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Is the VEX60 engine good? Can it cut really tall grass? Is it very powerful? Does the mulch plug and blades work well? Is the engine reliable? Is the VEX50 easy to start? Thanks
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Hi Callum 31, I have been using a Victa Mustang with the VEX60 engine now for 12 months and in that time I have found that the mower has no trouble cutting tall grass, it has a governor that increases the RPMs as required. The engine starts first pull every time hot or cold. As far as the mulching function goes, this is the first mower I have owned with this feature so it is hard to compare, but unless the grass is really long this feature works fine saving time emptying the catcher. I use this mower to mow a quarter acre house block and am very happy with it. I would recommend this mower and engine.Cool thanks so much I just boughten a Victa Mustang MCA482 with the alloy chassis and the Victa VEX60 2 stroke engine on it.Hi Callum31. I have lots of experience with the Victa 2 strokes and can confirm that they are extremely reliable and long- lived. Apart from my 12 month old Mustang 2 stroke, I also have a 1964 Victa Corvette 2 stroke which Has never needed a rebuild and still starts easily and runs well. I use it from time to time on my lawn and it cuts as well as my new one. Some people throw out old Victas thinking they are worn out but they can normally be bought back to life with a few simple adjustments and cheap spare parts. There is nothing to suggest that the modern 2 strokes are not made as we ell as the old ones, and in fact, are probably made better. As for long grass- you will have noticed how well your new machine handles those conditions. The Victa 2 stroke is the only dedicated mower engine in the world now and it does the job very well. It is a shame that we are now seeing a huge influx of Chinese made machines at very cheap prices. I predict that these machines will force the quality machines out of the market, or at least, the quality will drop. Rest assured that your new Victa will last you decades.

Is it very powerful? Is it good quality? Can it cut tall grass? Is it strong and reliable? Thanks
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I worked in the design Dept's of Victa for 10 years in the 6o's & 70'S. The design and testing efforts would have a take a lot to surpass I still own and use a Victor 1968 corvette. I am now looking at updating my mower and irrespective of above preferences it will be a Victa with alloy baseplate and a 2 motor ( for the record I have shares In "Rover") but at the end day you get what you pay for for, Hops this helps.

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