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Hi I’m sorry for my ignorance but I’ve recently become in charge of the yard mantaince. I have a mustang 18 2 stroke mower with 2 blades. I need to replace the blades. Could anyone give any advise, please? TIA
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sorry, mine is a 4 stroke with 4 blades

The catcher only fills to half way and then starts to spill grass out the sides. Just had it serviced and new blades fitted still not good.
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If the grass is slightly wet it will become clogged before filling the catcher

I have this mower what blades fit it
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My mower is a Victa Razor with Honda motor. Have 4 blades available from your local Victa dealer.

What grade oil shine used in a victa mustang? 4 stroke engine?
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Honda 4 stroke mower oil and clean air cleaner before use( Just tap it lightly and most grass will be removed) Once a year change oil.( Just tip it over to remove oil) Airfilter, 4 blades from Victa Shop and spark plug. My Mustang with Honda Motor is now 17 years old and still goes like new

How much would be the price?
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Depends where you purchase it but I paid $740.

My victor mustang starts everytime but stops working after about 5 minutes, then I have restart it and then stops after 3 minutes, so on and so on,, What could the problem be?
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Hey it's either the petrol or air not getting mixed properly. I would check the air filter first depending on how old is the unit and if you have changed the air filter and how long ago, try that if not then I would check the spark plug, again depending on how often you change it and when was the last time u did it, in most of the cases that would fix the problem if not then there might a problem in the fuel line. Try changing the air filter and spark plug.

victa mustang june 2011 12J902-0159-01-11061659 briggs & Stratton motor no model no to be found. starts no problem sharp knocking noise. blue smoke from exhaust. when finished mowing 50 minutes approx. oil runs out of air filter. next mow dull knock little smoke no oil leak .is it a bin job unit is in good condition
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Problem sounds like fuel line clogged or broken from somewhere. Best bet is to take it to dealer and haggle the price for full service. As much as they charge an arm and a leg, some of them do a good job.

What oil do I use for victa mustang 4 stroke Honda motor?
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Any sae oil 4 stroke ofcourse. Mineral oils are good for these machines, don't go for full or semi synthetic

The mower is a Victa Mustang with Honda 4 stroke maybe 5 or 6 years old. Do I fill the oil to the top of the cross hatched area when the stick is screwed in or out? Curious Dale
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Fill to the top of the cross hatched area with the dip stick screwed in.Greatly appreciated. Thanks Dale

I'm deciding on either this or a Masport. What I would like to know is, does Victa fix the catcher problem or will I be stuck with it.
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The problem I had was the starter. The mower supplier had to replace the starter mechanism and cable which apparently is a common fault in the new mower. It took 2 service calls to get fixed. As a mower it mows very well and the catcher compresses the grass well - meaning you do not have to empty the catcher as often as standard catchers.

What is the weight of this mower?
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Heavier than most as it has a steel Victa Chassis.33kg dry weight http://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-19-160cc-mustang-alloy-mulch-or-catch-lawn-mower_p3380850

What fuel used?
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Hi, I have been using unleaded, 91 octane.

Does anyone know where I can get a close up view of the carburetor unit of a victa Mustang 4 stroke mowing machine?
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Could only suggest Victa website or All Mower Spares https://www.allmowerspares.com.au/ I just tried googling "victa mower parts" and got a lot of potential places you might find what you need. Hope this helps.

I need a new handle, mine has snapped at the bend on both sides as it leaves the body of the mower. Where can I buy that from?
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I bought my mower from Bunnings. My handle has snapped where the bolts go through. I think due to the constant movement causes metal fatigue. Special Orders at Bunnings should be able to help.

Do the Victa 2 Stroke mowers have a cast iron bore?
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Generally don't need a cast iron bore on the 2 strokes.... So no they don't.... Reason is 2 strokes obviously use oil on the fuel so the bores get much better lubrication.... They simply don't need a cast iron bore.... I use the 2 stroke victa mustang commercially and it gets hammered and is still going strong.... Will outlast any 4 stroke and actually picks up the revs when faced with long and or wet grass.... It's a monster..... Can't say enough nice things about the mustang 2 stroke so I hope this has helped..... Cheers

Any issues with Victor Mustang mower engines ceasing?
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Hi Victa uses 2 stroke & 4 stroke engines. The Victa 2 stroke , Briggs & Stratton & Honda 4 stroke engines. All engines can have a seizure if the lubrication is not maintained. 2 strokes have to have oil mixed with the fuel, the correct oil. 4 strokes have to have oil in their sump like a motor car engine. Oil in 4 strokes should be checked every time the mower is used. Oil in a air cooled 4 stroke also acts as a coolant and it is important to be at the correct level. Regards Victa Team.Both the 2 stroke and the 4 stroke engines are reliable. The main difference from a maintenance viewpoint is that the 2 strokes use a fuel/oil mix in the fuel tank whilst the 4 strokes have fuel only in the tank and oil in a sump at the bottom of the motor. 2 strokes use either a 50:1 fuel oil mis or a 25:1 mis, depending on the quality of the oil you are using. Neither motor should seize if you use the correct fuel and oil. The most common cause of seizure in either motor is lack of oil. That,s pretty much it. If you carefully mix qualiy 2 stroke oil with fresh H fuel for your 2 stroke, there is no reason your Victa shouldn't last you decades. I have an original Victa Corvette which Imthink is a 1964 vintage and is still running normally on its original motor.My Victa Tornado with 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton engine was far from reliable. Amongst the many problems, it didn't run evenly, made odd noises, was frequently difficult to start, experienced power loss and stopped especially when hot. Problems were evident to some extent when new and built up over time. It had correct oil and was professionally serviced with genuine replacement parts. It seized at around 5 years. I expect more from a mower in this price range with a branded engine and would not buy another. My Victa Mustang with 4 stroke Honda is a dream by comparison. It was better on day one and one year latter still purrs like the day I bought it. I'm looking forward to many more years reliable service. It cost more, but I'm glad I forked out the extra.

Hey where do you buy the Victa mower with the Honda engine? Is it only from Bunnings? Hoping to get a better deal. Thanks, Pete
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I picked mine up at bunnings, they had best price at the time. I'm you go to the victa web site, click the mower your interested in then enter your postcode it should list everyone who stocks it locallyThanks, looks like the dealer list is the same regardless of which model, I'll ring around. Was your mower in a flat pack or assembled?Hi , please contact your local service centre and see what they can do for you on that Honda model. As it has been stated if you go to the website it will direct you to the local Dealer. No the site is not specific to models but you can discuss with the dealer and get their views and costings. Regards Victa Team

Where is the Honda victa mustang made?
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Hi Kurt, I've very proud to say that the Victa Mustang MCA485 is assembled at the Victa Head Office in Moorebank,NSW Australia. Regards, The Victa Team

Hi, I unfortunately I had someone run over my catcher on my Mustang Victer. Cant find one to buy, are all victa catchers similar ? Can I buy a catcher only from Victa?
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Yes, Victa usually use the same catchers, get the models of your mower and go down to your local Victa store and they might be able to order in for you.Yes that is correct. Victa Team

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