so ever. Sometimes it blows a little smoke when first start it but after that it goes away, not a deal breaker by any means. easy to clean with a hose and water which I do after every use.

Date PurchasedJan 2015



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Great mower - once you get started!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Bo Z.

Bo Z.Wollongong

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  • Verified purchase

It is helpful.


The mowers' cutting results is ok. However, you need to be patient when the slope is very steep. It is not easy to keep the balance of the mower. When the grass is long, the mower could get very hot, and need to cool down for several times when the working area is large.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Outdoors_GuySydney, NSW

  • 33 reviews

Victa Mustang with Honda Motor


Great mower much improved with the Honda motor.i had a previous model and the new Hondas are great. Benefits of these mowers

- 19" cut
- alloy deck - light and mo rust
- cuts close to the edge
- smooth running wheels, much better than cheap mowers
- mulch ability

If you have a larger lawn area you can't go wrong with this mowe

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Very happy with this mower


Bought this mower just over 12 months ago from a Victa dealer. The mower was full of oil and fuelled ready to go - it was test run by the dealer to ensure there were no problems. It always starts first time and I have never had any problems with the catcher falling off. If the grass is wet when mowing with the mulch attachment clippings tend to be left behind in rows. Because of this I use the catcher on wet grass and mulch when dry.
At this stage I see no reason why I wouldn't recommend this Victa to anyone in the market for a new mower.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


CarvaanPerth WA

  • 31 reviews

What a shame. Always been a reliable machine. Not anymore. Dont waste ur money


Absolutely Rubbish.
I gave up my Honda for it as of a small chute problem but this is even worst, takes probably 25-35 Pulls and it's not even 1.5 yrs old, brand new condition.
Called someone named [name removed], Top Guy in victa and he said take it to the nearest service shop to get it checked, and they recon i have tilted it the wrong way, the oil gone everywhere, whereas the problem is with the acceleration mechanism.
Anyway they don't wanna know me anymore after filling their pockets with $780 which I gave them 1.5 yrs ago with 2 years manufacture warranty.
DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS BRAND. You will regret it till it dies.
VICTA has gone down Big Time.
It's a cheap one now.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Matt g

Matt gSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 5 reviews

Victa - another reliable brand that has gone to the dumps ?

Date PurchasedMay 2014



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Great mower


I bought this mower from bunnings mainly because of the Honda engine and Cast Alloy chassis. Previously owned a VICTA 2-stroke for 20 years without any major issues. I must say this VICTA Mustang is a lovely lawn mower. Started 1st go, catcher did not fall off (and my yard slopes with lots of bumps) and I found it easy to use. It also has a hose port on the chassis where you attach your hose to clean the underside of the mower. Being 19inch I actually found I mowed my lawn quicker than before. I now look forward to mowing my lawn.
I would definitely recommend this mower.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
John D

John DIngleburn

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Catcher dropping off


Recently bought the mustang from Village Mowers Ingleburn. Very happy with the sales and first service.
But after a few months the catcher is dropping off the mower as you cut the lawn.
The mower is back at Village Mowers where Victa says some modifications are required.
Village have already this year had a customer back with the same problem, it's a pity Victa cannot design a mower where everyone's catcher stays on.



  • 2 reviews

Great mower, Easy to start but catcher won't stay on!


I have had my Victa mustang for 2 months now. It's easy to start, easy to clean after use and cuts my lawn well. I have had trouble getting the catcher to stay on. I go a few meters and it works its way loose spilling the contents. As I read I can see this is a problem with this model. Hopefully a fix is in the works by victa.



  • 4 reviews

Go to a dealer

Date PurchasedJan 2015


Chef28anzacSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 10 reviews

It's not a great mower.




  • 5 reviews

Almost an excellent mower. Great cut and pickup up, but problems with catcher.


Buyer beware!


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The catcher only fills to half way and then starts to spill grass out the sides. Just had it serviced and new blades fitted still not good.

1 answer
Neil B
Neil B

If the grass is slightly wet it will become clogged before filling the catcher



Hi I have a Victa Mustang model mmx 485 with the Honda engine and I am having difficulty with the throttle control ,It does not respond to the hand throttle lever it either revs to high or slows and stops and when you finally slow it down a bit it runs roughly and eventually gasps to a halt. Any information would be great? thanks!

1 answer
Neil B
Neil B

Make sure the air cleaner is in excellent condion



I'm deciding on either this or a Masport. What I would like to know is, does Victa fix the catcher problem or will I be stuck with it.

1 answer

The problem I had was the starter.
The mower supplier had to replace the starter mechanism and cable which apparently is a common fault in the new mower.
It took 2 service calls to get fixed.
As a mower it mows very well and the catcher compresses the grass well - meaning you do not have to empty the catcher as often as standard catchers.

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